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Quizzer Sun 23-Aug-20 10:31:53

I am tall, relatively slim and like to follow fashion trends, avoiding the "mutton-dressed-as-lamb" syndrome. However for some time I have had a problem with fashionable knickers!
I don't wear granny pants. For some time I have preferred my leg high leg pants but they seem to have gone out of fashion and are harder to get.
The latest fashion is for little shorts which sit low on the hips - very cute. When I wear these they slide off my hips and gather into multiple creases at the top of my thighs. Another fashion is for pants with plain fronts but lace on the derriere. Very sexy and pretty but when you sit down you get a delicate lace pattern on your buttocks!
Luckily French knickers are no longer in vogue. I think wearing them with tights was not an option unless you wore the knickers on top.
The last in-fashion panty is the thong - don't even go there!!
Any ideas for looking good and being comfortable?

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 23-Aug-20 10:37:28

Well, being short and not so slim I prefer big knickers - who is going to see them? I like to be comfortable. Sorry can't be of any help.

tanith Sun 23-Aug-20 10:37:49

What’s wrong with a lace pattern on your buttocks? I bought some similar as they don’t give a vpl from Sainsbury they are very comfy.

Jaxjacky Sun 23-Aug-20 10:38:01

Be like me, haven’t worn any for 25 years, problem solved.

annsixty Sun 23-Aug-20 10:41:02

Who are you trying to look good for?
Unless someone is regularly seeing your underwear, I would go for comfort every time.
It is possible to get pretty underwear without it adhering to fashion.
Perhaps you wear revealing clothes which shows it, in that case you do need to shop around, I am told thongs have been replaced by “ string”
It would feel like flossing to me.
Good luck with your search, thank goodness my days are no longer troubled with such anxieties. M&S full cotton briefs fill my need now😉😀

trisher Sun 23-Aug-20 10:42:43

Whatever is on offer in the supermarket! But as I haven't set foot in one since lockdown some of mine are looking decidedly grey. But no one sees them anyway!

Chewbacca Sun 23-Aug-20 10:50:04

Whatever's comfortable these days. So that removes thongs, bikini knickers, "strings", lacy bits, "boyfriend" knickers and anything synthetic. bloomers it is then

Millie22 Sun 23-Aug-20 10:50:32

I always buy mine from M and S lots of choice whatever your preference. Does anyone really still say panty or panties? Creepy.

MawB2 Sun 23-Aug-20 11:38:02

Looking good in pants?
Ah those were the days

Comfort and a smooth line under clothes - and shape wear if absolutely necessary for a special outfit.
Bridget Jones has the right idea!

Curlywhirly Sun 23-Aug-20 11:38:31

Bikini knickers for me. Can't abide thongs, they're so uncomfortable, and shorts just make my legs look even shorter than they are. As I am small, big knickers come up to my chest! So bikini knickers it is.

MissAdventure Sun 23-Aug-20 11:44:45

My chest comes down to my knickers these days.

DanniRae Sun 23-Aug-20 12:16:29

I always buy midi knickers from M&S. I have plain, black cotton ones and silky, black, ones with lace around the legs. Both are really comfortable. I buy knickers for me, but would not be happy wearing big, Bridget Jones pants. shock

Kate1949 Sun 23-Aug-20 12:22:07

M&S sell high leg pants. I've just bought some.

sodapop Sun 23-Aug-20 12:38:49

Same here Dannirae I like the midi ones as well. Comfort day to day is the priority, special occasions only warrant fancy pants ( not panties )

Blossoming Sun 23-Aug-20 12:46:27

Who cares if knickers are in fashion? I buy them on the basis of fit, comfort and looking good under clothes.

Lucca Sun 23-Aug-20 12:59:21

Nobody except the grandchildren gets the misfortune to see me in my underwear BUT I still like to have nice matching but comfortable sets, Triumph being my preference. Somebody on GN recommended HEMA which also have nice things

twinnytwin Sun 23-Aug-20 13:04:55

I've just bought high leg knicks from M&S. Great as ever.

BlueBelle Sun 23-Aug-20 13:05:21

I still get Hi legs they re what I feel most comfortable in
Had no problem getting them here bought a packet at Asda last week when I was shopping and they had plenty

maydonoz Sun 23-Aug-20 16:59:54

M&S full cotton briefs for me too, which I've been wearing for .any years. I find them very comfy, the only thing I've noticed is the sizes have gone bigger, for example I've always worn size 14, but in the last year or two I wear size 12, and I've not lost any weight. On the contrary I need to lose at least 5 kgs to get to my ideal weight.

maydonoz Sun 23-Aug-20 17:01:32

*many years

Welshwife Sun 23-Aug-20 22:08:27

Another vote for high leg too - and I also like those with no VPL - I wear mainly trousers and hate seeing knicker lines. I like a nice fabric and a comfortable fit. I never buy the packs of pants as I find they never fit so well.
Sloggi are usually good if you can get the right cut but they are pricey.

MamaCaz Mon 24-Aug-20 07:52:29

Who cares if knickers are in fashion? I buy them on the basis of fit, comfort and looking good under clothes


Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 24-Aug-20 08:02:31

M&S cotton knickers for me. Waist high with a bit of lace and usually black. John Lewis often have nice ones, but they tend to be a bit more money. During lockdown I bought them on line.

mokryna Mon 24-Aug-20 08:08:00

I once saw the beautiful underwear of a 70 year old lady who only had months to live.
That being said I still buy sloggi and M&S.

harrigran Mon 24-Aug-20 09:04:21

I like all encompassing cotton pants for comfort but have everything from thongs to shorts in the drawer.
I like my harvest festivals.
I agree that Sainsbury's do have a great selection of underwear, not long lasting but comfortable.