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The "Why did nobody tell me?" parenting book ad

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Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 16:08:31

Just seen this Mumsnet book ad and thought about Jordan Peterson's advice to parents (I'm reading his 12 Rules for Life ): Don't let your children do anything that makes you dislike them. That strikes me as a good thing to be told.

I've no idea what the Mumsnet book says, btw.

Jane10 Sun 24-Mar-19 16:40:36

How do you stop them though baggs!

mumofmadboys Sun 24-Mar-19 16:43:18

I've succumbed and ordered it for my goddaughter who is expecting her first baby very soon.

Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 17:46:45

Read the book and you'll find out, jane10. That's not said meanly. JP is a clinical psychologist, knows what be's talking about. Much of it is familiar to me, as it happens, because my dad used to say similar things. He wasn't a psychologist as such, rather a philosopher, but also a very good teacher, good with, and about, people.

janeainsworth Sun 24-Mar-19 18:10:33

I googled Jordan Peterson’s book thinking I might buy it, and apparently it has been withdrawn from bookshops in Christchurch following the massacre.
Reasons not specified but possibly something to do with this photo which appeared on Twitter.
No doubt Peterson can justify his choice of fans to be photographed with.

maryeliza54 Sun 24-Mar-19 18:29:14

JP is a very controversial figure and many people do not think that he knows what he’s talking about.

maryeliza54 Sun 24-Mar-19 18:36:45

He often reminds me of a little boy who says ‘poo, wee, willy’ to get attention

mumofmadboys Sun 24-Mar-19 18:40:19

JP is nothing to do with the book'Why did nobody tell me"

maryeliza54 Sun 24-Mar-19 18:43:30

Yes the book in the heading is a MN book

Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 18:48:25

Who is the person with JP in the photo, janea? And what does his shirt say?

maryeliza54 Sun 24-Mar-19 18:50:13

Google it Baggs to get the full picture ( literally)

Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 18:50:32

Oh... I've made out the first few words. Immediately puzzled by the spelling so off to check...

Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 18:52:51

Thought so... the word is Islam*o*phobe, not Islama... I expect that's significant. Off to do as told re googling.

maryeliza54 Sun 24-Mar-19 18:52:55

Those of us who know exactly how controversial JP is are always up to date with all his ‘look at me, am I not a naughty boy-ery’

Jane10 Sun 24-Mar-19 18:53:37

Just seen that photo! Yikes. Pretty poor judgement JP. Certainly won't be rushing to get that book.
Too late for me anyway. Children grown up and living their own lives including doing things I don't like but can do nothing about.

maryeliza54 Sun 24-Mar-19 18:57:20

Not poor judgement at all - deliberate goadiness to get attention and damn any damage he does

Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 19:12:17

Could those people who have mentioned JP's controversialness give a few examples of it, please? I haven't finished his book yet–I'm still on Rule 5–but I have yet to come across anything that I find particularly controversial.

I knew JP's book had been withdrawn from an NZ bookshop. I didn't know why. This nine minute clip by Sma Harris on the accusations that he and Peterson are Islamophobic is worth a listen, I think. It was one of the things that came up when I googled "Jordan Peterson Christchurch".

I think a lot of people mistakenly confuse criticism of Islam with bigotry towards Muslims.

That said, I don't know what the rest of that T-shirt says, or what that juxtaposition of Peterson and the T-shirt wearer was about.

maryeliza54 Sun 24-Mar-19 19:16:11

It’s not just about what he writes in his books but what he does and says - like posing for this photograph. I really can’t be doing with ‘man children’ like this

Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 19:30:51

I haven't been able to find a bigger picture so that I can read the T-shirt. I'd be grateful for a pointer if anyone can.

Also what was the occasion? What is OMG on the backdrop?

Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 19:32:33

I did find a definition of "guilt by association" in Wiki: An association fallacy is an informal inductive fallacy of the hasty-generalization or red-herring type and which asserts, by irrelevant association and often by appeal to emotion, that qualities of one thing are inherently qualities of another. Two types of association fallacies are sometimes referred to as guilt by association and honor by association.

I think Jeremy Corbyn has suffered accusations of guilt by association a few times recently, and been defended from it.

Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 19:38:17

JP only became famous relatively recently because he refused to obey a law made by the Canadian government telling people what pronouns they must use. This has often been misconstrued as him refusing to call individuals by the pronouns they personally ask him to call them, which he has not done. He is quite right to say that government has no right to tell people what words they must use.

This is my argument against the "man child" smear. JP looks old enough to retire if he wanted to. He led a quiet life being grown up till that bad law was made.

Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 19:48:49

It seems that the photograph janea posted is just one of many from an OMG VIP Meet and Greet occasion that JP was at, presumably by invitation, in Perth, Australia in February. He "associated" with dozens of other people at the same event if all these many other pictures mean anything. Admittedly, most people don't have bigotry printed (and misspelled) on their clothes, but he may not have had a choice about meeting T-short guy and having his photo taken with him. The event organisers are at least as guilty by association, don't you think, for letting the "proud IslamAphobe" in? Or maybe they would claim to be upholding free expression.

Baggs Sun 24-Mar-19 19:51:27

The event looks hellish boring! I hope they paid him well.

janeainsworth Sun 24-Mar-19 19:56:08

he may not have had a choice about meeting T-short guy and having his photo taken with him. The event organisers are at least as guilty by association, don't you think, for letting the "proud IslamAphobe" in? Or maybe they would claim to be upholding free expression
Baggs I agree that the event organisers are culpable. I would like to think that anyone wearing that t-shirt would have been excluded from any public event in this country.

I disagree that Peterson had no choice.
It might have been difficult, or embarrassing, to make the right choice, but he made the wrong one.

janeainsworth Sun 24-Mar-19 20:07:33

Here’s a high resolution image, since you ask. I’m not sure it’s within GN guidelines to post it, but I think it’s time we woke up to what is actually going on in the world and the depths of hatred that some people are capable of.