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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 08-Oct-20 06:14:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and its wet here in Brackley this morning .
My usual escape on the buses this morning going via Buckingham to Bicester then return direct .
A favourite cafe in Bicester for a coffee and a snack , small shop tending to look up gift cards for Xmas presents .
Take Care ,

Pantglas2 Thu 08-Oct-20 06:24:38

Morning Mick - I’m up with the sparrowfart as well! Rather damp here in north Wales but promising dryer for the rest of the day.

New covers on settees this morning as DH has finished the painting in the sitting room and I shall add the finishing touches with curtains, cushions and rug and claim all the credit😇 when folks say how lovely it looks!

Out to Llandudno for lunch later - lots of local restaurants doing 25-50% off food as the county is in lockdown and needs us locals to support them - I’m happy to do my bit😉 and will go on the bus so that I can enjoy a libation or two!🍷🍷

Hope everyone has a good day and absent friends are thinking of us, as we are them - be lovely to see Friday Girl tomorrow........

grandMattie Thu 08-Oct-20 06:29:51

Good morning from windy E Kent. It’s still dark so don’t really know if the sky is clearing.

Was woken up around 0430 by the side gate banging in the wind. Someone must have gone out the front and not closed it. I say “closed it”, it doesn’t actually close but requires a complicated system of boards and planks to keep it shut. An invention of DH’s.

I made a delicious French onion soup yesterday which we’ll have for lunch today. No ideas of dinner.

Spanish class on Zoom. We Often have listening tests from the AS level exams . Normally The sound isn’t brilliant in class but it’s very hard to hear properly over the airwaves. Still, mustn’t complain, at least we still have classes.

DS1 is preparing to leave on Saturday next week but is very anxious about a CV19 test he has to take 96 hours before flying, get certificated and sent to the Indian authorities before being allowed to enter the country. All very vexing. I shall be sad to see him go. It is the longest we have seen him in many many years. A real treat.

Hope everyone has a contented day especially the wobbly, sad or in pain. Stay safe.

grandMattie Thu 08-Oct-20 06:30:51

Pant, are you out of quarantine now, then? Enjoy your libation...

Beechnut Thu 08-Oct-20 06:41:14

Good Morning everyone from a dark and very wet Severnside.

I had a lovely FaceTime with my sister in law last night chatting about food, recipes and general stuff. They were coming to stay in the New Year but it now looks unlikely that will happen. I remarked about how we used to write years ago when they first went away and how nice it was to be able to do what we were now doing. I was able to show her some gins I had bought and she showed me the trees outside changing colour.

I’m intending to go and do some shopping today.

It’s gloomy all round so stay safe all ☔️

Ashcombe Thu 08-Oct-20 06:41:41

Good morning to you all!

A wet and windy night here in Torbay after a sunny day for most of yesterday so I hope Beauregard enjoyed her day spent locally. Yesterday afternoon, I enjoyed a Zoom meeting with my local theatre group's social club, imaginatively named The Wednesday Club! DH joined us from France, until his internet connection failed. The joys of rural life!

Hibernating in quarantine isn’t so bad on a day like this!
Stay safe and well, everyone!

Pantglas2 Thu 08-Oct-20 06:44:00

Morning GrandMattie and yes we ended quarantine last Friday just after our FM put the county in lockdown 😫

By the way, you missed the ‘s’ off the word libation.....🤪

Hope all goes well for your son (although you’ll miss him) x

cornergran Thu 08-Oct-20 06:50:32

Morning Mick, morning All. Dark, gloomy and damp start to our corner of Somerset, apparently some sun later. Medical focus for me today. Physio this morning to keep the neck moving then three x-rays this afternoon. Seems greedy! Bit concerned about as yet unknown hospital processes but I’m sure all will be well when I get there.

Other than that somehow we have yet more ironing, no idea how that happened. Mr C is excused ironing duties this week while his thumb recovers. Next week will be different grin. What news of the family urms? Hope improving.

