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Watercolour Challenge.

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shysal Tue 11-Jan-22 09:05:59

Did anybody else enjoy watching this years ago? My new TV magazine tells me that it is starting again next week on Channel 5 at 4pm, weekdays. The host is Fern Britton, I think I am right in saying that it used to be Hannah Gordon.

Sparklefizz Tue 11-Jan-22 09:15:17

Thanks for sharing that shysal. I used to enjoy that programme and someone local got to the semi final and started up an art group which I joined.

Yes, it was Hannah Gordon.

FannyCornforth Tue 11-Jan-22 09:32:55

Yes, I absolutely loved it too.
It was on TV in 1998 when DH and I first got together.
I used to watch it while I was waiting for him to come home ♥️

FannyCornforth Tue 11-Jan-22 09:34:17

Hannah Gordon has such a beautiful calming voice and demeanour.
I’m sure that she was part of its charm.

foxie48 Tue 11-Jan-22 09:51:51

Thanks, one I will definitely watch!

Gingster Tue 11-Jan-22 10:04:28

Ah I remember that with Hannah Gordon. I’ll enjoy that,
Thanks Shysal 👍

eazybee Tue 11-Jan-22 10:08:11

Thank you for that; I used to watch it and enjoyed it very much.

henetha Tue 11-Jan-22 10:15:53

Yippee. I used to love that. I've made a note of it and will watch it. Thanks.

aggie Tue 11-Jan-22 10:17:43

Lovely programme, I remember it was nail biting waiting to see who would be in the finals ! Most were so talented

Sparklefizz Tue 11-Jan-22 10:58:57

Wish it was still going to be Hannah Gordon. Not keen on Fern Britton.

25Avalon Wed 12-Jan-22 11:23:28

I’ll be watching. Thanks for the info Shysal.

grannytotwins Wed 12-Jan-22 11:48:30

Thank you! I loved that programme and bought all the magazines. I now paint with acrylics, but will really enjoy watching.

Toddleo Wed 12-Jan-22 12:34:39

I loved this with Hannah Gordon, thanks for pointing out that it's starting again.

MayBee70 Wed 12-Jan-22 12:39:45

Can somebody bump this up next Monday so I don’t forget to watch it! I love this sort of programme. Thanks for the tip off.

gillyknits Wed 12-Jan-22 13:21:22

I loved this programme. It inspired me to take up watercolour painting and I even used the book, that accompanied the series, to learn . Hope they haven’t changed it too much.

Riggie Wed 12-Jan-22 13:26:07

Used to love it. Hope the new series is as good. The worry is that it will have been changed for the worse

Luckygirl3 Wed 12-Jan-22 13:29:46

Well at least it is not some second rate comedian who is MC'ing, as in so many reality-style programmes!

Gin Wed 12-Jan-22 13:38:20

I am really looking forward to it. I loved Hannah Gordon, so quiet, intelligent and with dulcet voice, I hope Fern Britten is not too vocal!
I watch the landscape painting competition on Skye Arts channel but find the three judges choices often greatly differ from mine but they are the experts! I also watch the Portrait Artist of the year

HannahLoisLuke Wed 12-Jan-22 13:58:05

I watch Portrait Artist on Sky Arts too Gin. My choices are often the same as those picked by the sitters but not often the same as the experts!
I do get impatient with the professionals, they so often go for gimmicky techniques rather than choosing the portrait that actually looks like the sitter.
I don’t watch the Landscape version so much but I will give this watercolour one a try.

Mummer Wed 12-Jan-22 16:51:31

Never heard of it! Must have been working....

Willow65 Wed 12-Jan-22 17:42:32

I used to love this programme and my former art tutor Mike Chaplin used to be the head judge. He introduced me to watercolour painting about 30 years ago and it has led me down such an enriching path teaching in schools and on cruise ships all over the world. Now I’m retired I love it just as much and have been learning to paint in oils the last two years. You’re never bored if you have a passion for art!
I can’t wait to see it again. Love all the Sky arts challenges too.

Ro60 Wed 12-Jan-22 21:31:47

Thanks just what I need 😁 Will get my paints out to paint along with them.

Sweetpeasue Wed 12-Jan-22 21:48:09

This used to be such a good programme and Hannah Gordon was lovely in it. Thankyou for alerting us Shysal My husband, who loves painting and drawing will certainly be watching.

Esmay Thu 13-Jan-22 16:08:19

Thanks a ton shysal -looking forward to the new Watercolour Challenge .

I loved the original.
Hannah Gordon had such a wonderful way with words .
Watercolours are very difficult- one mistake and it's ruined !

Sky has great art programmes .

I'd like to be able to do portraits , but ,landscape and still life in mixed media are my forte .

I can't get a likeness when doing portraits .

MayBee70 Thu 13-Jan-22 18:32:16

Didn’t agree with last nights Landscape Artist of the Year (yet again). Thought the runner up was much better.