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How are you spending the rest of the day?

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Riverwalk Thu 08-Jun-17 13:34:40

When I finish my gin & tonic cup of tea I'll be slipping into my Sweaty Bettys and going for a long walk.

Instead of the river I might go on a recce of the local polling stations - sounds a bit sad I know grin

What's everyone up to?

NanaandGrampy Thu 08-Jun-17 13:37:23

I voted 2 weeks ago by post so I'll be enjoying the last full day of my holiday !!

Alima Thu 08-Jun-17 13:40:04

Wet and grotty here. I will spend the afternoon reading until it is time to collect DGS from school. I shall then be playing with Hot Wheels no doubt.

nanaK54 Thu 08-Jun-17 13:41:25

I worked this morning
Then cast my vote
Expecting youngest DGD any moment now
Evening class begins at six...

NanaandGrampy Thu 08-Jun-17 13:41:28

Ahhhh we love hot wheels here Alima

Riverwalk Thu 08-Jun-17 13:43:23

I too voted by post but thought my walk could have a theme!

Past themes: royal wedding, and Apple Tree Yard wink

gillybob Thu 08-Jun-17 13:46:00

Cheeky Riverwalk and what did you get up to in Apple Tree Yard I wonder?

MawBroon Thu 08-Jun-17 13:48:31

Banging my head against a brick wall so that whatever happens tomorrow, it can't be as bad?

Anniebach Thu 08-Jun-17 13:57:39

Working for Welsh labour, making sure all who need a lift is collected

gillybob Thu 08-Jun-17 13:57:51

grin MawBroon. Don't go and knock yourself out mind you!

Riverwalk Thu 08-Jun-17 13:59:54

Not wot that lady in the high heels and Burberry mac got up to gilly!

My leggings are so tight and have to be engineered-off there's no chance of a rush of emotion down an alleyway.

My friend and I just had a look and snigger and went on our way. Two 60-something grans, albeit in jazzy walking gear, didn't attract much attention!

LadyGracie Thu 08-Jun-17 14:03:20

Waiting for a delivery, no time specified! I'd like to go out even though there are stair rods outside!

KatyK Thu 08-Jun-17 14:26:28

Went shopping for some jeans from M&S. My jeans were marked up at £35 and when the assistant scanned the bar code, they came up as £3.49 and that was what she sold them to me for. I was SO chuffed. This has happened to me once before, I don't know why, they were not reduced or in the sale. Made my day smile Came home, had lunch, went to vote.

grannysyb Thu 08-Jun-17 14:27:37

Been to upholstery class this morning, making trousers! Now on train going into London to look for a swimsuit at a sample sale. Will vote later with DH.

kittylester Thu 08-Jun-17 14:44:06

I've been to Sainsbury's and to vote. Currently having a little sit before I go to help on an Alzheimer's CrISP course. Going to sleep in the spare room so DH can watch the results and not disturb me!

DanniRae Thu 08-Jun-17 14:56:04

Had a good walk round local (large) park with my husband and dog - went to vote - made start on mince beef pie for tonight - hung up washing - had lunch - now bl**dy tired so on Gransnet and after plan to have a read of my new magazine plus a brew !!

Greyduster Thu 08-Jun-17 15:01:58

Been food shopping, voted, cleaned bathrooms, watched DH unclean a bathroom by deciding to clean the outside of the window frame from the inside; cleaned bathroom again! No radio or TV on today. Bliss. Played piano for half an hour. Now poring over bathroom catalogues - again. We are amassing quite a stack. I will not be sitting up tonight.

Tippy22 Thu 08-Jun-17 16:06:48

While the OH went to the supermarket I whizzed round and caught up with all the little jobs i can't do while he's around like hoovering under the desk, struggled to clean shower doors (any tips gratefully received), did 2 loads of washing then went to vote. Sitting down now for the rest of the day with my feet up and hopefully OH will cook dinner as he's just come back with a peel back and put in the oven meal deal, not what he was asked to buy but hey ho it comes with a bottle of wine!

shysal Thu 08-Jun-17 16:20:06

Notcutts for some more Chunky Dumplings for the birds (their favourites). Bought a tray of magenta Cosmos whch caught my eye. Then to the dump to dispose of a large lidded cat litter tray which is broken. Lidl on the way back for some salmon for dinner.

Morgana Thu 08-Jun-17 16:24:29

Having a very bitty day. Not yet achieved anything on my list! Strange thing happened this morning. I was just dashing out the door when an old friend appeared from nowhere. She never comes round but there she was. I had been thinking about her earlier and it was as if I had conjured her up!

loopyloo Thu 08-Jun-17 16:37:28

I have just had a snooze so now must get on and do something. Think I will take my bike to the bike shop to repair the front tyre..Then I must work on preparing for the Mandarin group next week.Then go to vote when DH is back home.

annsixty Thu 08-Jun-17 16:45:08

Just back from garden centre. Voted by post at the weekend.
Will now be lazy as I refuse to cook tonight. Crusty bread,ham and tomatoes.

Indinana Thu 08-Jun-17 17:09:50

I haven't even been down to vote yet! Don't worry, we'll both be going shortly, it's only at the bottom of our road.
I've spent a lot of the day sewing - finishing two dresses for my little granddaughter and then I made a dress for her favourite cuddly toy, Jessie Cat. I just hope it fits! I made it out of a tea towel, one of several I bought recently from Aldi because they were so cheap and the fabric is really lovely!

wildswan16 Thu 08-Jun-17 17:12:57

Just back from the University where I took part in research into Alzheimers for an hour. It is absolutely down with rain so got well and truly soaked on the way back so am having to treat myself to a large cup of coffee and 4 chocolate digestives. wink.

The evening will be spent avoiding any programme on TV that mentions the election - I can't stand them all trying to prophecy who is going to win - why can't they just wait until we actually know.

seacliff Thu 08-Jun-17 17:19:46

Such pretty dresses, you're very skilled