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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 06-Jun-20 06:12:29

Good Morning Everyone,
Yet another blue sky start with wind as well this morning in Brackley .
Today , a quiet day in, maybe a Chinese take away later.
Yesterdays supermarket que seems to have become non existence, about 8-10 people waiting to go in , where 11 weeks or so it was never ending .
Be nice to get back to normal routine but that could be months away the way things are out there .
Take Care

Beechnut Sat 06-Jun-20 06:28:52

Good Morning everyone from sunny Severnside.

I’m going to rub down and prepare the kitchen sorting for painting today.

Did you get your glory hole sorted Marydoll? I must say I was glad to see someone else using this expression. My mum used to use it and last year I used it when with DD and SiL and they fell about laughing as them being much younger than me it has a whole different meaning. I had to look it up 🤣🤣 Now they tease me about it.

Take care all and hope the baby is here manc 🌻

Charleygirl5 Sat 06-Jun-20 06:53:01

I have never been up so early since I left work 18 years ago but Tara my cat would not allow me a few more hours.
It is sunny here but not the warmest day.

I have to tidy and clean the house- the excitement of it all is too much.

Enjoy your day and look after yourselves.

mancgirl Sat 06-Jun-20 06:54:52

Good Morning from a rainy Manchester. Baby Manc has arrived! A little boy yesterday That makes a happy little band of 3 gs's. His 2yo big brother stayed over last night, he has been a star, apart from 5.30 wake up call😯. Considering we have seen next to nothing of him in the last 10 weeks, he has been amazing. Lovely to spend close up time with him. Probably back to distancing after this morning. New baby will be viewed through the window sadly. Not sure what the rest of the day holds, might include a nap though! All very excited to have a new addition to the family, so perhaps a Zoom meeting later to get a look at him. Have a good day everyone. (((hugs))) for those who need one, flowersfor those with extra cares and worries.

farview Sat 06-Jun-20 06:58:59

Congratulations mancgirl...lovely news!
Take care everybody 🦋

grandMattie Sat 06-Jun-20 06:59:54

Good morning everyone from a bright E Kent. Though we are promise clouds and very strong wind a bit later. My poor annuals.
Beech, good luck with the painting. Our painters are coming along well; we’ve got to vacate the sitting room for them to start on Monday. Then kitchen, dining room and my little study/sewing room attached - bleugh.
Nothing much today. Weekly visit to farm shop for vegetables and asparagus.
Have a good weekend, stay safe and well.

cornergran Sat 06-Jun-20 07:05:38

Morning Mick, morning All. Chilly and what feels like a howling gale in our corner of Somerset. Back lawn is pink, climbing rose has few blooms left. Oh well, there will be more. Many congratulations to you all mancgirl, good news and what a star of a big brother. No idea what we will do today, something will appear I’m sure, definitely not cleaning though charley. Be gentle with yourselves everyone.

grandMattie Sat 06-Jun-20 07:05:43

Xs post. How wonderful mancgirl, it’s so lovely to get good news in these uncertain times. sunshine And am jealous of you cuddling your other gs! grin

brook2704 Sat 06-Jun-20 07:12:56

Good morning everyone from a cloudy damp Inverness ☹️

Congratulations mancgirl what beautiful news with the safe arrival of your new baby grandson - so pleased for you and all your family !

A bit of baking today and maybe a walk later - will see what the day brings ...

Take care everyone and hope the weekend goes well 💐

Ginny42 Sat 06-Jun-20 07:13:35

Good morning Mick, Beechnut and everyone from a very wet morning in Cheshire. It's absolutely pouring with rain and has been for hours and all yesterday it was blowing a gale. Not long ago I couldn't sleep without the fan, but thank goodness I put the heating on last night.

I do enjoy my morning walk, so fingers crossed it eases before long.

You wonder where some of our expressions come from and also how they change over time to mean something else entirely. grin I think everyone's been cleaning like mad during lockdown and I'm wondering how the charity shops will cope when they open. The volunteers amongst us are going to be very busy.

I'm going to be busy working at home everyday for a long time now, so that will keep me out of mischief. There's another expression.

I'll have a rummage through the freezer and put meals together this weekend as I have an order coming Monday. There's plenty, it's just putting it together.

