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Is my sister the Grinch?

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Foxglove77 Sat 05-Dec-20 21:29:28

Our Mum, bless her, is 80 and getting very forgetful. Last Christmas she couldn't find my presents and got upset. I told her not to worry.

Then my sister called me and asked if Mum had given me any presents. I said she'd mislaid them. So my sister said "Well she's given me two of everything, silver necklace, diary, chocolates etc. I will put yours aside and bring them over". I thanked her for being so kind.

Months later and nothing. I bumped into my sister at Mums house and she was wearing a pretty necklace. I said "Oh, is that what Mum gave you for Christmas, only you never did bring my presents from Mum over."

She replied "I spoke to Mum and she told me she meant to give me two of everything, and nothing to you!"

So much for sisterly love!

cornishpatsy Sat 05-Dec-20 21:38:08

Even if your sister wanted to go along with the story to your mum that there had not been a mistake she could have quietly given them to you.

Jaxjacky Sat 05-Dec-20 21:50:29

Yes, she is. How unnecessary and childish.

V3ra Sat 05-Dec-20 21:59:13

How greedy!
Even if your mum did say that, it's so unlikely that she meant it.
And who needs two diaries anyway?

EllanVannin Sat 05-Dec-20 22:04:54

That's horrible.

ginny Sat 05-Dec-20 22:13:54

The answer to your question is Yes, she most certainly is.

DanniRae Sun 06-Dec-20 08:59:30

Yes from me too! tchshock

Dianehillbilly1957 Sun 06-Dec-20 10:13:40

Hmmmm! That's rather mean spirited of her!! Seems obvious that your mother had got confused.

BlueBelle Sun 06-Dec-20 10:18:11

Oh that’s incredibly mean of your sister Why on earth would she want two of everything what a nasty gesture I take it you’ve not got a good relationship
If she wanted to keep them both (why???) why tell you in the first place
Very unkind

PollyDolly Sun 06-Dec-20 10:23:30

What a horrible thing to do! Your sister MUST have known the items were intended for you! It's bad enough that Mum is displaying forgetful tendencies without people taking advantage of the situation! Just how many necklaces does your sister intend wearing at any given time? No one needs two diaries do they? Best to hope the chocolates gave her heartburn!!!!!

Blackcat3 Sun 06-Dec-20 10:24:56

Horrible behaviour. One Christmas our mother forgot to wrap my sisters gifts which I had bought with her for my sister, as she wasn’t able to shop alone due to memory sister was very upset at having to find the gifts was I, as I though my mother had wrapped them! I wouldn’t have wanted anything she wanted anyway!

FannyCornforth Sun 06-Dec-20 10:25:49

How bizarre!
I agree with everything that BlueBelle says
It's beyond comprehension really.

Tanjamaltija Sun 06-Dec-20 10:28:07

The Grinch, of course, had a change of heart. Your sister remains mean and spiteful. Even if your mother did mean to give her two of everything... which I seriously doubt, given her state of mind... she ought to have shared with you, anyway. She didn't even have to ask your Ma whether she was meant to get x2 of everything, in the first place.

Theoddbird Sun 06-Dec-20 10:28:24


Cuckooz Sun 06-Dec-20 10:28:49

Gosh, what a nasty sister you have. How sad that she is so mean spirited.

crazyH Sun 06-Dec-20 10:31:18

What a mean sister you have ....
I’m sure your Mum wanted you to have one set. She definitely did not want your sister to have both . You say this happened last Xmas. Be on your guard this Xmas, and make sure she doesn’t take advantage of your mum’s forgetfulness, again.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Sun 06-Dec-20 10:34:07

Ooh, that is just nasty!

Beanie654321 Sun 06-Dec-20 10:34:27

I'm sorry but I would go as far to say Krampus.

mokryna Sun 06-Dec-20 10:36:21

Yes she is. How sad for you to have a sister like that and what sort of satisfaction does she get is beyond me.

Namsnanny Sun 06-Dec-20 10:39:42


Hmmmm! That's rather mean spirited of her!! Seems obvious that your mother had got confused.

Sounds a bit like she feels she is in a competition for your mums love and attention!

Will your mum be able to sort out presents this Christmas?
Or will someone else buy them on her behalf?

Nortsat Sun 06-Dec-20 10:41:28

Oh dear, I am sorry, that must be hurtful.
I can’t find a sensible explanation for that behaviour, so can only say I am sorry.

Try not to let it get you down.


seadragon Sun 06-Dec-20 10:43:48

....I wonder whether your sister has felt in your shadow over the years...perhaps that you were your mother's favourite? That would not excuse her behaviour but may go some way to explain it....

jaylucy Sun 06-Dec-20 10:48:13

Right, so Mum is getting confused. She also probably is getting annoyed with people that point this fact out to her.
I would also guess that your sister may well have been badgering her about it so when she asked why she was given double presents, that your mum snapped at her!
No reason though for your sister to take her at her word and keep everything. Very childish with very little thought or care for you.
You could wait until your mum notices that you are not wearing the necklace she may believe that she has given you and then you tell her what happened and probably upset her in the process or can just move on and just be glad that you are not the one that probably is now feeling guilty (hopefully)

Alioop Sun 06-Dec-20 10:49:13

How can a sister be so hateful by doing that. Even if your mum did say it, sounds doubtful though, but for her to tell you. I would of still brought the presents over and said nothing to you. Families!

Madgran77 Sun 06-Dec-20 11:01:09

I agree with jaylucy