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Irisheyes Tue 05-Feb-19 20:50:33

Much as I enjoy his rail trips is it necessary for him to have a new outfit everyday and are the BBC paying. He carries no luggage, there’s a lackey out there somewhere.

Nico97 Tue 05-Feb-19 20:54:55

I have a different outfit on every day when I go on a trip and if I had a film crew following me I'm sure I'd get one of them to carry a bag, or two.

NotSpaghetti Tue 05-Feb-19 20:56:14

I love his outfits!

Sussexborn Tue 05-Feb-19 21:06:58

Would look a bit odd talking to the camera and having to lug his suitcase around. He has an unusual style of dressing but seems comfortable in his own skin. Not sure I would want to walk out with my OH if he wore such colourful outfits.

Anniebach Tue 05-Feb-19 21:21:00

I like his colourful clothes

NanKate Tue 05-Feb-19 21:46:10

So do I Annie.

KatyK Tue 05-Feb-19 21:50:50

Me too

Buffybee Tue 05-Feb-19 22:04:20

I love his colourful clothes and his new outfit everyday and of course there will be people in charge of organising luggage, not just his I presume but the camera crew etc.
The 'lackey' as you described them will be very well paid no doubt and many people would give their eye teeth for a job like that, travelling the World.

Eloethan Tue 05-Feb-19 23:55:53

I don't suppose he's much different from any celebrity broadcaster presenting a documentary series of this nature. Being on the TV isn't really like real life is it.

Beechnut Wed 06-Feb-19 06:39:13

I’m with Anniebach, NanKate and KatyK
I always wonder what colour he will put with another.

NanKate Wed 06-Feb-19 07:42:27

MP came to talk to our County WI meeting a yer or so back. He came straight from a funeral in London, so was sombrely dressed. Walked on stage with no notes and kept us entertained for about 40 minutes, fabulous. Whatever he cost he was worth it.

NanKate Wed 06-Feb-19 07:42:47

Year not yer !

Greyduster Wed 06-Feb-19 08:28:07

I rather like Michael Portillo, and I like the clothes he wears for his programmes. DH bought a pair of raspberry coloured trousers last year; he calls them his Portillo trousers!

TwiceAsNice Wed 06-Feb-19 08:34:16

I love him and his clothes . I watch all his rail programmes and find them so interesting. There are plenty of other presenters on the TV why is he deserving of criticism. I also admire how he has a go at everything along the way without worrying how it looks

GrannyGravy13 Wed 06-Feb-19 09:18:46

I am a fan of MP and love watching his train journeys. We are trying to incorporate the train journey to Shimla in our Indian Adventure later this year.

I think his colourful wardrobe is just who he is, I have a “luggage flunkey” he’s called Mr.GG13.

Fennel Wed 06-Feb-19 09:47:33

I like him too - it's probably the same eg red jacket he wore the previous week.
He seems to be a natural for TV, he can talk to anyone and get them talking. A bit like Joanne Lumley, but not so posh.

Izabella Wed 06-Feb-19 10:07:50

I find his gait fascinating, his programmes fascinating and his varying levels of tan rather amusing.

Jabberwok Wed 06-Feb-19 10:11:31

Bit like Ben Fogle! He always seems to be a bit too clean and tidy to be actually roughing it in remote places! I love both these progs though, clothes, tidyness and all!!!

Jabberwok Wed 06-Feb-19 10:12:39

And the colour(s) of his hair Izabella!!

Izabella Wed 06-Feb-19 10:20:24

Jabberwok have you read 'Beware the claws that catch ....Alice' by Christina Henry. A brilliant read, rather unsettling and of course complete with the Jabberwok.

Agree about the hair too!!

merlotgran Wed 06-Feb-19 10:28:35

We like Joanna Lumley's travelogues and goodness knows how many times she changes her lovely outfits.

I've never given much thought to MP's clothes but he's a good presenter.

I agree about Ben Fogle and where does the camera crew sleep?

henetha Wed 06-Feb-19 10:33:46

I enjoy Michael's programmes and think he's a good presenter who always makes it interesting.
And I love his colourful clothes!
My only grumble is that I'm deeply envious and want to go on all those travels too. envy

Jabberwok Wed 06-Feb-19 11:59:41

No Izabella, I haven't, but I will be hot foot to kindle books to seek it out. Thanks for that info!
I feel exactly the same henetha, all those wonderful places, and I do so love a train ride! Alas, more wishful thinking I'm afraid!!

Labaik Sun 17-Feb-19 00:17:30

It rather annoys me, much as I enjoy watching the programmes, that he was part of a government that really didn't value the railways at all and just pandered to the road transport lobby. I'm sure that he must sometimes be interviewing people that think the same.

RosieLeah Sun 17-Feb-19 06:38:37

Do you watch the programmes with Chris Tarrant on Railways? I've never seen him with luggage either, yet he manages to find clean clothes every day. I don't like Michael Portillo personally, but I do enjoy his programme and he does seem to genuinely enjoy himself. I don't understand the complaint about a clean outfit every day. Isn't that the norm for everyone? After all, he's spending the nights in hotels so showers and a change of clothes are no problem.