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Hairstyles for thinning hair

If you asked the average woman over 50 her biggest hair and beauty niggle (or nightmare, for some) we bet the answer 'thinning hair' would crop up time and again. Hair loss can be a huge worry when it starts to make itself known, so here are the best hair styles to compliment fine or thinning hair - and how you should look after it.    


1. The bob

the bob

Short or long, the classic bob with side-swept fringe is perfect for fine hair. Whilst accentuating cheekbones and framing your face, it makes hair appear thicker, heathier and styled with very little effort. 


2. The pixie cut

   the pixie crop

A brave choice, the pixie cut can be the epitome of class and elegance. Whether you keep the hair longer and sweep it across like Julie Andrews or cut it short like Dame Judi Dench, this hair style was made for fine hair. 


3. The fringe


Choppy, side-swept or wispy - fringes can be as versatile and personal as hair colours. They create a soft look and flatter almost everyone face shape - just don't forget to ask for a cut that compliments yours. 


Our four favourite products for creating volume

volume creating products

Choose volumising products, from shampoo and conditioners to serums and mousses. Our favourite lotions and potions for creating some volume are:


4.  Consider the snip

meryl streep hair

If you have super long locks that are thinning, it may be time to think about losing some length. Long hair with plenty of volume looks great, but once it starts to thin drastically, the length only highlights the loss in volume. That doesn't mean you need to run to your nearest salon and get a drastic cut - even an inch or two can make all the difference! 


5. Add waves

 helen mirren hair

If you don't see yourself with a daring new hair style - and they can be daunting - try a volume boost instead. Whether your hair is short or long, grabbing some curling tongs and adding a few Helen Mirren-esque waves will create much needed volume to thinning hair.

Always use a heat protectant spray, and use a larger barrel for relaxed waves - we're not talking corkscrew curls here!


6. Do the sweep

cheryl baker

Creating a slightly deeper parting and sweeping the hair over to one side also boosts hair (remember to go against the direction in which it normally lies). You don't necessarily need a parting as deep as Cheryl here, but you get the idea...


Top three aids for thinning hair


Viviscal Women's Max Strength Supplement, £22.49, Boots

Scientifically formulated with the important nutrients, Biotin and Zinc, this supplement helps to maintain normal healthy hair growth from within.

Head & Shoulders Extra Thickening Treatment, £4.49, Amazon

An effective, yet budget buy, this spray is applied to wet or dry hair and conditions the scalp while adding density to the hair shaft. Lots of great reviews for this one... 

Boots Pharmaceuticals Hair Loss Treatment (month's supply), £23.99, Boots

The Minoxidil in this treatment works to promote regrowth in bald patches on the scalp. Be warned though, it may take up to four months to see the new hair growth.



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