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Cruises - CDC says avoid cruises

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Esspee Sat 01-Jan-22 17:19:46

The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has raised its travel warning for cruise ships to the highest level regardless of vaccination status.
Do you have a cruise booked?
Would you consider going on one?

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 02-Jan-22 10:42:03

I've never fancied going on a cruise. The idea of being cooped up with loads of other people for the duration puts me off - I'm not very sociable and we both like to do our own thing. But the idea of going on one in the middle of a pandemic - sheer madness!

Kate1949 Sun 02-Jan-22 12:07:05

I've never fancied one and will certainly not go on one now.

Aveline Sun 02-Jan-22 12:36:46

'Cooped up'? never on any of the cruises I've been on! I love being onboard. We never feel crowded. There's always a quiet place for those that prefer this. I like to sit and read or just look out over the ocean. DH enjoys the lectures and talks by learned experts. Opening the curtains each day on a different location is lovely and we only have to unpack once. We enjoy the flexibility of dining: a choice between specialist restaurants or more informal buffet suits us. We like shore visits and note places we'd like to return to for longer visits/holidays. It's nice to meet others too as the cruise progresses. There's company or not whichever suits. Just writing this makes me long for another cruise. An ocean one after our planned river cruise this April (if it goes ahead). Fingers crossed!

Esspee Sun 02-Jan-22 12:45:33

You would feel cooped up if anyone tests positive for covid Aveline. Some ships at the moment have everyone restricted to their cabin.

Aveline Sun 02-Jan-22 12:47:38

And many others do not!

DerbyshireLass Sun 02-Jan-22 12:50:46

Ageee with can be what you want them to be. You can socialise or not, no one forces you to join in.

I like the smaller ships, and as I hate flying I love the fact that you can sail to and from a British port.

I have had some wonderful cruises, the most spectacular so far being crusing down the Amazon.

I had to cancel a trip to Iceland in 2020 due to covid and obviously I wouldnt consider one yet but I am looking forward to travelling again,......I fancy Canada next, and at some point hope to circumnavigate South America.

I can't afford my own boat so crusing is the next best thing, ?

Rosiebee Sun 02-Jan-22 19:45:31

We're booked on an Alaskan cruise in September as part of a Canada /USA holiday. It was cancelled last year so our fingers are well and truly crossed. Love cruising and just hope that Covid has calmed down by then. Wouldn't go on a cruise in the next few months though.

Kali2 Fri 07-Jan-22 16:47:12

Aveline ''cruises can be what you want them to be.''

sorry but not for me- it could never do that for me. But this is not the point of this thread- I certainly would not go on one right now. Would you, Alegrias?

I know several people on cruises right now, as so few wants to go there are very cheap offers around. But not for me! (but that is Covid or no Covid).

Kim19 Fri 07-Jan-22 16:57:40

I would certainly go on a cruise right now but it would only be a river one. All the travel faff (current and potential) to get there is what deters me. Having said that, those of my family who have recently tripped outside the country have said it was a cakewalk. I just don't feel that lucky. No idea why as I'm a glass half full person.

Allsorts Mon 24-Jan-22 16:48:33

Would love more than anything to go on a cruise but not for the near future.

Aveline Mon 24-Jan-22 17:07:07

Have just booked a second cruise for later this year. Its given me such a psychological lift. Our first one is a French river cruise in April, the second is much further afield in late November. Fingers crossed.

aquagran Mon 24-Jan-22 17:25:15

Not sociable? How did I guess!

Aveline Mon 24-Jan-22 17:29:14

aquagran confused

aquagran Mon 24-Jan-22 18:38:53

We love cruises. Unfortunately just had a cruise from Barbados cancelled. However we have two more booked.
Re: Not sociable etc., read previous posts.

MiniMoon Mon 24-Jan-22 20:55:01

We still have Christmas in New York booked. Flight out, and sail home on Queen Mary 2. It was cancelled last year, so fingers crossed that it will go ahead next November.

HettyBetty Mon 24-Jan-22 21:08:14

Cruises do not appeal to me for several reasons so I have never been on one.

However, even my three-cruises-a-year relations have not booked any at the moment.

Mollygo Mon 24-Jan-22 21:24:29

Ours is a river cruise again. It’s booked and we’re going unless something else crops up.

Redhead56 Mon 24-Jan-22 21:37:31

I have never been on a cruise it's not something that appeals to me. Our best friends love them and enjoy the luxury. They had a few booked but because of serious illness at the time they cancelled the cruises. Then along came Covid so plans were dropped again and they were disappointed. When lockdown eased they booked a cruise around the uk and came home with Covid. I know they still want to go on a cruise but hanging on until next year.

Lucylastic Wed 26-Jan-22 18:26:06

Just returned from a cruise round the Canaries. The ship was only half full so we didn't have to queue or mix with crowds. The crew ensured lots of hand sanitising, cabin cleaning and temperature taking. The whole experience was wonderful and the sun shone!

Grannmarie Wed 26-Jan-22 18:34:59

We only discovered the joys of cruising when we retired, we didn't have the time or the money before. We felt that it was a brilliant way to see lots of different places. I'll never forget watching from our balcony at dawn as we sailed up the Bosphorus into Istanbul.
However, it's not something we plan to do in the near future.
Lots of happy memories though.

BlueBelle Wed 26-Jan-22 18:39:15

You folks have all got lots of mone

jeanie99 Wed 02-Mar-22 21:39:15

Cruising is not for everyone. We wouldn't have considered it when we were working.
Well into retirement it still wasn't something we fancied doing. When the children were small we went basically on package holidays, everything included or renting an apartment or even camping.
However some years into retirement I came to cost out traveling to the islands in the Pacific. Arranging this independently would have cost a small fortune and it was part of a journey to Australia and New Zealand.
We took our first cruise from Long Beach CA. to Australia. We sailed on an American ship with mainly Americans. We have found the American ships very different to the European ships.
Like any trip it all depends on your likes dislikes and your requirements.
Don't dismiss this type of travel out of hand like we did because there may be places you would love to visit but don't have the time or money to visit a number of places in one holiday.
I have booked a cruise for June traveling to Greenland, a country we had booked in 2020 but was cancelled.
We are usually independent travelers but there is a place for this type of holiday.
If you are fearful of traveling during these difficult times, don't.
We traveled in the UK last year to places we hadn't been before and took in a visit to the Chanel Islands and the Scilly Isle. I would definitely recommend these islands.
Where ever you decide to holiday this year have a wonderful time and keep safe.

nanna8 Wed 02-Mar-22 21:54:58

I love cruising but I wouldn’t go until you can be sure your ship will be allowed in to shore which is not just yet, unfortunately. There is still so much uncertainty surrounding the big cruise ships. We choose our ships carefully and choose cruise lines with a minimum of kids aboard. Preferably none, as with Viking cruises. We like to relax , eat well and enjoy ourselves.

V3ra Wed 02-Mar-22 23:24:02

We've booked an adults-only ship for a one week Caribbean cruise, flying out on Christmas Day and flying back overnight on New Year's Day. We've been several times before and are really looking forward to going again

aonk Mon 14-Mar-22 13:08:32

This is such an interesting thread for me as I’m a keen cruiser. There’s so much space on board a ship which not everyone realises. I once went on a short river cruise and it did feel cramped but I know that ships have improved a lot since then. In reply to previous posters I would never choose an adults only cruise. I prefer to mix with all age groups and very much enjoy watching the children play. Mixing only with older people would make me feel older!