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grapefruitpip Mon 18-Nov-19 09:23:30

Oh dear, I only lasted about 10 minutes. The first series was utterly brilliant.

henetha Mon 18-Nov-19 09:35:38

I watched episode 1 of the new (third) series and found it to be very good.

grapefruitpip Mon 18-Nov-19 09:39:49

Maybe it was me then. I thought Olivia Coleman was too Olivia Coleman, too big for the part almost. Will give it another go.

Grandma70s Mon 18-Nov-19 09:51:10

I agree with grapefruitpip, though I did watch it all. It’s nowhere near the standard of the earlier series. Partly the script, which is far too obviously aimed at the American market, but mostly because Olivia Coleman is just not convincing as the Queen. She looks all wrong, moves all wrong and hasn’t got the hang of being both regal and human.

Harold Wilson, on the other hand, was excellent (and I did meet him). I also thought the teenage Princess Anne was very good. This was probably in a later episode - I’ve watched about three.

FlexibleFriend Mon 18-Nov-19 10:01:13

I watched an interview with Olivia Coleman the other day where she said she didn't think she was graceful enough to play the Queen and I agree she walks like a docker. I watched the whole series it's enjoyable viewing but nothing special tbh.

Pantglas2 Mon 18-Nov-19 10:28:05

I did the first two and I’m not altogether sure Olivia Colman is a good fit but I was intrigued by the Princess Margaret episode and the theory of the boring monarch v the exciting runner up! Probably could apply that to William/Harry?

merlotgran Mon 18-Nov-19 10:34:38

Looking forward to getting stuck in.

Something for wet and windy afternoons. I used to watch them late at night but the temptation to binge watch didn't do my sleep patterns any good. grin

Chestnut Mon 18-Nov-19 12:23:06

Out of respect to the Queen I can't bring myself to watch potty mouth Olivia Colman playing her. Yuk.
I also don't like that it's getting too up to date. Where will they stop, yesterday?
It's also had some very bad reviews for accuracy especially in relation to the Queen herself. So definitely a no no for me.

grapefruitpip Mon 18-Nov-19 13:40:55

What a shame, when the first series was stunning.

Oopsminty Mon 18-Nov-19 13:45:50

Olivia Colman is hideously miscast. Can't watch it.

I don't like the way it's getting so recent, either, Chestnut

Not fair on the Queen at all.

And many people watch this and think it's 'real'.

TwiceAsNice Mon 18-Nov-19 13:48:15

Have watched 3 episodes. Helen Bonham Carter is quite good as Princess Margaret( not as good as the previous actress) Don’t like Prince Philip, he comes over as awful and the jury is out over The Queen. 2nd episode is all about Aberfan, it’s so sad!

Chestnut Mon 18-Nov-19 14:08:14

Apparently the Aberfan sequence is one where Colman's portrayal of the Queen is wrong on all counts. After nearly 70 years of unblemished service to this country the Queen does not deserve this.

Jane43 Mon 18-Nov-19 15:34:55

Oh dear, I’m almost dreading starting to watch this because I thought the first two series were wonderful. I didn’t want series two to end because I could remember so much of it happening and Matt Smith was wonderful as Prince Philip. Claire Foy was brilliant in both series.

travelsafar Tue 19-Nov-19 08:15:05

I found the episode all about the landing on the moon really boring and actually fast forwarded to the end. Hate the actress playing Princess Margaret. The episode where Prince Charles falls in love with Camilla is heartbreaking and just shows how wrong the interference with his love life was. So glad he has finally got the woman of his dreams, but sad he had to endure all he did with Diana, and she with him.

merlotgran Tue 19-Nov-19 08:37:42

I've only watched episode one and my first feeling was, they're all too old. The Queen was a very attractive woman in her late thirties and forties but Olivia Coleman looks around fifty. The same goes for Lord Snowdon who have youthful looks all his life.

Don't like the new Phillip and what on earth have they done with the Queen Mother?

I really can't understand why they didn't just age the original actors. They were all brilliant!

GrannyLaine Tue 19-Nov-19 08:53:36

We watched the first two episodes of series 3 last night and I agree, the casting felt all wrong. But perhaps because casting for series 1 and 2 was SO good? I'm hoping as we watch more episodes, it will get better. Did anyone else think that the actor playing Prince Phillip looks just like an aged version of Prince William?

annodomini Tue 19-Nov-19 10:01:51

So far, so disappointing. The best thing by far is the portrayal of Harold Wilson. The actor playing Philip sounds right but casting has got the look all wrong. Olivia Coleman has been cast as HM because her reputation will draw in the audience, but I can't get Claire Foy out of my head. Helena Bonham Carter, however, is great as a caricature of an out-of-control Princess Margaret.

Grandma70s Tue 19-Nov-19 10:24:20

Even though I’m sure she won’t see it, I have to apologise for spelling Olivia Colman’s name wrong. It isn’t Coleman. I once had a name that was frequently misspelt, so I am sensitive about it. I regularly cringe when people spell Prince Philip with a double l. It is only polite to get names right.

Cabbie21 Tue 19-Nov-19 10:26:52

We don’t have Netflix, so have never seen this. Is there any other way we can watch it?

Calendargirl Tue 19-Nov-19 10:27:14

Am I missing something? What do you mean by ‘potty mouth’ Olivia Colman?

Calendargirl Tue 19-Nov-19 10:28:28

We don’t have Netflix either. Hope it will be available somewhere else in future.

Chestnut Tue 19-Nov-19 11:13:57

Calendargirl a definition of a potty mouth is someone who uses bad language. Don't know about you, but to me she has always been an embarrassment at award ceremonies. Adele is another who has used the F word in the Royal Albert Hall. They just don't seem to understand that award ceremonies and prestigious events are not the time or place for bad language.

Kerenhappuch Tue 19-Nov-19 11:24:43

Loved the first two series - didn't enjoy the first couple of episodes of Series 3, because it was hard to see how Claire Foy's Elizabeth had morphed into Olivia Coleman's.

I agree that Jason Watkins gives a great performance as Harold Wilson, and now the series has got into its stride I'm warming a bit to the 'new' Queen. Tobias Menzies has surprised me by being very good as the Duke of Edinburgh, as Matt Smith surprised me - they both brought out a lot more personality than I associate with Philip.

I'm going to plough on with it, I'm still finding the background of history that I remember fascinating - even if some of it is made up!

Jane43 Tue 19-Nov-19 20:34:38

I think the only way of watching series 1 and 2 is to buy the DVDs and series 3 will probably be available on DVD eventually.

I have watched the first two episodes and agree with the other comments, I also wish they’d aged the actors from season 2 but I will carry on with it.

Grannyknot Tue 19-Nov-19 20:40:21

I will carry on with it, but Olivia Coleman is just playing herself and trying to sound like the Queen (and failing, her voice is too squeaky)...