Enjoy the sunshine if you're lucky enough to be able to have garden meetups. Stay safe and well. Hope the baby has decided to arrive manc.

Pantglas2 Sat 06-Jun-20 07:14:58

A very wet good morning from me, in bed in north Wales ☔️
It promises to ease off this afternoon but I’m not doing much today- never mind!

A baby boy mancgirl 🥂good health to all x

Will sort a shopping list for Lid tomorrow- DH has spotted a hammock arriving in their offers so will be there at opening time! He bought one for our casa in Spain seven years ago an it’s still going strong so £7 will be well spent! May have to pick Scentia brains on building a frame!

Stay safe everyone and have a lovely weekend x

Ginny42 Sat 06-Jun-20 07:15:32

Oh! A baby boy! Congratulations, you must be so happy!

GrannyGravy13 Sat 06-Jun-20 07:17:20

Good morning Mick and all x

Congratulations Mancgirl a beautiful baby grandson, a new baby brings so much joy and happiness to a family 👼🏻

Blue sky has returned to S E Essex still breezy and a slight chill in the air.

No plans for the day,

Keep safe and well folks 🙋

Scentia Sat 06-Jun-20 07:19:54

Oh congratulations mancgirl lovely news to wake up to.
It is windy and grey in East Staffordshire. Off with DH and the pooch to meet up with two friends for a long hike this morning. Social Distancing won’t be an issue as we are hikers and they are more amblers😂😂
I did have some shifts today but they have been cancelled so I feel like I have been released from prison this weekend!! I won’t be so happy come payday🤣
DH and I had a takeaway curry last night and as lovely as it was I stink of garlic and I have brushed my teeth already. Any tips from my trusty GNers for sorting that?!!!
Please, all of you have a good day, use this rain and wind to your advantage and go out for a walk without loads of people trying to keep out of each other’s way like last weekend in the sun!
When out walking today I am going to try and introduce my DH and friends to mindfulness and hug a tree or two🌳🌿

Brunette10 Sat 06-Jun-20 07:38:40

Good Morning from a bright but chilly Fife. mancgirl - lovely news for you and your family - Congratulations! Had visit yesterday from DD and DGS's and it was such a delight even though social distancing has to be kept. Also helps DD keeping DGS occupied. They zoomed around the garden on their bikes, just a joy to see them all. Weather I think isn't to be nice over the weekend so not sure what will be on the horizon but no doubt will find something to do. Keep your chin up all, getting there slowly but surely.

Grammaretto Sat 06-Jun-20 07:39:30

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders where it's sunny but cold.
Hooray Mancgirl a little boy!!
That will keep me smiling all day. We had 3 boys (and then a girl) DH still calls them the boys.
A yoga session for me this morning. Family quiz tonight. Thats enough exercise .
Have as best a day you can everyone.

Gingster Sat 06-Jun-20 07:39:49

Good morning from a sunny but blustery Essex. We are due to go to DS1 garden this afternoon but I think we’ll have to postpone as the weather isn’t going to be good enough to sit out. What a shame, I was looking forward to seeing the family.

Congrats to mancgirl. Another dear baby to love. ♥️ There’s nothing like it.

We went to a couple of nurseries yesterday with my voucher I had for Mother’s Day. We were surprised how few people there were and how sparse the bedding plants were. Of course they had to throw much away during lockdown. Very well organised though. Lots of staff directing us , so we felt very safe with our masks and gloves on.

Enjoy your hike Scentia. You deserve a break after working such long hours.

I always use the term ‘glory hole’. I must look it up 😳. I have said things to my AC and they roar with laughter ., ive no idea why! Oh for the innocent days of our youth. 🤣.

Hope everyone has a good day and that the weather isn’t so bad that we can’t get out and about. ☔️

ninathenana Sat 06-Jun-20 07:52:48

Good morning from sunny blue skied Kent.
Himself is on his walk to Tesco for the weekly shop. He will cook breckie when I've been to collect him.
We will have pizza delivered tonight. Pay on line and they leave it on the doorstep.
Congratulations to all the family mancgirl happy news.

