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gmelon Thu 21-Dec-17 16:02:14

When oh when did the word "you" get replaced with "yourself" ?
Also the waiters and waitresses that ask " what can I get for yourselves today".
Did the younger folks change the use of English language while I had my back turned?

Jalima1108 Thu 21-Dec-17 16:07:00

As the tour guide says 'My colleagues and myself will be pleased to help you in any way'

BBbevan Thu 21-Dec-17 16:08:36

I would reply "Myself would like ..." They might find that odd and look to their own speech.
I hate the use of my, as in "I love my football" or I love my music". It is not necessary to use 'my'

vampirequeen Thu 21-Dec-17 16:12:14

I hate 'you guy' or worse still 'yous guys'....aaaaarrrrggghhhh

Nonnie Thu 21-Dec-17 16:16:46

BBevan they simply wouldn't get it!

I have several pet hates including 'no problem' after I have thanked someone. No one ever suggested there was a problem.

PIN number. Grrr who would say Personal Identification Number Number? My bank even prints it!

BlueBelle Thu 21-Dec-17 16:19:15

Well you could be pedantic about ‘ my music’ as music is very personal and I may not like your taste so it could well be ‘my’ music
My big hate is men that talk about OUR pregnancy, they might have had five minutes involvement but there’s no OUR in padding around with a big tummy, an aching back, sore boobs, and the pain of childbirth NO It’s not OURS its definitely MINE

MissAdventure Thu 21-Dec-17 16:22:13

We are pregnant.

BlueBelle Thu 21-Dec-17 16:23:43

Nonnie you would hate me as I often say ‘no problem’ I also say PIN number you wouldn’t say PI number or I ve lost my pin you d think they were looking for a safety pin or hair pin or something and Vampirequeen you d hate me too as I often use the word ‘guys’

Alima Thu 21-Dec-17 16:26:00

MissAdventure, Congratulations!!

MissAdventure Thu 21-Dec-17 16:26:14

"What would it look like?" Is a phrase I've heard a lot lately. It must be the new buzz speak.

notnecessarilywiser Thu 21-Dec-17 16:28:55

And what happened to the word "to"? I hear people "going cinema", "going town", even "going toilet" and it really, really grinds my gears! tchangry

lemongrove Thu 21-Dec-17 16:30:57

Bbevan....that’s a great idea! tchgrin ( myself would like)

Nonnie Thu 21-Dec-17 16:31:37

BlueBelle lots of people simply ask me to put my PIN in the machine, it is quite normal! Don't think I have ever had need to say I lost it.

Jalima1108 Thu 21-Dec-17 17:28:35

of course, if you speak proper like wot I do, you are 'going down the town'
Myself is logging off.

BBbevan Thu 21-Dec-17 17:30:03

Nonnie I am willing to give it a try. Just for the pleasure of doing so. 😁

winterwhite Thu 21-Dec-17 18:32:49

* vampirequeen* 'guys' irritates me too. What did we say before? Has it replaced 'folks', which always sounds a bit self-conscious.

Chewbacca Thu 21-Dec-17 18:34:57

Yourself, instead of you. Myself, instead of me. Both irritate the hell out of me. Always youngsters who use it too. Why?

Jalima1108 Thu 21-Dec-17 18:55:34

'Come on you guys' - when it's a five year old DGD I don't mind at all!

NannyTee Thu 21-Dec-17 18:59:35

That's put me in mind of a Joan Armatrading song " Me Myself I " haha

Jalima1108 Thu 21-Dec-17 19:00:46

I like that song!

NannyTee Thu 21-Dec-17 19:00:57

What do you Fink? 😠hate that one

NannyTee Thu 21-Dec-17 19:02:00

Oh me myself does too Jalimalgrin

Iam64 Thu 21-Dec-17 19:04:29

I don't mind "hey you guys...." - In that respect, I never quite left 1967 so I'm easy with it.
as for 'yourself' - I worked in a firm where all the directors were Irish and everyone was referred to as 'yourself', eg 'I've got the kettle on, what will it be for yourself". Loved it.

I live in the north west where "going t'town" etc is common place. I don't say it, my mother would have shot me but I hear it all the time.

Mind you - I get wound up when I hear newsreaders/interviewees talking about how they "crated" something. ie how they created something.

NotTooOld Thu 21-Dec-17 19:07:54

Myself hates 'my little princess'. There's even a shop not too far from here selling clothes for 'Little Princes and Princesses'. Yuk.

NannyTee Thu 21-Dec-17 19:09:27

All little girls are princesses I don't know about princes.