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Premier Inn v Travelodge?

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eddiecat78 Wed 06-Sep-23 09:28:31

I haven't stayed in either. Is there much difference? I'm thinking of the Plymouth area. We would need 2 rooms preferably close to each other

icanhandthemback Fri 08-Sep-23 15:12:52

There is nothing wrong with the Travelodge and they do provide things if you ask at the desk. However, the Premier Inn is more comfortable and the breakfast is better. You do pay for it though.

Fleurpepper Fri 08-Sep-23 15:18:57

Do both accept dogs?

icanhandthemback Fri 08-Sep-23 15:34:02

Fleurpepper, Travelodge accept dogs if you pay for them, I don't think Premier Inn do.

LondonMzFitz Fri 08-Sep-23 15:34:50

In the last 9 months I've stayed at both Travelodges (7 altogether) and Premier Inn's (5) in London, so I think I can give a good overview. Premier Inn is better (quality of bed linen, amenities) than Travelodge, but pricewise Travelodge tends to be cheaper than Premier Inn. I stay in London if I am out of an evening so it's usually getting into the room around 11pm and leaving before 8am, so price usually wins for me. Although area is always a consideration!

Crazymum Fri 08-Sep-23 15:41:16

My grandson always referred to it as "hotel moon". Its now what we call it. It doesn't answer op but family can't use anywhere else .lol xx

Babsbada Fri 08-Sep-23 16:17:11

Premier Inn - no contest.

Lizzie44 Fri 08-Sep-23 16:54:28

Premier Inn definitely. Does what it says on the tin and does it efficiently and with very helpful, friendly staff. Disadvantage for me is that Premier's showers are part of a bath and I'm nervous stepping into a bath these days. I mentioned this when checking in on our most recent Premier visit. The receptionist offered us a "disabled" room with a much lower bath which made it easier to step into. This was great (though we were a bit nervous that we might accidentally pull one of the emergency red cords while using the toilet in the night!).

Greenfinch Fri 08-Sep-23 17:00:17

When I was working I always chose the one nearest to the station as both are entirely acceptable for an overnight stay but on balance I felt more comfortable in a Premier Inn.

Ailidh Fri 08-Sep-23 17:32:03

Premier Inn Hubs are good for solo travellers, a little cosy for two. Excellent aircon, very comfy bed with storage underneath (though that makes it so high for my wee legs that I have to climb onto it), and an excellent shower - always a shower cubicle, never a bath.

Ilovedragonflies Fri 08-Sep-23 18:36:35

I would never ever go to a Travelodge. My daughter and her friend (21 and 20) stayed in one on New Year's eve. They woke, at 5am, to find a man in their room, filming them.
Travelodge had no CCTV and the police were useless. They reimbursed them for the night but no apology has ever been forthcoming.

TanaMa Fri 08-Sep-23 18:58:42

Recent stay in a Travelodge - no complaints. Everything was clean and comfortable with the bathroom particularly clean. There are no extras in the way of soaps or shampoo but there were dispensers on the wall. Only disappointment was that their Grill and Bar was closed, would have been nice to have had a late p.m. snack or drink on arrival.

Fleurpepper Fri 08-Sep-23 19:39:58


*Fleurpepper*, Travelodge accept dogs if you pay for them, I don't think Premier Inn do.

Just checked Premier Inn do not accept dogs.

Shirls52000 Fri 08-Sep-23 20:13:09

I’ve stayed in both for work purposes and my personal choice would be Premier Inn every time, more comfortable and better breakfasts IMO

Kathmaggie Fri 08-Sep-23 20:41:32

Definitely Premier Inn - so clean and comfortable beds and pillows. Blackout curtains are a bonus! Good breakfast - not been impressed with Travel Lodge. Worth paying a bit more.

Sarahr Fri 08-Sep-23 21:35:05

Stayed in both. Not much difference. I would advise checking whether you can get breakfast in or nearby, then choose. Worth a call after booking to ask for adjacent rooms.

wendyann23 Sat 09-Sep-23 07:39:39

Preferably Premier Inn as it annoys me travel lodge charge for Wi-Fi if using more than 30 minutes a day.

Hellis Sat 09-Sep-23 07:43:57

I've stayed in many different Premier Inns and several Travelodges and have never had a bad experience in any of them. However I have noticed recently a big increase in price, even though I book well in advance. On my latest annual trip to London with 2 grandchildren in tow, I booked a Novotel which was much cheaper due to a 25% off sale on all dates booked in June for July and August. It included breakfast, good wifi and added extras of a safe and fridge and was in a great location. Worth looking out for similar deals

Mizuna Sat 09-Sep-23 07:56:17

Premier Inn, though they can be pricey at weekends. I tend to stay mid-week. I don't like dogs and it's a delight to stay somewhere without them.

Lovetopaint037 Sat 09-Sep-23 10:40:37

We have stayed at a Premier Inn many times and always been well satisfied until recently when a relatively new one (Portsmouth) still only had a bath with a shower although the advert alongside my online application showed a walk in shower. My problem is that the baths are high and I now have difficulty getting in and out. After falling on the Victory I felt so bruised I couldn’t use the bath so had to use the sink to wash. As I left I asked about the advertised shower and the receptionist said she didn’t know for sure but thought there was only one. A later review I read said although they paid for an upgrade there was still no walk in shower.

RustyBear Sat 09-Sep-23 10:45:41

My sister & I stayed in the Travelodge at Derriford when my dad was in hospital in Plymouth. It was horrible, not very clean and breakfast was just packaged stuff delivered to the door, and not very nice.

hollysteers Sat 09-Sep-23 11:00:00

‘Which’ recommends Premier Inn and it’s usually my choice.
I know what to expect and I like being anonymous. I’m not keen on friendly chatter early in the morning in a B&B when I’m feeling like death, being an owl not a lark.

I stayed in a Travelodge some time back and didn’t find it very comfortable. Don’t know if my memory is serving me right, but the paltry breakfast was in a cardboard box delivered to the room?

maddyone Sat 09-Sep-23 18:21:31

Premier Inn, it’s just better.

Freya5 Sun 10-Sep-23 11:18:25


I haven't stayed in either. Is there much difference? I'm thinking of the Plymouth area. We would need 2 rooms preferably close to each other

Premier Inn every 58me. After staying in a travel lodge once, never again, filthy room carpets and chair yuk.

Fleurpepper Sun 10-Sep-23 11:20:56

Going at a tangent here- but personally I much prefer to take a bit of a 'risk' by using independent Hôtels with character (and of course, that accept dogs).

Pinkhousegirl Mon 11-Sep-23 11:15:56

Ibis Budget. Better than either imo.