Urmstongran Sat 06-Jun-20 07:55:17

Sun’s up here! 🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎

CONGRATULATIONS mancgirl on the safe arrival of babyboymanc in the family! Wonderful news indeed.
👶🏻 🍼

We were late to bed last night (for us!) 23:00hrs at least. We went down to eat at Juan & Maria’s Bar. It was so nice to ‘dress up’ and not cook! White linen trousers, a pretty top and a pair of door-to-Bar sandals from my ‘collection’. (yes Grandmafrench my fuschia suede ones!). Sunglasses too - it was still hot and sunny when we set off.

We sat at a corner table against the back wall and ordered a bottle of Ribera. (Only €9 - not like in the U.K.!) Friday night and by 9pm the terraced area was busting - SD tables but it’s a huge area. I did a head count and every table was taken and there were 60 people sat down, with more families still arriving at 10pm!

It was noisy, the Spanish are a gregarious lot - they chatter loudly like magpies! I love people watching. I pointed out to Himself that apart from us and one other table of four, we were the only Brits. It was so buzzy it was just like ‘normal’ days, apart from Juan and his staff wearing face masks and gloves and spraying disinfectant on every chair arm and table between sittings. Customers know now to just stand and wait for this to be done.

When we got back I took this photo, looking down from our front door to Juan’s. We don’t need a taxi home!

I must stop wittering on. My posts are too long perhaps. I hope I’ve not bored you all.

Good news as I finish - our friend who had the heart attack last Friday is home and will be putting the world to rights at teatime today with Himself. What a difference a week makes eh?

Hope Saturday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Auntieflo Sat 06-Jun-20 08:04:05

Good morning Mick, Annie and all.
Thank heavens we have Mick to remind me what day it is.

Congratulations on the arrival of the new baby Mancgirl, and you will so enjoy the first cuddle, when you are allowed.

I think we will pop into town later on, have a coffee in the square and people watch. I want to visit the greengrocer and get a couple of bits.

Another one to use of the term Glory Hole here, mum used to say that. Lots of other old fashioned expressions as well that just pop into your head.

I bought a couple of plants from Lidl yesterday, and was hoping for a bigger selection. One of them was distinctly droopy, but has perked up after a soaking, so I must get them planted today.

Scentia I made a fish curry last night and it was good. Have you tried chewing parsley to get rid of the garlic smell? Even if it doesn't work, it tastes nice!

Will finish my cup of tea and think about getting up in a minute.

Have a good day one and all.

Puzzler61 Sat 06-Jun-20 08:11:55

Good morning All.
CONGRATULATIONS 🥳 for the new Baby boy’s arrival mancgirl. Thrilled for you all. 👶 🍼 X

harrigran Sat 06-Jun-20 08:16:30

Good morning from a blustery and wet NE.
Congratulations mancgirl, love to hear of a new arrival.
Yesterday was mostly spent resting on the bed, tummy ache and being sick, can't have been a bug as I haven't seen another soul since February.
Got up and dressed for video call with family, they had just returned from a bracing walk, GD was less than impressed but needs must.
GD played the piano for us, she missed taking her exam at beginning of May, will have to be rescheduled.
Teenage GD did not put in an appearance again but was informed that she had earned a trip to Starbucks drive through because she cleaned her room 😇
DH has been for a newspaper, first since lockdown, he will read it and then I will do the crossword tomorrow.
As it is like autumn here it will be a day with the novel again.
Take care everyone.

Puzzler61 Sat 06-Jun-20 08:19:53

Urmston you are never boring - your daily post is always relished by me while I lie a-bed with my first cup of peppermint tea of the day. 🍵
So glad you are now able to enjoy such wonderful evenings . Cheers 🥂

Greyduster Sat 06-Jun-20 08:35:54

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Raining here in South Yorkshire; it’s going to be a wet day, so not much going on outside. We had a decent local walk yesterday and saw hardly anyone at all, so no worrying about SD. I will bake today - I fancy some cheese scones!
Let’s hear it for the boys, Mancgirl! Many congratulations on your new grandson! Have a good day folks!

Sar53 Sat 06-Jun-20 08:50:08

Good morning everyone from a bright and breezy Essex by the sea.
Congratulations Mancgirl, lovely news.
DH has gone out to hunt down croissants for breakfast. We like plain ones with jam, last week he came back with chocolate ones, I dont think he will make the same mistake again.
No plans this weekend, we may take our new flask, filled with coffee, and drive somewhere. It depends on the weather which isn't forecast to be that good.
Have the best day you can and stay safe everyone xx