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The Long Call and Shetland.

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Calendargirl Sat 30-Oct-21 11:13:11

Haven’t seen any posts about either of these since they aired.

Gave up on TLC after two episodes, have read the book but found it rather dreary, couldn’t remember the outcome and didn’t really care. Matthew Venn is no Jimmy Perez, but Jimmy looks a bit jowly and could do with a shave. I know he has a lot on his plate though, with murders, bereavement and a dad with dementia.

Smileless2012 Sat 30-Oct-21 11:34:10

I thought it was excellent, especially Anita Dobson's performance. I haven't read the book so maybe that helped.

Shinamae Sat 30-Oct-21 11:37:06

I was not impressed with the first episode but stuck with it purely because it was filmed in my area. I agree Anita Dobson‘s performance was probably the best but overall I was not impressed

paddyann54 Sat 30-Oct-21 11:41:51

I haven't read the book so no expectation on the characters . I really enjoyed it.We are fans of Martin Shaw and thought his controlling husband role was well played .Thought the lead was excellent his enotions from being rejected almost brought me to tears .Mybe because I had a friend whose family rejected him when he "came out" it felt authentic.All in all I cant fault it .I am easily pleased though with a detective story ...and I didn't work out who done it until almost the reveal .

Aveline Sat 30-Oct-21 11:45:36

I found 'The Long Call' strangely dull. I really looked forward to it but didn't find any of the characters very likeable. The gay detective and his partner were OK but I found I just didn't care about the story or people portrayed. Surprised as I usually really enjoy Anne Cleeves stories.
I'm really looking forward to binge watching 'Shetland' this pm. Fingers crossed.

Shandy57 Sat 30-Oct-21 11:50:08

I didn't enjoy the Long Call story line, but thought the lead was excellent.

Calistemon Sat 30-Oct-21 11:52:41

We watched the first episode of The Long Call just to try and spot the locations!

Yes, Jimmy Perez does seem to have aged a bit but Shetland is still worth watching. smile

Calmlocket Sat 30-Oct-21 11:53:19

I am enjoying Shetland. The Long Call however I find it very slow and boring, Ive fallen asleep have way through! wont bother watching the rest.

Jaxjacky Sat 30-Oct-21 11:54:49

I too read The Long Call and didn’t enjoy it televised, DH did. Both enjoying Shetland.

naughtynanny Sat 30-Oct-21 11:55:51

The last episode nailed it for me, by Anita Dobson's performance, she was brilliant and very brave to take on the no make-up, haggard look when normally she's very glam.

But she was really good, very watchable and engaging. Otherwise, I didn't quite get the point of some of the weak sub-plots, the painting pregnant one, and the farmer dad and his daughter. Martin Shaw is still lush!

Calistemon Sat 30-Oct-21 11:57:17

There are just too many characters in The Long Call.
It was confusing, or perhaps the older I get the less I can cope with complicated story lines.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 30-Oct-21 12:04:05

I really enjoyed The Long Call (haven’t read the book) although it was a murder it was gentle compared to many TV series at the moment.

I thought Martin Shaw oozed coercive control and Anita Dobson acted superbly.

muse Sat 30-Oct-21 12:20:20

Enjoying Shetland but need to catch up with Ep2.

Now I know Martin Shaw is in Long Call, I'll be watching that too. Saw him on stage once. Oh my! Oh yes!

Boz Sat 30-Oct-21 12:28:58

Disliked it. Found the storylines confusing. Guessed AD, MS or JS had done it as they would have been the most expensive actors to hire, so get the best baddie part.
The most interesting component were the Drones. They get about. All over Shetland (far superior series) and Vera's Northumberland (very much the best). Lovely birds-eye views of Britain.

Sparklefizz Sat 30-Oct-21 14:03:56

I thought the script of The Long Call was poor, and there were so many mistakes in police procedure. OK, a bit of artistic licence is fine, but honestly! I've read the book but the person who transferred it to the screen has slipped up. But Martin Shaw and Anita Dobson were excellent, and as naughtynanny has said, AD was very brave to appear without makeup and looking haggard.

I'm enjoying Shetland, but I wish Jimmy would have a shave and wear something other than a collar-less T shirt or jumper. He would look much more appealing in a shirt with the sleeves rolled up ;)

And Vera - what can I say? She's the best. Love her one-liners.

lemsip Sat 30-Oct-21 14:26:34

i'm enjoying shetland. I like Jimmy,

Lincslass Sat 30-Oct-21 14:38:33

Shetland and Vera, both excellent, and showcasing fabulous scenery and good plots at the same time. Poor Jimmy, going through a rough patch, but shaving would make him feel better surely ?

Lincslass Sat 30-Oct-21 14:44:47

Long call, will have to restart as the storyline did not enthuse me as much as Shetland and Vera.

TerriBull Sat 30-Oct-21 14:49:37

Yes thought it was pretty good on the whole, given there are some dire dramas around at the moment, Hollington Close for one couldn't be bothered seeing that through to the end! I read the Matthew Venn book when it first came out, thought the actor who portrayed him, played him well, his personal backstory is quite moving, I think I was remembering that more that anything else, completely forgot "who dunnit!" so that kept me watching. I'm a fan of Anne Cleeves writing and this new series will be a welcome addition to her Vera and Shetland ones. Love the Devon setting, have visited that part of the world on quite a few occasions, beautiful coastline, thought that frothy sea water at the beginning was very effective.

Aveline Sat 30-Oct-21 15:15:05

Watching 'Shetland' now. Much better than 'The Long Call'. You'd think Perez would at least shave for his Mum's funeral!

Floradora9 Sat 30-Oct-21 15:59:40

Ann Cleaves did a great job with Vera but I am not enjoying this departure nearly as much. I had read the book but have forgotten all I read .

BlueBelle Sat 30-Oct-21 16:55:09

I didn’t like the long call as much as I was hoping, and unlike everyone else I though Anita Dobson over acted the last scene I am enjoying Jimmy and Shetland although Jimmy has aged a bit more than Duncan still rather nice though
I thought Shetland very complicated so decided to watch it over again on iPlayer well three quarters of the second episode was completely new to me so I must have slept through most of it 😂😂

Aveline Sat 30-Oct-21 16:55:25

There's a warmth and kindness to Vera and Jimmy Perez which was somehow missing in The Long Call'.

paddyann54 Sat 30-Oct-21 17:23:32

I love watching Dougie Henshall ,he has the exact same eyes as my late dad and I never know whether to laugh or cry when I see him ,but its nice as my dad has been gone nearly 28 years

Aveline Sat 30-Oct-21 19:01:15

paddyann that's so nice.thanks