Looking forward to today’s attempt at keeping positive, curry and a glass of wine to look forward to this evening. Take care everyone. Thinking of those not posting for whatever reason.

MissChateline Thu 08-Oct-20 06:53:54

It’s raining here in Yorkshire thank goodness. This means that my builder will abandon the roof that he is replacing and come and do some work on my building site of a kitchen. Hopefully my gas hob will be connected up this morning as well. It’s been weeks since I have been able to boil a spud. I’ve managed to sell my old under counter freezer and this will be collected today. It’s been lurking in my sitting room since the start of this process. I will kind of miss it’s presence next to the TV when it’s gone.
Then great excitement as I head off for a haircut. I sort of model myself on the great Dame Judi Dench but it takes a lot of upkeep. So a busy but rather bitty sort of day and no long hike on the moors which is the one thing that keeps me sane.

Esspee Thu 08-Oct-20 06:59:14

Good morning everyone.
Mick I have just dropped in to ask if your bus journey is absolutely necessary.
Here in the central belt of Scotland we have been asked not to use public transport because of the risks of virus spread.
We used to enjoy taking the bus far and wide using our free pass to the whole of Scotland but sadly not this year.
Stay safe.

grandMattie Thu 08-Oct-20 06:59:15

Pant S S S 😂👍. MissC I read the “great daNe” Judy... wondered what you were on about 🤣

harrigran Thu 08-Oct-20 07:04:55

Good morning from a dark NE where we have had torrential rain.
A bad night with many toilet stops for both of us, gave in at 6.30 and DH made the tea.
There are many more cases of the virus here with the university reporting a surge, I am quite happy not to be going into the city centre at present.
I am hoping my neighbour is okay, she has taken herself off to the outer Hebrides, she was a scout leader so I am sure she will be prepared.

Beauregard Thu 08-Oct-20 07:06:00

Good morning all from Plymouth. The rain is due to clear later for a mostly dry day.

Ashcombe I really enjoyed my visits to Torquay and Cockington yesterday. The weather was beautiful and calm which made all the difference. I walked along the Princess Pier and all around the marina. Cockington is very pretty and is worth a visit.

Before we set off yesterday I had a call from my grandsons school to inform me they had bumped into each other and clashed heads. The youngest (5) came off worst, knocking his teeth and bruising his gums, the oldest (6) had a sore head. The school wondered if I (as first contact because mum and dad are both teachers) wanted to come and collect them!! I explained it would be difficult as I am at the other end of the country! Anyway it was decided they were ok to stay at school and my DH was put on standby in case they had to come home (he's feeling much better now).

Today I'm visiting the Eden Project and Liskeard. I first went to the Liskeard area aged 17 on a horse riding holiday with my friend. We went by train - it was my first time away from my parents and such an adventure for us. It will bring back happy memories.

Hope everyone has a good day today.

Scentia Thu 08-Oct-20 07:07:04

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Wet and windy out today, I have already made some deliveries and I am back home waiting to take the pooch for a walk, just waiting for a bit of daylight!
Had a lovely day with DD and a DGS yesterday. My DD is pregnant again following her miscarriage 3 months ago. I am so pleased for them and hope it all goes ok this time, they were both so distressed when they lost the last one.
Now folks, be mindful of what you are doing today, be grateful for what you have and breathe in this wonderful world we live in.

mumofmadboys Thu 08-Oct-20 07:13:49

Dry here in Cumbria but has rained overnight.Waiting for it to get lighter before my morning cycle ride. Got a Zoom session this afternoon to wish my aunt a happy 80 th birthday. Otherwise pottering around at home and providing the painters with refreshments. They are painting the outside windows. Keep safe everyone and thinking of those with worries/ illnesses.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 08-Oct-20 07:18:43

Good morning Mick and all

The sky is clearing and it is very breezy here in S E Essex. No plans for today, I should get eldest AC parcel sorted (Christmas gifts) and take it to the post office (post to Kenya can take weeks in normal times, now it can be double?)

