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Top volumising tips for thinning hair

Volumisers for thinning hair

Have your locks been looking a bit limp lately? It's not unusual for our hair to thin as we get older, but that doesn't mean that the minute you're over 50 you have to resign yourself to a life of lacklustre hair. From gransnetters' tips on adding luxurious volume, to the best styling products and tricks for fine hair, our guide on volumisers for thinning hair will have you adding a little oomph back in no time.

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Why is my hair thinning? 

Volumisers for thinning hair

It's no secret that the condition of hair tends to decrease as we grow older, particulary after the menopause, but why does this happen? Hair naturally loses its density with age, meaning that even those with the most luscious of locks can find their hair thinning out when they hit 50. This is because hair follicles shrink as we get older, therefore resulting in thinner strands of hair being produced.  

There are other factors that can impact hair loss, such as stress, hormonal imbalance, poor diet or vitamin deficiency. If you're worried about abnormal hair loss you should see your GP to rule out any underlying factors. 

It may be easy to despair at the inevitable, but fear not, as we have plenty of tips on how to add volume to fine hair...


How to add volume to thin hair 

Volumisers for thinning hair

From styling tricks, to hair thickening treatments, and products that actually work, gransnetters share their best volumisers for thin hair. 


1. Ditch the conditioner

"When I was younger I had very long hair and got into the habit of using a conditioner to help with detangling after shampooing. I have recently stopped using it (as my hair is now jaw length) and am amazed at the lift and body my hair has as a result!"


2. Style damp, not wet, hair

"The longer you can leave hair to dry before styling, the better. Just towel it off, have a comb through, then spray and style with a hairdryer and barrel type brush, getting some volume at the roots."

3. Consider a new cut to add volume to hair

"I went to a hairdresser who suggested a shorter style with a fringe. Everyone tells me it makes me look younger and with my hair not being constantly pulled back, my hairline is recovering nicely."


4. Homemade hair volumisers

"Try washing your hair using a teaspoon of baking soda in a mugful of warm water. I've been using it for around eighteen months. My hair is shiny and manageable and frequently draws compliments."


5. Try a root-boosting powder to thicken hair

"I use Toppik. You can buy it online and it's a fine powder - you choose the colour closest to your own hair colour and just sprinkle some on your scalp where it shows through. Instantly thicker-looking hair and everyone asks if I have coloured it. It's not cheap but it does wonders for your confidence. My hair is very thin on top - it's genetic sadly."


6. Invest in a salon treatment for healthy hair

"My friend has had treatment by Philip Kingsley for a few years. It has really made a difference but it's pricey."


7. Supplement your hair growth

"I am now taking Silicea capsules, which contain most of the essential minerals our hair, skin and nails are made from, my fine hair at present does have the appearance and texture of thicker hair."

"I started taking Biotin supplements (for hair nails and skin) which really helped reduce the amount of loss."


8. Persevere

"Last year I tried using Regaine lotion and as it said it might take several months to promote growth I persevered. After three bottles of it, I did see new growth."


9. Ensure it's not caused by a deficiency

"When I was in my thirties my hair starting shedding at a frightening rate. My GP arranged for me to have 6 weekly vitamin B injections which cured it. It's worth asking your GP if there are supplements you could take or have a blood test incase you are short of anything."


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Gransnetters recommend...

From the best volumising mousse for fine hair, to shampoo for hair loss, here are the products for thin hair that gransnetters love...


Tigi Bedhead Small Talk Aveda Thickening Tonic

"I use something called Small Talk Bedhead made by Tigi. It's quite expensive but lasts ages."

"My daughter's hair is fine and she uses Aveda thickening tonic. It's not cheap but the bottle lasts for ages."

Buy: lookfantastic.com, £12.45

Buy: lookfantastic.com, £21



Mane n Tail shampoo

Nioxin Diaboost Thickening
Xtrafusion Treatment
Mane n' Tail Shampoo
and Conditioner 

"My mum's hairdresser recommended
she use the Nioxin range. It's made an   amazing difference to her hair."

"It makes hair look thicker. I use other volumising shampoo occasionally but really prefer the results I get with this."

Buy: lookfantastic.com, £31.99

Buy: Amazon, £8.29 (double pack)


Grow gorgeous cleansing conditioner


John Freida mousse

Grow Gorgeous 11-in-1
Cleansing Conditioner

John Freida luxurious volume mousse

"I use a shampoo free conditioning cleanser (Grow Gorgeous) which is supposedly better for your hair. I think there’s been an improvement."

"After towel drying, I use a golf ball-sized blob of the mousse. These products have made a visible difference that my friends have noticed."

Buy: Look Fantastic, £18

Buy: Superdrug, £5.99



Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer Treatment L'Oreal Serioxyl Denser Daily Serum

"It is WONDERFUL! My hair looks
almost bouffant and has the most wonderful shine and texture."

"After three months of using it every night there is now very visible regrowth and the fringe is almost completely back."

Buy: Marks & Spencer, £18.50

Buy: Amazon, £15.99


Prices correct on 27/04/2018. 

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