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Where can I buy a blouse?

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kittylester Mon 12-Sep-16 10:42:22

We have a couple of things coming up shortly where I particularly need to look and feel good. I've thought I'd like blouse (I don't usually do blouses!) sort of loose ish, possibly with a small amount of pattern, to wear with smart jeans rather than trousers.

The needing to feel good is down to me and the company rather than the venue.blush

I wouldn't mind a tiny bit of sparkle but I don't want black. Help! Other suggestions welcome especially if they come with stockists!! I'm 5'5" tall and a size 20.

Kupari45 Mon 12-Sep-16 11:26:41

I bought two blouses yesterday from Edinburgh Woollen Mill. Lots to choose from and lots of size 20. HOpe this might help.

Greyduster Mon 12-Sep-16 11:34:36

Can I ask what constitutes a blouse? I have shirts, which I know are shirts, and I have things I class as blouses which may be shirts so what makes a blouse a blouse (it's an awful word, by the way!). If it's a silly irrelevant question, please feel free to ignore me!

kittylester Mon 12-Sep-16 11:42:01

On this occasion, in my head, a shirt is made of cotton, with a proper collar and cuffs and a blouse is sort of softer Eg, silky, chiffon, sort of material. But, some blouses can be cotton too confused

Teamliquid123 Mon 12-Sep-16 11:45:12

Have a look in White Stuff. They have some nice blouses that are smart enough to go with jeans and trousers but not too fussy.

Linsco56 Mon 12-Sep-16 11:47:00

kitty I have always found Wallis and Next to have a good range of blouses. If ordering online beware Wallis sizes tend to be quite generous.

Greyduster Mon 12-Sep-16 12:14:45

Thank you, kitty - then I have some blouses; but they look like shirts! smile

Christinefrance Mon 12-Sep-16 12:21:40

Joules also do tops ( avoided the shirt/blouse thing ) which are a bit different.

Rosieroe Mon 12-Sep-16 12:46:27

Have you looked at Boden? They usually have some lovely casual but dressy shirts and blouses. E.g.:

Stansgran Mon 12-Sep-16 12:49:16
I saw this in the shop window and thought it looked very pretty. East can be a bit big on the sizing but it's silk and cotton and they had it with blue linen trousers which are as similar to jeans really.

Ilrina Mon 12-Sep-16 16:29:40

Do you have to wear trousers? would a dress not be better rather than kind of dividing yourself in half if you know what I mean? you can get simple tailored dresses which are easy to wear and flattering, and not TOO dressy, also you could wear heels to give yourself that little bit of extra height.

kittylester Mon 12-Sep-16 16:39:54

Yes, I do. irina! I never wear dresses as I never feel comfortable. Besides no-one would recognise me in a dress and heels. grin

My aim is for 'understated elegance'! As that is unachievable for me, I am hoping to achieve 'i haven't tried too hard at all' which is standard for me but I need make a good impression to keep my end up.

Thank you for all the suggestions so far.

janeainsworth Mon 12-Sep-16 16:42:55

Ooh that's lovely Stansgran

henetha Mon 12-Sep-16 16:48:29

A friend of mine was wearing a nice cotton blouse today with a small floral pattern. Apparently she got it at Cotton Traders. I like shirt blouses, not sure if that is the same as simply a blouse....

annodomini Mon 12-Sep-16 17:26:34

Bon Marché have blouses in various fabrics and colours. They have an online catalogue which you can browse or visit their stores locally.

harrigran Mon 12-Sep-16 17:30:43

Nice top Stansgran, it is the kind I wear or sometimes stretchy tunic tops as I need it to be loose over my tummy.

ninathenana Mon 12-Sep-16 17:42:58

This is pretty

ninathenana Mon 12-Sep-16 17:45:24

Rats, typed that all out as can't do link on phone and it doesn't work sad

It's J D Williams search blouses

trisher Mon 12-Sep-16 17:48:44

Kitty I think you are looking for a tunic top not a blouse. I would go for lace if I were you. I have one in turquoise and with black trousers and a bit of bling it looks very dressy. One here I quite like,size:12&CAWELAID=120121140003951484&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=15936094686&CATCI=pla-68536695563
Tempted to get one myself!!

DanniRae Mon 12-Sep-16 18:01:05

That's very pretty trisher!

trisher Mon 12-Sep-16 18:04:48

Thanks DanniRae just trying to remind myself that I have a nice lace top and I do not need 2 but it is soo nice!!!

janeainsworth Mon 12-Sep-16 20:37:26

Of course you need two trisher. Doesn't everybody? wink

kittylester Mon 12-Sep-16 20:45:10

That is nice trisher but I'm not sure I'm tall enough or slim enough!

trisher Mon 12-Sep-16 21:04:02

I'm 5ft 4 and size 18 kitty. It will skim over your bulgy buts. I wear mine with straight leg trousers, ballet flats or boots. The model has wide leg trousers but I think that would be really wrong. I love longer tops they cover a multitude of sins.

trisher Mon 12-Sep-16 22:09:19

that should be bits not buts!!!!