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What time do you go to bed?

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Fennel Mon 20-Jan-20 19:24:27

I'm beginning to think that I've got days and nights mixed up.
Especially during these short winter days.
Thank God I've still got a husband and he goes out every morning before 7am and we get up around 5-6 in preparation.
So by now I'm thinking of having supper of toast and jam and going to bed. We have our main meal at lunchtime.
I do read in bed for an hour or so.
Are we abnormal?

Joplin Sun 26-Jan-20 15:16:56

Daisyboots - good luck with your blood tests on Friday. I do hope the results are positive.x

Daisyboots Sun 26-Jan-20 22:27:58

Thank you * Joplin* I hope so too.

crazyH Sun 26-Jan-20 22:33:26

Am I glad I'm not the only owl !!!

Buffybee Sun 26-Jan-20 23:52:15

Another owl here crazyH and I should get to sleep.
I've had my youngest Gs for the weekend and need to be up early, as quite a drive to take him to school. 😳

newnanny Mon 27-Jan-20 00:27:31

I have problems sleeping and often still up at midnight. I get up about 8am. I am often awake reading or on Gransnet atc3amnthough. I wish I coukd sleep.

MissAdventure Mon 27-Jan-20 00:35:27

Oh me too!
I haven't had a good sleep for a few years now, and I sometimes have to be up at 5.30am.

Alishka Mon 27-Jan-20 17:55:43

I'm in bed listening to r4, Sailing By comes on, and it's nighty night from mesmile

Fennel Mon 27-Jan-20 19:06:47

17.55.43 - Alishka good for you.
Last night I went to bed at 19.30, the earliest ever.
Tonight will be later because I made a huge effort and went to my old ladies group from 5-6pm.
A few of us fell asleep during the talk which is of a religious nature. But I do remember some of it.

craftergran Mon 27-Jan-20 20:05:52

I also am up early, and therefore in bed early, asleep by 10. I struggle with staying asleep when daylight breaks. At the moment I am sleeping til about 7.45am which is good for me but when the clocks go forward I can forget being asleep after 6 - 6.30am

Alishka Mon 27-Jan-20 20:18:41

"A few of us fell asleep during the talk which is of a religious nature"gringringrin

drifter Sun 02-Feb-20 02:55:04

3-00am when i hit the sheets

drifter Sun 02-Feb-20 02:59:02

Im retired and single.its great.i can go to bed any time i have a few late nights but by 3-00 am im ready for my bed

mike28939 Sun 09-Feb-20 23:33:24

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Marydoll Sun 09-Feb-20 23:39:11