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gangy5 Fri 13-Apr-12 12:15:08

Have any of you been watching this series on BBC 4 Saturday nights? I should have posted before as I feel that the series could be nearing it's end.
I love it - the inspector is delicious as is the scenery of Sicily where it is set. I find it so refreshingly realistic with storylines that are uncomplicated. Our detetective series produced here are so dark and depressing to watch.
With the juicy detective and the sunshine I feel totally uplifted after viewing.

greenmossgiel Fri 13-Apr-12 12:28:20

I've seen it once,*gangy5*, and I really did enjoy it! Like you said, the scenery is beautiful - and as for the storyline, I kept wondering when all the nasty stuff was going to happen, and was pleasantly surprised when it didn't! I'm going to have a look to see if I can watch another episode on 'catch-up'! (He's a very handsome chap....)!! smile

gracesmum Fri 13-Apr-12 12:33:29

I have loved these! I enjoyed the books and was sceptical as to how successful they would be on TV, but they are brilliant. Montalbano's dry sense of humour is wonderful and in fact all the characters work really well.

Jacey Fri 13-Apr-12 13:54:39

Love the series too ...both for him and the wonderful scenery!!

Have now started to read the books ...up to Book 4 ...think the series has actually kept well to the original stories ...the author is Andrea Camilleri.

I'm down-loading them onto my Kindle!! smile

gracesmum Fri 13-Apr-12 13:58:04

Now all I need to die happy is a TV series of Inspector Brunetti (Donna Leon) - do read these if you haven't already [rapture] emoticon

Grannylin Fri 13-Apr-12 14:45:50

Thanks, I'd forgotten I'd seen an episode and meant to watch more! Always wanted to go to Sicily...anyone been.Just put off by the very twisty roads!

greenmossgiel Fri 13-Apr-12 15:38:41

Discovered that I can get all of the series - from mid- February!! I've just watched the first episode....intend watching the second one in a minute! grin

snailspeak Fri 13-Apr-12 16:09:19

"Montalbano sono" just trips off the lips. Adore him and the series which is a 12 parter but not sure where we are at now. Inspector Montalbano is my weekly treat. He is soooo sexy - am I allowed to say that? blush Thanks for the tip about the books, Jacey.

The Killings was hugely enjoyable too. It is so refreshing to find something watchable on TV these days.

Yes, I have been to Sicily for a friend's daughter's wedding which was quite different from an English one. The island is enchanting but we were warned of a few "no-go" areas after dark and there were mutterings about the mafia but we had no problems. What I think we remember most is the smell of wild herbs everywhere as the sun beat down on the ground.

Incidentally, wouldn't mind Montalbano's villa right on the beach. Sheer luxury.

GoldenGran Fri 13-Apr-12 16:51:52

Loved every minute of it, loved all his fellow policemen, want to go toSicily now, and will download the books.

gracesmum Fri 13-Apr-12 17:11:13

My Italian is just about as extensive as my Danish.......grin but these progs are wonderful aren't they?

SOOP Fri 13-Apr-12 17:18:45

Montalbano smile Such a dishy Italian specimen wink

Mishap Fri 13-Apr-12 18:02:09

I love the fact that there is humour in it, as well as the sunny scenery. Apparently there is to be a new series in the autumn/winter - hooray!

Mamie Fri 13-Apr-12 18:06:45

I love it too, that episode on the little island was just fab and I want Montalbano's house. I agree about Donna Leon, I think there is a German version which I saw dubbed into French, but it didn't seem anything like the books.

glammanana Sat 14-Apr-12 15:26:21

green is the series on BT Vision ?

maggiew Sat 14-Apr-12 15:33:37

I like it too. Montalban is dishy and his flat is perfection. I do like the Scandinavian Noir genre, but the Montalban series is much more light-hearted. I love Italy but have never been to Sicily -we live in France and drive down, but always get sidetracked by other lovely places further north.

Jacey Sat 14-Apr-12 15:56:43

Glammanana you can still catch up with the whole series on BBC i-player

gangy5 Sat 14-Apr-12 16:29:05

Last episode tonight!! I'm pleased to see that you all enjoy it - I always think that my tastes could be rather simple!! I do look for escapeism and this has it in oodles.

greenmossgiel Sat 14-Apr-12 16:45:06

I'm watching it now on 'Catch-up'! He's always eating lovely-looking - I'm starting to wobble a bit.....and it's the weigh-in on Monday confused!

SOOP Sat 14-Apr-12 17:04:18

Inspector Deliciano Montalbano...he can cook my pasta any day and serve it to me little by little inbetween huge gulps of fine red wine...hmm

glammanana Sat 14-Apr-12 17:07:34

green He can go on our wish list now we don't have another series of "Single Handed" what do you think of that,Soop don't be getting too excited you know you have been told to take it easy.grin

SOOP Sat 14-Apr-12 17:32:24

glamma you make me laugh! If Montalbano was to ring the door bell, I would dance [crutchless] to the door...wink

greenmossgiel Sat 14-Apr-12 17:38:19

What a good idea, glamma! SOOP....are you ok with so much wine? You must need the odd painkiller just now...or maybe the wine, taken in large enough gulps might just do the trick? At the moment, Inspector Montalbano is in bed....again! blushwink

SOOP Sat 14-Apr-12 17:42:33

green You are a tinker-boots. I wondered where he'd got to. Aren't you the lucky one! grin

greenmossgiel Sat 14-Apr-12 18:05:12

SOOK!! grin

dahlia Sat 14-Apr-12 18:19:27

Looking forward to the last of the current series tonight, and we both love this series, the humour is a welcome addition. Also a Donna Leon addict, but don't think I would enjoy a series - I have such a strong picture of the Commissario, I might not get over it! It took me ages to get used to George Baker as Wexford, though his sidekick Burden was perfect - and I felt vindicated when I read that Ruth Rendell felt the same!
Love the cheesy music for Montalbano, too.