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To wonder why famous people feel they have to over share personal stuff

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TerriBull Sun 08-Jan-23 14:15:49

No not another one about Harry!

I was just reading an article about Katherine Ryan stand up comic, bantering with Jonathan Ross, never a good idea given his track record. I stopped watching him ages ago I really don't like him. Anyway back to Katherine Ryan, admittedly I've only ever seen her on WDYTYA so I can't say whether she's funny or not It was reported among other things , she said this "her husband would sometimes abandon her to play golf as she has only 3 holes as opposed to 18" If a man said that I'd regard him as a sexist pig, so is it any better to hear that from a woman. Personally I don't think so, nor do I find such crassness remotely funny, just poor taste.

I'd be interested to know what others think.

Ailidh Sun 08-Jan-23 14:35:17

Well, I've never heard of her but IMHO, no, vulgar is very rarely funny.

Oreo Sun 08-Jan-23 14:38:17

What Ailidh says!

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 08-Jan-23 14:42:47

Agreed. Not funny.

Dickens Sun 08-Jan-23 14:55:29

... Oh, my aching sides! hmm

I agree with you. Also think it's rather juvenile.

No doubt there are others who would tell us to "lighten up, it's only a joke", or the ubiquitous "get a sense of humour".

That last one always puzzles me because what the person is actually saying is, you-should-laugh-at-the-things-that-amuse-ME!

... and then there's that old chestnut accusation that we are "prudes" or, as I've read a couple of times on GN, "pearl-clutching" prudes!

Just as an aside - does anyone still wear pearl necklaces? I think I wore them once when I was about 17 at my first ever company Christmas dinner. I didn't dare clutch them though because they belonged to my mother who lent them to me for the occasion. Together with my twin-set (yes, really!) I must've looked 17 going on 70 grin.

Mollygo Sun 08-Jan-23 14:59:32

I wonder why anyone, famous or not has to overshare personal stuff.
Is it because they think it makes them more interesting or because they haven’t got anything else to talk about?

TerriBull Sun 08-Jan-23 15:12:47

The last time I watched Sarah Millican, a long time ago now, she was wittering on about some bodily function which wasn't particularly funny. I don't know whether women who resort to all of that feel that they have to compete with "some" men on that sort of level. Maybe it boils down to the fact that they aren't actually funny at all? I don't remember the supremly talented late Caroline Aherne scrapping the bottom of the barrel in quite the same way.

timetogo2016 Sun 08-Jan-23 15:18:56

They love the sound of their own voice Mollygo.
I dont like vulgar and she has been on many occasions.

Galaxy Sun 08-Jan-23 15:19:36

Sarah Millican is very funny.

Wyllow3 Sun 08-Jan-23 15:24:42

That's interesting. I find Sarah Millican refreshingly funny, I dont see it s a sort of competing at all, just at last giving us women-centred humour in areas some of which have been in the dark too long.

However, the O/P is just gross - if her husband and really said that, its antiquated male humour. Unless he later divorced him and was telling all...

Kalu Sun 08-Jan-23 15:25:23

Typical celebrity behaviour who will do or say anything to get the attention they crave.

Dickens I wear a fitted cropped cashmere twin set and pearls with denims. Works for me. There is no rule to say one should stop wearing pearls. 😉

Blondiescot Sun 08-Jan-23 15:29:50

I'm not a particular fan of Katherine Ryan, but I do think there are double standards at work when male comedians can get away with being 'vulgar', yet women can't. If you don't like that type of humour, that's fair enough - it'd be a very boring world if we all liked the same things, but it's not compulsory to watch or listen to that type of humour, whether it's coming from a male comedian or a female.

Auntieflo Sun 08-Jan-23 15:31:50

Dreadful woman, can't stand her.

Kate1949 Sun 08-Jan-23 15:34:05

Katherine Ryan is awful (just my opinion obviously). I don't find any modern comedians funny.

Rosina Sun 08-Jan-23 15:34:33

I can only think she has the worst possible judgement if she has engaged in any way with Jonathan Ross.

TerriBull Sun 08-Jan-23 15:34:59

Wyllow I don't think it was her husband's comment, I think the gist was her contemplating "he's off doing that because he has more of a choice of holes" which most women would be affronted by if said by a man, I don't think it sounds any better coming out of her mouth.

I haven't seen Sarah Millican for quite a while so maybe I should give her another go.

volver Sun 08-Jan-23 15:40:11

I need some help here...

Are we complaining because there is a perception that KR was over sharing?

Or that she tells rude jokes?

Or that there are double standards?

Or that real ladies shouldn't tell vulgar jokes?

Or that Johnathan Ross isn't a very nice chap?

So much to choose from...

GrannyGravy13 Sun 08-Jan-23 15:45:44

Katherine Ryan told a rude joke, why watch someone who’s humour you do not like on a programme with a host that you also dislike?

volver Sun 08-Jan-23 15:47:08

And then why read about it in the Daily Mail? wink

Dickens Sun 08-Jan-23 15:48:09


Dickens I wear a fitted cropped cashmere twin set and pearls with denims. Works for me. There is no rule to say one should stop wearing pearls.

No, but you mustn't clutch them grin

Actually, fitted and cropped sounds rather nice - a bit different from my mother's shapeless and baggy ensemble!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 08-Jan-23 15:51:21

We are complaining of all the above. KR sometimes makes remarks that are unfunny and needlessly crude. It is the fashion to over-share because it gets publicity and without that what would these 'slebs' do?

volver Sun 08-Jan-23 15:55:27

I don't think she's at all funny. I don't think she is good on that jewellery programme. Personal viewpoint.

But I don't think she's over-sharing. She's telling jokes. I don't think her husband actually said that.

I don't like it when Jim Davidson talks about Chalky White, but I don't believe he has a friend called Chalky White. 😕

HowVeryDareYou Sun 08-Jan-23 15:56:21

I can't bear Kathryn Ryan or Jonathon Ross. I don't find either of them funny or interesting. Having said that, I can't think of even one woman I find funny

Rosina Sun 08-Jan-23 15:56:52

How nice to have much to choose from - it's called debate, and sometimes conversation, or sharing opinions, and invariably the topic widens to embrace other views.

Blondiescot Sun 08-Jan-23 15:59:33


I can't bear Kathryn Ryan or Jonathon Ross. I don't find either of them funny or interesting. Having said that, I can't think of even one woman I find funny

I can think of dozens...