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50 Books a Year thread - Anyone interested???

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TerriBull Fri 28-Dec-18 10:54:21

Dear fellow GN reading enthusiasts, any of you that have wandered over to MN may be aware of the above named subject as on ongoing and continuous thread. The reading threads on GN have dwindled of late, although they resurface from time to time. The 50 Book Challenge is a good book thread on MN that continues throughout the year, a sort of "Soops Kitchen" for book lovers. It doesn't have to have a competitive edge, it's more about the personal challenge. It's also a good way to exchange views on what we are currently reading. Those that post on this thread up date their lists every so often, some will post lengthy reviews, some just post where their list is at any given time and what they've read. There aren't any hard and fast rules. MN book threads have given me some of my very best reads from favoured books....and the worsthmm However it's good to let other reading enthusiasts know when you discover one of those special books that have really moved you. My best read this year was undoubtedly "The Heart's Invisible Furies" and it seems that book has resonated with many on MN and GN.

50 books could be considered quite a number, I'm amazed just how voracious some of the readers are on MN exceeding that number by many....A demographic slightly different from us lot, maybe still in the throes of parenting and working, and I'm possibly, thinking that they may have less time shock Taking individual time constraints into consideration if 50 books is a daunting number also following in the footsteps of MN, their recent addition of a 25 books a year thread could also be incorporated too.

The New Year is approaching fast and that would be the logical time to start such on ongoing thread, so it's over to any of you who may be interested.

SueDonim Tue 15-Jan-19 13:59:24

Etheltbags the thread is here, if you want to join in.

etheltbags1 Tue 15-Jan-19 12:37:23

I'm sure I replied to this earlier. Yes I'm interested. I read more than 50 books easily in a year.

Whiteanemone Sun 13-Jan-19 22:31:42

Count me in too. Love the idea

tidyskatemum Thu 03-Jan-19 14:07:07

I got into a dreadful habit of reading rubbish on kindle unlimited or the 99p "bargains" on offer on Amazon. I could easily get through one a day - or bits of several if they were really dreadful. I am trying to be more discerning, though a friend has just given me a carrier bag full of thrillers and crime novels so my rehabilitation may be put on hold for a week or two! Having said that I would love to hear other people's recommendations to help point me in the right direction.

Bathsheba Thu 03-Jan-19 14:02:33

can this thread be joined with this other one on pretty much the same subject?

It's the same subject Seakay because this thread was posted to see if enough people were interested and, having established that there was a lot of interest, the OP started the other, main thread on Jan 1st, as the 50 books a year thread. (She said in her last paragraph in her OP that this is what she would be doing.)

Seakay Thu 03-Jan-19 13:54:58

can this thread be joined with this other one on pretty much the same subject?

Mapleleaf Tue 01-Jan-19 18:03:24

I've just read "The Wonky donkey"! Hilarious, and I love the illustrations.😁
I've got the latest in the Shardlake series which I intend starting soon, and DH bought me the Noel Fitzpatrick book for Christmas which I'm looking forward to starting.
DH is, as I write, reading the Fred Bassett book which I bought him, and I'll have a look at it when he's finished. So, there's a few to be going on with. 🙂

Craftycat Sun 30-Dec-18 20:02:08

I certainly read over 50 books a year. I'd guess about 150-200. I read at least one book a day on the beach on holiday. I run 2 reading groups too.
I'll look out for the thread in the new year. Just read the latest Shardlake & started new Rebus today. I read a lot of Kindle Unlimited books too.

SueDonim Fri 28-Dec-18 21:48:17

I don't think I'd manage 50 books (I keep a tally on Goodreads and this year's 45 is my best ever achievement) but I'd be interested in joining a thread.

I'm also interested to see the 'Furies' book mentioned so much - it's been recommended by a friend.

Parsley3 Fri 28-Dec-18 21:30:47

I would be interested in joining this challenge. I get my books from my local library as I am on a one woman mission to keep it open. I might not manage 50 books but I would love to get ideas for new titles and authors.

Jane10 Fri 28-Dec-18 21:03:56

'The hearts invisible furies' was one I read after reading about it on GN. I quite enjoyed it but can't say I loved it. I was glad I'd read it though.

Jessity Fri 28-Dec-18 20:20:12

I’ve always been an avid reader, perhaps even more so now because DH has considerable sight loss due to macular degeneration so we tend not to watch TV. I thought I wouldn’t like a Kindle but now wouldn’t be without it, particularly the ability to increase the font size and always having another book (or dozens!) available.

I’ve found some good books on Kindle Unlimited and some duds too. Feel a bit embarrassed sometimes to ditch a book after a few chapters, whether KU or a 99p one, but there are so many good ones out there, why waste time on one I’m not enjoying.

Found a few good ones on Amazon’s 12 days of Christmas promotion.

I too didn’t like the blurb for Hearts Invisible Furies.

bonji Fri 28-Dec-18 19:31:47

Please count me in on this - seems like a good idea to get a GN’s opinion on a book. I haven’t got a kindle as much prefer the ‘feel’ of a book and when I get to the end of what to me is a really good read I always feel a bit 😔. Must admit to not being in touch with The Heart’s Invisible Furies so have just ordered it from the library. Happy reading everyone as so important that if we read for pleasure we should enjoy it.

