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Always fancied yourself a writer, but never given it a go? Got a local issue you want everyone to know about? Some fascinating local history? Or maybe you just want to sing the praises of your area and why it's a great place to live? You each have a Gransnet Local site, and we're looking for gransnetters to contribute a host of interesting guest blog posts to each one.

We prefer that posts are written about personal experience, but apart from that, the (blogging) world is your oyster! We'll also link to your blog if you have an existing one (but don't worry if you don't).

If you fancy giving it a try, just find your local site here, and have a quick look to see if there's a Local Editor in charge of it. If so, drop them an email using the 'contact' button under their profile picture. If your site is still in need of an editor, just email us at local@gransnet.com.


The specifics


  • Guest blog posts should ideally be be 250-300 words and no longer than 500 words.
  • We can link to a book or website at the end of the blog, but prefer it not be mentioned in the post itself.
  • Posts should be written from a personal point of view - unfortunately we cannot accept posts from commercial sites.
  • Please send over both a profile picture (this can be small) and a larger picture to accompany the post. If you'd like us to supply a picture to go with the post instead, just let us know.
  • We'll proofread your blog for grammatical points, and make sure it fits with the usage on Gransnet (we have some funny little rules, which nobody notices except us).


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