Hope your family are coping ok Urmstongran

Thinking of gillybob and other missing friends.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Sar53 Thu 08-Oct-20 07:24:05

Good morning everyone from a damp Essex by the sea. It is not particularly cold though and the heating hasn't been coming on.
I had my flu jab yesterday and now have a sore, hot arm.
We had an engineer from our local water board come and check our meter yesterday, and guess what, we have been paying for someone else's water for the last 12 years !!! This block of 9 flats was built in 2007 and apparently the meter numbers got muddled. DH thinks that once it is sorted that our bills will probably go up. You couldn't make it up .....
DH has a haircut booked this morning then it's supermarket time, we certainly know how to live.
Have the best Thursday you can and stay safe everyone xx

Pittcity Thu 08-Oct-20 07:32:32

Good morning from a damp but warm Colchester. Supermarket and laundry today and Jay's online quiz tonight. Been doing it every week for over 6 months.

Sark Thu 08-Oct-20 07:43:25

Good Morning from a wet and bit blustery Oxfordshire
Our DGS made us laugh yesterday..he has just started Beavers and is very excited that he gets to wear a "bow tie"grin
Scentia lovely to hear some good news and hope all goes well for your daughter
Thinking of all strugglingflowers and stay safe everyone

Elizabeth1 Thu 08-Oct-20 07:45:48

Good morning one and all it’s dark and dreich here on the east coast of Fife hope the sun peeps out later on at least for a wee while. Our bin men woke us up,nice and early no chance of us sleeping in. If I was interested I could have slid my arm out from under the warm duvet to look at them through the new security camera on my iPad but it feels too cold this morning I’ll just have to imagine. Here’s hoping Insy winsy spider doesn’t come out to play on my bedroom walls today cause one did yesterday and had I seen it all hell would have broken loose I’m so frightened of the wee hairy things. Yuck.

Grandmabatty Thu 08-Oct-20 07:48:14

Calm morning in Polmont with a herringbone cloud pattern. I had a busy day, of sorts, yesterday. Lots of moving furniture and dusting and hoovering behind them,cleaning the bathroom, washing windows etc. Then a lovely WhatsApp chat in the afternoon with good friends. I spent some time sewing too. Our restrictions are stricter for the next two weeks or so which is a shame for pubs and restaurants, however something has to be done. Today I pick up dgs and take him to his granddad's house. The rest of the day will sort itself out I'm sure. I have a little ironing to do and floors to wash. Have a good day all.

Grandmabatty Thu 08-Oct-20 07:49:31

I missed your news Scentia. That's lovely news. I hope she keeps well.

dragonfly46 Thu 08-Oct-20 07:49:54

Good morning from a wet Leicestershire although sun promised later.

I learned a good friend had died last night. She had gone to stay with her son so she wouldn’t be alone when the time came. A sad day!

Stayed in all day yesterday but need to pick up prescriptions this morning so hoping for dry weather so we can have coffee outside.

A walk planned for this afternoon.

Hoping your family is a little better Urmston and thinking of gilly and those with troubles.

NannyJan53 Thu 08-Oct-20 07:50:44

Good Morning from a rainy and grey Black Country.

Going over to Mums today (she is my bubble). We are all making short video's to wish my Niece a happy birthday as she is over in Australia. My DD had a message from one of her friends over there requesting if we could all do this as a surprise for her. Considering she has been there only 18 months she seems to have made some lovely friends. She should be coming home at the end of this month, but her Company asked her to stay another year, then when back she would be promoted. She is probably better off over there, they have much more freedom to go out and about in Brisbane.

Was hoping to go for a walk if the rain dries up this afternoon.

What a shock Sar53, I hope they are giving you a refund for those years.

Thoughts are with our gilly and hoping Urmstons family are slowly on the mend/

NannyJan53 Thu 08-Oct-20 07:51:59

Dragonfly so sorry about your friend flowers