Jane10 Fri 28-Dec-18 18:04:27

I don't think I could restrict myself to only 50 books a year. I'm not exaggerating. I've just got a massive reading habit. It's a huge and important aspect of my life.
I've had some great recommendations from GN for which I'm very grateful.

TerriBull Fri 28-Dec-18 17:59:31

Yes Tartlet I suppose it could be described as "what I've just read" the title is aspirational it doesn't have to be a commitment and shouldn't put anyone off. It's fine to have a different opinion on many posters favourite books, likes are subjective, one man's meat and all that. An adored book on MN is "Lincoln in The Bardo" Booker Prize Winner, so I had high hopes for that one and I hated it, really hated it, and said so over there. I think maybe we should include shelved books too, ones readers just couldn't bring themselves to finish.

Tartlet Fri 28-Dec-18 17:35:35

I’d be interested in this as well if I’m understanding it correctly. Isn’t it just a ‘what I’ve just read’ thread with the commitment (probably not the right word) to post about all or as many of our books as possible?

I must say I’m anticipating a lot of different opinions because I didn’t like ‘heart’s invisible furies’ at all and didn’t finish it.

TerriBull Fri 28-Dec-18 17:04:48

Really glad that quite a few think this would be a good idea for an ongoing thread.

Winterwhite as the thread is experimental I don't think there should be any parameters, the intention is to attract and encourage as many as possible to join in. So using MN as a guide what happens on the opening day, Jan 1st, posters sign in with the title of their first book, which could be something new or what you're currently reading. Up date whenever you feel like it, some appear to do this monthly with a list, it's up to you, could be more frequently or less so. Post any reviews, favourable or negative or simply just keep up dating your list from time to time. Hopefully the thread will evolve as it progresses. The thread is usually wrapped up with the poster's entire list for the year, best books denoted in bold, unfavourable reads in italic. Once again what you read, or indeed listen to, as audio isn't precluded, will be entirely up to you.

Bathsheba Fri 28-Dec-18 16:24:36

This is such a great idea, and I'm really looking forward to joining in!
Meant to say earlier that yes, along with several others, one of my favourite books of 2018 was The Heart's Invisible Furies, though it was pipped just a couple of weeks ago by The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy, which was so moving and had me in tears at the end.

winterwhite Fri 28-Dec-18 16:19:11

I’d like to take part, too, please. Probably read about 50 books a year mix of classic detective stories to read in bed and biography / memoirs. Not as much modern fiction as I think I should, and admit to finding the blurb of The Heart’s Own Furies rather dour, and not having got hold of it.
Would be glad of a repeat explanation of the parameters on 1 January. Thanks for setting this up.

Miriam Fri 28-Dec-18 15:49:48

Sounds a great idea but even though I am an avid reader I probably average about 30 per year. The only time I get to read is in bed before turning out the lights. I have certainly had some good reads this year. I do not have a Kindle and much prefer a paper book, I love the feel and the smell.

Maggiemaybe Fri 28-Dec-18 14:44:57

Looking forward to it, TerriBull. tchsmile

Alima Fri 28-Dec-18 14:26:12

I’m in, brilliant idea. Usually read about that number a year though this time it looks like more. Reckon I will be reading the first Shardlake book by January 1st which seems to have quite a few pages.

TerriBull Fri 28-Dec-18 13:47:37

I'm back from the sales horrible! reading a book is better smile

The title is a bit daunting I know, don't be put off though it's not about number shaming, I just thought it would be a good idea for an ongoing thread about books, how many and how often you read is immaterial, just post what you've read from time to time, and if you feel so inclined, a review, maybe for something that really grabbed you or alternatively a book that you've found mind numbingly awful shockI think we've all been there and it's always good to warn others, although of course opinions will differ. That will be allowed too grin We can start the thread proper on the 1st Jan with whatever you are currently reading or with a new book if that applies. All are welcome and anyone can join in if they haven't been with the thread from its inception. Maybe as it progresses it will gain momentum as I think it did on MN. I do appreciate that some read in fits and starts, that doesn't really matter either. At the end of the year posters compile their list in full with their besties in bold and their dire reads in italics. I've been keeping my list on my phone, I'm not sure I'd retain it in my head.

Finally anything goes, fiction, non fiction, poetry, children's books whatever grabs you.

Sarahmob Fri 28-Dec-18 13:46:32

I’ve set myself a reading challenge (goodreads) for the last few years. I’m really chuffed that this year I met my target of 100 (finished it last night). I’d join in with this challenge. I loved The Hearts Invisible Furies too, but my favourite this year has been The Lido.

GillT57 Fri 28-Dec-18 13:31:03

Count me in too. The Heart's Invisible Furies was the best book I have read in many a year. I shall keep a list in the back of my nice new diary of what I read and give them mini reviews. Thanks for starting this, what a great idea. x