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Teetime Thu 17-Sep-15 09:12:11

Dearie Dearie me! This is dull! It seems to consist of close ups of Suranne Jones pulling faces and running her hands through her hair. She's a GP who has taken to examining patients in her car park and breaching patient confidentiality in the name of pursuing the truth of her husband's affair. Is it just me who is bored by this? I do wish she would run a comb through her hair and why are busy women always portrayed as having messy kitchens- does this show just how busy and important they are? I'll probably keep watching and moaning about it. grin

ninathenana Thu 17-Sep-15 09:34:25

I have only seen snippets whilst the adds were on, on FiveUSA I agree with all the above.
Try watching Castle instead, much more fun smile

Greenfinch Thu 17-Sep-15 09:47:39

I enjoyed the first episode but last night was tedious for the reasons stated above. Pity ,as I think Suranne Jones is a good actress.

Anya Thu 17-Sep-15 10:01:02

I agree. Won't be bothering to watch next week. Blame the director because as Greenfinch said Suranne Jones is a wonderful actress.

henetha Thu 17-Sep-15 10:17:07

Oh dear. Well, I like it actually.

kittylester Thu 17-Sep-15 11:13:52

Me too henetha .

Greyduster Thu 17-Sep-15 12:16:10

I have to say that I am disappointed. She deserves better than this dull, barely credible storyline, which has more holes than a Swiss cheese!

wotanuisanceABC123 Thu 17-Sep-15 12:44:25

She,s a really good actress but I wish she,d wash her greasy hair!!

chelseababy Thu 17-Sep-15 12:49:04

Watched first episode shouting at tv about how ridiculous/unlikely/unprofessional Dr Fs actions were. I'll still watch episode two though!

merlotgran Thu 17-Sep-15 14:00:59

I quite like it. Is the mother in law stirring up trouble and if so, why? What's the deal with the objectionable bloke who lives opposite? How long did it take her to unpack all those cases and put everything back where it belonged? Is there anyone she can trust??

The acting is good. The boy looks genuinely strained and the husband as shifty as hell.

PRINTMISS Thu 17-Sep-15 15:37:33

I think it is a bit far-fetched in almost every respect. However, the acting is worth watching, and there is a perfectly good story line in there somewhere, if only they would get on with it.

HildaW Thu 17-Sep-15 18:22:43

Have not watched it but from all the trailers that have been shown I have gathered that its all about a very wayward husband that she wants to keep/win back. Its a theme I've never understood. If he's 'just not that into you' anymore why waste time and effort? I speak from experience....move on girl.....!

Grannyknot Thu 17-Sep-15 21:16:32

Hilda W I'm not so sure - I bet that's a red herring, and it turns out she is neurotic! I don't know because I haven't watched it, but that was my deduction from the trailers. I've put it in Room 101 - category "too many close ups of pained expression".

durhamjen Thu 17-Sep-15 22:11:21

Do you think the kitchen knife comes into it soon?

Nelliemoser Thu 17-Sep-15 23:24:36

I think it's great.
It doesn't have to be true to life so many plays films etc work on this jealousy thing. Othello for a start.

It's about a woman who is seeking revenge for her husband's having an affair and is so violently angry she will do anything to get back at him.

She is behaving irrationally, the female equivalent of the totally possessive men who sometime kill their wives because thet think she is having an affair.

Annegranny2 Fri 18-Sep-15 08:49:01

I think it's clever as its showing how someone's behavior can become irrational and change when dealing with such an awful betrayal. She is doing things totally out of character due to the affair with the added betrayal of other people knowing and not telling her. The husband also true to life as he thinks he is getting away with it.
I think the author will be coming up with some more twists and I am looking forward to the next episode. Fair comment about the hair though!

HildaW Fri 18-Sep-15 18:28:13

So its not about her taking charge and getting revenge...its that old chestnut of the intelligent woman driven mad by her uncontrollable desires - the archetypical Victorian theme of the mad woman in the attic. About time writers came up with more original themes for women in drama.

trisher Fri 18-Sep-15 19:31:49

But she isn't even doing revenge very well. I had hopes in the first episode that she was going to turn into a real nutter and wreak havoc on those around her who knew what was happening, but she has suddenly become caring and considerate.
What I wonder is how does she manage without getting any sleep? And didn't her DH notice when she nipped out to a pub for the night? Reminded me of that Marty Feldman sketch "Just going to put the cat out dear!"

Ana Fri 18-Sep-15 19:35:37

I kept imagining my own GP leading her sort of life - dinner parties, late nights, gadding about and a nervous wreck half the time.

It's totally unbelievable and I only half-watched this week's episode because of that.

trisher Thu 24-Sep-15 10:34:05

Even more unbelievable now! She didn't know what her hubbie has been up to with their money!!??? She's a GP for god's sake. She is a partner in a big practice. She'd have her own accountant- somebody who specialised in doctors. She was out all night again!!

Greyduster Thu 24-Sep-15 12:34:06

Agreed Trisha; a total load of ongoing balderdash! Or something else beginning with B!

Greyduster Thu 24-Sep-15 12:34:47

Sorry! Spelled your name wrongly!!!

Eloethan Thu 24-Sep-15 15:44:51

Just because a woman is well educated and successful doesn't necessarily mean that she is confident in her personal life or cannot be duped or taken advantage of.

In a slightly different vein but I think demonstrating the same principle, I recall a very notorious case about 20 years ago in the USA of a highly qualified and successful woman (a lawyer I think) who was completely under the thumb of her husband and suffered years of severe physical abuse at his hands. People kept asking why, given that she was wealthy in her own right and very confident in her professional role, she had not just upped and left - but it appeared she was totally dominated by him.

Anyway, even if it is unrealistic, I'm enjoying the plot, and the acting is very good. I think there will be some sort of "twist".

eccentric Thu 24-Sep-15 16:14:47

Well I guess I am enjoying it because I have to go to great lengths to watch it. We ditched the tv licence. To watch catch up I must plug in the laptop to tv ....bla bla. Or was that for downton! Anyway, no licence, we got netflix. It's good fun. Lots of choice. Currently watch orange is the nee black. Bout woman's prison. Excellent .
Almost never watched live tv, always recorded for later.

kittylester Thu 24-Sep-15 17:59:10

I'm fascinated by it!!