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Hot weather? how much longer?

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oldbatty Sat 14-Jul-18 18:57:09

does anybody have any idea please? So much for Bill King the amateur meteorologist!!!!

ginny Sat 14-Jul-18 19:09:03

As long as possible please.

Bluegal Sat 14-Jul-18 21:20:50

Can’t get enough of it tbh. Love this weather. Hit home as to how little time am spending in house tho when our 5 year old remarked “I think you need to hoover” 😂. Moss and dried grass seems to have moved in!!!!

Anniebach Sat 14-Jul-18 21:22:05

A day hopefully

Grandma70s Sat 14-Jul-18 21:25:14

It would be really nice if it stopped NOW. I hate it.

Auntieflo Sat 14-Jul-18 21:29:23

I would like it to rain overnight, every night, stay warm, not hot, during the day. Selfish, me, no, I'm going away next week. smile

MiniMoon Sat 14-Jul-18 21:31:00

Our garden is crying out for water. We've been round with the watering cans every evening, but everything is drying up.
I love the hot dry weather, a few days of rain would be nice though.

Glitterknitbaby Sat 14-Jul-18 21:35:24

Till the 24th December for me please then just a little snow for Christmas. I’m loving it and feel as if I’m on a permanent holiday, blow housework life’s too short to worry about it, everyone’s being fed, there are plenty of clean clothes and the kitchen and bathroom are kept clean so the dust can settle for a while.

Luckygirl Sat 14-Jul-18 21:54:47

Definitely as long as possible - I just love it.

OldMeg Sat 14-Jul-18 22:05:57

I feel sorry for farmers, arable and those trying to graze cows and sheep. Horse owners too, grazing all dried up.

We do need a good downpour,

callgirl1 Sat 14-Jul-18 22:08:30

I need a bit of coolness now, the heat is getting to be a bit too much. I only really enjoy this sort of weather if I`m on holiday and able to relax in it, rather than have to carry on as normal.

Anniebach Sat 14-Jul-18 22:27:44

Farmers enjoyed a moan about the weather, too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry. Hear it every year but this year they have cause to

Mapleleaf Sat 14-Jul-18 23:17:41

Out of 52 weeks, we have had, so far 4 weeks (perhaps 5 in some areas) of this hot weather. Bring it on, I say.
Yes, it gets a bit uncomfortable at night, but we all know it won't be long before it's cold, wet, grey and miserable, and the country grinds to a halt because of a couple of centimetres of snow. You'll be able to moan about that then, and how the damp affects your bones and say "roll on the summer". 😁😏

cornergran Sun 15-Jul-18 00:13:27

As long as it likes if we have some rain mixed in. Just a couple of hours rain now and again and it would be perfect.

Beau Sun 15-Jul-18 06:22:29

The rain was pleasant on Friday mainly to have a night off from watering the pots but off to Anglesey today for the third Sunday running - DGS loves the beach so much.
I don't feel the heat at night luckily - had my electric blanket on all night last night as I felt a bit chilly.

NfkDumpling Sun 15-Jul-18 06:33:26

Over this side of the UK nearer the east coast we’ve not had so much of the horrendous heat and it’s been quite pleasant for most of the day, just peaking at Hot sometime after lunch. We could do with a little rain though. Thunder storms are forecast for tomorrow and cooler after that. Just when I was thinking I was in with a chance of persuading DH into spending the night on our little boat. (The weather has to be just right for this as it’s a bit basic.)

seacliff Sun 15-Jul-18 06:52:30

I'm loving it, it will be over all too soon, then back to dull days.
In years to come we'll be saying "remember the summer of 2018' like we do now about 76. Make the most of it.

Yiayia4 Sun 15-Jul-18 07:28:08

It's lovely to wake up to sunshine everyday,long may it last.

12Michael Sun 15-Jul-18 07:46:31

it was cooler when in Harrogate last week , but coming back down to Northants it was humid and uncomfortable , we need rain as the country side is so parched .
plus seeing some reservoirs we could have a water shortage for daily use as well.

Brunette10 Sun 15-Jul-18 08:33:04

I love waking up to a sunny, warm days. I'm getting too used to it and I just don't want it to stop at the moment. We live in Scotland so you can imagine we aren't used to really warm or hot sunny days like people down south. Just want it to last another few weeks. Keep my fingers crossed. Brings a smile to your face. (smile)

Pittcity Sun 15-Jul-18 08:45:27

I'm with auntieflo...overnight rain and warm sunny days. We've had nice breezes here and mostly dry heat. I don't like humidity and high pollen/pollution.
I still prefer cold, crisp sunny winter days.

sodapop Sun 15-Jul-18 08:53:46

Me too Pittcity I find the humidity very difficult to deal with.

Greyduster Sun 15-Jul-18 09:03:16

I thought this weather might have broken by now, but apart from one evening last week, no sign of rain. It has spoiled my fishing somewhat this year, as the small streams are shrinking to almost nothing, and even getting down to the water on a reservoir seems like a five mile hike now. But at least by water it is reasonably cool. But Mapleleaf is right; WINTER IS COMING! grin ⚔️

seacliff Sun 15-Jul-18 09:07:29

Actually I think I'm lucky as we live 3 miles from the coast, so it is a bit more pleasant and fresh here, getting a bit of a breeze.

I visited London last week and it was sooo very hot. Even seeing a friend a few miles inland, I noticed her garden was very hot and airless. I feel sorry for those commuting in this weather, and also those who have to wear heavy clothes.

DanniRae Sun 15-Jul-18 09:08:24

I'm with Auntieflo - that sounds perfect to me! grin