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PRINTMISS Wed 19-Aug-15 07:46:19

Yes, I know there have been discussions on this before, and although I have no idea why, we are avid watchers. NOW, did I miss something? I know Kathy Beale turned up rather secretly, a little while ago, we were led to believe that she had been killed in a car crash which is why Ben who is Ian's brother and Phil,s son is living in Albert Square. Here she is again, large as life, but again secretly walking in Albert Square! Does anyone know who this Gavin is that Phil mentioned? What has Kathy been hiding, and why is she running away? (cue for the music!)

kittylester Wed 19-Aug-15 08:04:03

We watch it too Printmiss and I've no flipping idea either! I'll see if DD2 knows - she seems to have a better grip!

glassortwo Wed 19-Aug-15 09:00:33

It wasn't just me then grin

Pittcity Wed 19-Aug-15 09:08:29

Gavin is her husband and he was supposed to have died in the crash with her.
The leaks say she has a plausible reason for pretending to be dead for years, this is a story that will unfold.
Sounds like Gavin is a nasty piece of work and he is going to be played by Paul Nicholas.
Also, when Sharon was looking for her real Dad wasn't the name Gavin mentioned then?

ninathenana Wed 19-Aug-15 09:11:58

Could be wrong but I thought Gavin was the bloke Kathy has been living with in Spain. From what I gathered he makes Phil look like a pussy cat. I don't think anyone knows yet why she faked her death.
I could have it all wrong though grin

ninathenana Wed 19-Aug-15 09:14:31

I don't remember Gavin being mentioned when Sharon was looking for her dad. That's intriguing Pittcity

kittylester Wed 19-Aug-15 09:20:58

DD doesn't know! shock but she thinks that Phil was part of Kaffy faking her death.

Shame about Paul Nicholas - I loved him in Just Good Friends. grin

PRINTMISS Wed 19-Aug-15 15:12:44

Well, I obviously did not miss anything, so we shall have to wait and see - I don't know whether I can stand the suspense.

Teetime Wed 19-Aug-15 16:49:43

Aaargh!!!! Please BBC take this bloody rubbish off TV.

Teetime Wed 19-Aug-15 16:50:34

oops did I say that out loud. I meant to say this kind of programme is really not my cup of tea. grin

Pittcity Wed 19-Aug-15 17:51:33

We love you very much Teetime but "Get ouat our b*****n' pub, janarta meen!"

granjura Wed 19-Aug-15 19:38:53

the only soap we watch- but only if ..

if I have something else to do, meeting, outing, whatever- then I do not tape and watch later. At the moment it is getting so complicated, so if those of you who never miss an episode can't keep up- I haven't got a chance!?!

Pittcity Wed 19-Aug-15 19:52:13

I have watched for the whole 30 years and still revert to Google to remember the relationships and goings on.

grumppa Wed 19-Aug-15 20:04:25

I think Kathy murdered Lucy, one of a dozen killers in a cunning Murder on the Orient Express twist of the plot, all masterminded by the policewoman who had a fling with Max Branning and is now the mother of Topsy and Tim on CBeebies.

feetlebaum Wed 19-Aug-15 20:20:59

30 Years? I watched eoisode 1, and then nothing would induce me to ever go there again... misery, and not even well-lit...

ninathenana Thu 20-Aug-15 00:01:38

I used to watch Enders, Corrie, Emmerdale and Neighbours.
Only watch Enders now, though I'm always moaning about it, I can't seem to give it up.grin

Teetime Thu 20-Aug-15 09:09:23

I did watch it in the Den and Angie days I enjoyed it as an Eastender myself I could certainly recognise the characters especially Lou and Pauline but I think the BBC need to come up with something new - same goes for Coronations Street. The only soap I follow now is The archers and if it weren't for DH and his Sunday morning habits I would give that up. I want something new please. So will get outa your pub- rather have a wine bar anyway. grin

lefthanded Thu 20-Aug-15 09:34:45

I am pleased to say that I have an unbroken record where Eastenders is concerned. I have managed to avoid watching it for the entire 30 years, and I hope to continue not watching it for many more years to come. :-)

numberplease Fri 21-Aug-15 01:56:33

I love Eastenders, haven`t mised a single episode since it started. But this Kathy thing is puzzling. Also, if she didn`t die in that car crash, who did?

Rosannie Fri 21-Aug-15 02:20:54

A Corrie girl, occasionally flip to Eastenders and get thoroughly depressed with the gloom, doom and shouting.

ninathenana Fri 21-Aug-15 06:53:47

Rosannie from what I read Corrie's not exactly a bundle of laughs these days grin

Jane10 Fri 21-Aug-15 07:06:09

Corrie always bounces back . There's usually a sort of comedy offsetting nasty bits eg the current camping trip. People who only have snide comments to make about programmes they are proud never to have watched -why are you reading this thread? Surely you have an improving book to read?

Ceesnan Fri 21-Aug-15 07:09:09

Oh glory - here we go again!!

glammanana Fri 21-Aug-15 08:45:31

I really should not fall asleep in front of TV,there I was watching Eastenders then I dozed off for a few minutes to find Kathy on the screen I just lost the plot completley from then onwards.confused

henetha Fri 21-Aug-15 10:25:03

I'm totally addicted to EastEnders and Coronation Street. My week would be dull without them. Obviously, I need to get out more!
All will be explained regarding Kathy, hopefully.