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Riverwalk Fri 01-Jan-21 08:33:55

I know we don't have many choices but I'm trying to get the new year off to a dynamic start hmm

I've been a bit lazy of late, to put it mildly, so trying to remedy that and not have too many Groundhog Days.

I'm having a second coffee whilst I plan my day!

BlueBelle Fri 01-Jan-21 08:37:37

I m going to take my tree down have a hoover up, lunch with my daughter and granddaughter (my bubble) then walk home bibbity hobbity boo

tanith Fri 01-Jan-21 08:39:18

I’m going to my daughters (my bubble) later for a late lunch and we’re going to play board games. It will be my first visit for over a week it will make a lovely change to have someone to talk to.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 01-Jan-21 08:42:43

I’m finishing clearing out, cleaning and tidying the last kitchen cupboard, all I have left is the window, floor and bin, then the whole kitchen is ready for the new year🙂

PollyDolly Fri 01-Jan-21 08:43:02

I have a couple of sewing projects planned so I might do those although, if the weather is suitable we might go for a walk. Christmas decorations come down tomorrow followed by an extra good vacuum round.

Genty Fri 01-Jan-21 08:51:50

At the moment not a lot, Im struggling to get motivated this morning! tchsad

Smileless2012 Fri 01-Jan-21 08:56:19

Taking down the Christmas decs and out for a long walk with the dogs this afternoon; weather permitting.

Humbertbear Fri 01-Jan-21 09:07:13

I’m going to visit my mother (care bubble) and Ive signed up for the 30 Day Sketch Challenge on FB so when I come home I have to produce a sketch of buttons.

Calendargirl Fri 01-Jan-21 09:10:52

Hung out a load of washing, dry and sunny at the moment, but probably rain later.

Put up new calendars.

Just looking at Gransnet now.


Calendargirl Fri 01-Jan-21 09:12:50

Oh, and been looking online for some new bras, but of course the ones I liked are out of stock in my size on M&S site.

GagaJo Fri 01-Jan-21 09:13:37

Working (still). I have been at work (boarding school) every day since 16th December and don't get a day off until the 7th Jan.

BUT it is keeping my mind off not seeing GS at Christmas so it isn't all bad.

M0nica Fri 01-Jan-21 09:17:10

DD, another bubbler, is still with me. We are both recovering from our riotous party night yesterday. First, we went (online) to the pantomime we should have seen in person. We synchronised viewing with the DS and family and zoomed in the interval.

We then boogied the night away, dancing round the living room on one champagne cocktail and a mug of mulled wine and some party food from M&S.

So far today, I have just managed to crawl out of bed, checked the temperature outdoors (-1 c), and resisted the desire to get straight back into bed. I will soon have a bath, and then start to tidy up.

After that, half an hour painting the last bit of the kitvjen requiring it, then an afternoon sitting in front of the fire reading magazines.

bikergran Fri 01-Jan-21 09:23:08

Working all day Supermarket hmm

Iam64 Fri 01-Jan-21 09:28:36

Thanks bikergran xx

We are having a long walk mid day and hope to 'bump into' one of our daughters and her family. We will maintain the distance but as we haven't seen them since a brief garden visit on Christmas Day, this walk feels like a real treat.

ninathenana Fri 01-Jan-21 09:36:48

DD is cooking the gammon for lunch. A bit of tidying to do and then a lazy day with a few drinks and giggles

Blinko Fri 01-Jan-21 09:39:24

It's grey, damp and overcast here. The pavements are icy from snow earlier in the week which is very slow to thaw. We've been confined to the house all week. Today looks like being no different sad

Ellianne Fri 01-Jan-21 09:42:42

Taking the tree and all the decorations down, then rearranging the furniture. Going for a long dog walk later, maybe on the beach with DD and DGC. Might even grab some fish and chips there.

rubysong Fri 01-Jan-21 09:48:21

Very icy here so I shall be staying in. No housework as it is NYD. I shall go through the new desk diary, writing in birthdays. Then I have a jigsaw to start. We'll have a nice meal then finish the last of the Christmas nuts and sweets.

Casdon Fri 01-Jan-21 09:50:38

You’ve inspired me Humbertbear, I’ve just joined the Sketchbook Challenge too, something different to do in January! Before I start I must take my car for a quick run to charge up the battery, and take the dog out for a walk. Other than that a lazy day.

Lucca Fri 01-Jan-21 09:54:55


Taking the tree and all the decorations down, then rearranging the furniture. Going for a long dog walk later, maybe on the beach with DD and DGC. Might even grab some fish and chips there.

Ooh. Fish and chips, not had that for years! Might treat myself.
I shall walk, do crosswords continue sorting stuff ( half a bin liner of clothes yesterday)
Buy some red shoes

emmasnan Fri 01-Jan-21 09:57:44

Take the tree down and have a tidy round. Minus 3 outside so won't think of going out for a while.
Will probably have a nice reading session later.

Tangerine Fri 01-Jan-21 10:04:05

I was busy yestereday - taking down the Christmas decorations and housework, washing and ironing so going to have a lazy day today. TV and reading will occupy me today - after I've finished on Gransnet. First things first!!!

Callistemon Fri 01-Jan-21 10:08:24

I shall cook the roast dinner we had planned but did not have on Christmas Day, think about writing a list of things I have not done which I ought to have done, new projects I might undertake etc.
Thinking is hard work.

Georgesgran Fri 01-Jan-21 10:10:20

The decorations are coming down today - so a bit of dusting and a quick vacuum afterwards. Miserable weather, so no plans to go out. We’re in T4, so can’t meet anyone either.

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 01-Jan-21 10:12:02

Why are you all taking your trees and decorations down so early? Ours come down on 12th Night! I will read a story or two to my granddaughter this afternoon, on zoom. Son will make fish pie for dinner. I will complete my 2020 journal and store it away.