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Malta or Gozo ?

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grannypiper Fri 05-May-23 19:31:48

Looking to book for next Septemeber, which one should we choose. We like a wander but not for too long, we love to look round the shops, love having a cuppa and people watching. Not the slightest bit bothered about nightlife as we are asleep by 10. Price wise how far does a euro go ? Would love to hear your thoughts.

maddyone Fri 02-Jun-23 18:03:47


I would choose Malta, much more to sea, and go for a day visit to Gozo.

Me too. Malta is lovely. Lots to see. One day in Gozo is enough.

Callistemon21 Fri 02-Jun-23 18:31:09


Thank you all for your replies. I can't wait but at least i have Gibraltar to look forward to next month.

Gibraltar is interesting for a short break: The Rock, the Caves, tunnels, history and beaches too.

Don't take food up the Rock - the Barbary apes will steal it from you if they can! Even delve in your bag 🐒

Primrose53 Fri 02-Jun-23 19:52:16

We liked Gibraltar. 👍

Marydoll Fri 02-Jun-23 19:59:05

We loved Gibralter too. Been a few times. However, we found at night it was dead, after the day trippers left and we struggled to find a place to eat. That was pre Covid.

margauxbordeaux Fri 02-Jun-23 20:44:03

Valletta, Malta has quite a number of ingredients of picturesque ancient buildings, narrow and precipitous streets, national costumes, local festivals and a fantastic port to dine overlooking the sea.
Chef Alex Dilling opened a Restaurant on the Port of Valletta / Grand Harbour - called RESTAURANT I-HARBOUR.
Malta has a rich history shaped by over thousands of years of successive invasions. Some of the specialties are:

Hobz Bizzeit: Fresh tomato on bread with Evoo and capers
Pastizzi: A Savoury cheese tart
Timpana: Macaroni and meat pie
Bragoli: Hearty beef roll
Imqaret: Date pastries
Wines: Order Italian wines !


Do visit the St. John´s Cathedral which houses the Caravaggio Masterpiece and the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ARCHAEOLOGY.
Stroll along Republic Street - a main thoroughfare.
MERCHANTS STREET: The shops and markets and stalls.

GOZO: Take a day trip !

Have a wonderful holiday.