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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 09-Oct-20 06:16:00

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , but its dry and possibly cold outside this morning here in Brackley .
A day of small shop ,and go to the chippy later for lunch , before settling down to watch the Giro .
Its amazing sports wise this cycle tour ends and another one begins in Spain , trying to cram everything in before November and the Winter cycling programme of track and Cyclo cross all before next year .
Take Care,

grandMattie Fri 09-Oct-20 06:33:51

Good morning from a still dark, but dry and mild E Kent. We had sunshine and showers yesterday but drier and cooler weather is forecast for the weekend.
Had an exhausting Spanish class yesterday. Lost the habit of having my brain challenged! It will get better.
Has anyone watched BBC4’s “ The Secret History of Writing “? I have been catching up. It’s fascinating, from the development of symbols, different alphabets, etc.
I’m going to the newly reopened library this morning. It closed in February for refurbishment and you guessed... it reopened last week. DH says it’s very regimented but had many many new books, which is nice.
All the best today Ann, hope all goes well. Everyone have a gentle day, especially those with sorrow or wobbles, or in pain. Stay safe.

Marydoll Fri 09-Oct-20 06:41:40

Good morning Mick and all who follow. Too dark to see outside here at the moment, but my friend Alexa tells me the forecast is for rain.
Glad I'm not going out anywhere.

DH is off golfing, so a bit of time to myself. The only downside is , there will be dripping, wet wet clothes hanging everywhere when he returns.

Today is a homemaker day😉
The plan is to make plum jam, as long as the cheap plums come in the Tesco delivery, scotch broth and a bit of sewing.
I am also in possession of a can of spray paint, I had a project in mind, but the rain has scuppered that idea. 😁 It may be for the best!! 😟😂

I had a message from MawB, she sends her love and is missing us all. I just wish all the unpleasantness on GN would cease and posters could exchange views without resulting to insults.
There is a huge difference between robust debate and sheer nastiness. Sermon over!
Thank goodness for this safe and welcoming thread, where we support each other and are never judgemental.

Talking of support, wishing an sixty a successful outcome for her op today. 💐
Bellasnanna, lovely news about your friend's son and the expected twins.

Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Fri 09-Oct-20 06:42:27

Good morning, Grandmattie, crossed posts!!

Ashcombe Fri 09-Oct-20 06:48:15

Good morning, early birds! (and Mick!)

This certainly is a warm and welcoming place which encourages me to keep returning, even though I have little to contribute with being in quarantine.

Sending positive thoughts to annsixty and others with worries. Take care, everyone! TGIF, to those who work!

grandMattie Fri 09-Oct-20 06:49:33

Marydoll, Are we in competition to see who posts first after Mick?
Wonder what your spray paint thing is about, are you Banksy by any chance.

Beechnut Fri 09-Oct-20 06:57:06

Good Morning everyone. It’s dry on Severnside this morning.

My sister in law asked for my mums beetroot chutney recipe so she got me in the mood for making some. I fancy some mushroom soup too so that will be on the cards for today.

I hope everything goes well for annsixty. She’s had to wait a good while for today.

I’d like our library to open properly grandMattie. At the moment we can just go to the door. Having said that I haven’t had much of a mojo for reading over the last few months.

I hope all family with positives are on the mend.
I was thinking earlier about usually it’s a positive outlook (on life) we welcome, these days we hope for a negative.

Take care all 🌼

Scentia Fri 09-Oct-20 06:57:20

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Looks chilly out there.
I am off to the opticians to collect my glasses this morning then a busy day at the factory. I haven’t worked a Friday at the factory in at least a year!
We are off to see some friends this evening as they may be if full kick down by Monday and I have lots to tell them! I have coordinated my outfit to my mask! I used to buy a pair of tights then a whole new outfit do it matches the tights, now it’s masks!!! DH thinks I am mad😂
Hope everything is ok ann today. Mary you must be very trustworthy as everyone will message you when they are not posting for whatever reason. It must be nice to feel so trusted❤️
I don’t know what the ‘naughty girls and boys’ have done and don’t need to know, I am very non judgmental just hurry back Maw and whoever else is missing.
I take so long writing my post that I miss loads of people before me. Take care folks and stay kind to each other, smile at the next person you see, and Mary and any others locked down stay safe in everything you have to do.

Bellasnana Fri 09-Oct-20 06:59:29

Good morning all. It is lovely weather here in Malta, long may it last although I suppose we could do with some rain.

I have a hair appointment this morning, roots today as I’m not yet ready to ‘embrace the grey’. Not sure I ever will be!😄

Rafa is playing his semi final this afternoon so I shall be on the edge of my seat rooting for him. His opponent is incredibly good so it will be an interesting match.

Hope all goes well for annsixty, I will be thinking of her today as well as feeling very concerned about gilly.

Hope you all have the best day possible.☀️

Beechnut Fri 09-Oct-20 06:59:33

Snap grandMattie with thoughts on Marydoll and her can of spray paint 🤣

Sark Fri 09-Oct-20 07:00:55

Morning all!
Still dark in Oxfordshire but forecast to be an ok day I think.
Enjoyed your post and wise words as always Marydoll
Ashcombe I am definitely thinking TGIF but then feel guilty as I seem to wish life away!
Grandmattie Made me laugh..I think you are onto Banksygrin
Glad to hear your family on the mend Urmstongran
Best wishes to Annsixty today and thinking of all with worries.
Happy Friday everyone

Scentia Fri 09-Oct-20 07:01:37

I really annoy myself when I proof read my post AFTER I click post not before. Sorry folks for my grammar atrocities and random words!!!

Beauregard Fri 09-Oct-20 07:03:58

Good morning all from Plymouth for the last time. My journey back to Derbyshire starts this morning.

I enjoyed the Eden Project yesterday. This time I ventured into the Rainforest Biome (last time I passed on it as it was too hot for me). I soon realised that, with the one way system in place, it would be difficult to turn back and go out, so I persevered. I'm glad I did as it was really interesting. The humidity played havoc with my fine, flyaway hair leaving it looking such a mess afterwards. Liskeard was nice for half an hour but the two hours we were there was a bit too long. Being on my own I couldn't escape into the local Wetherspoons. If my DH had been there we'd have been straight in and passed the time in there.

So back home today. A visit to RHS Rosemoor first which should be nice.

Hope everything goes well for annsixty today.

Marydoll I've got visions of you with that can of spray paint. If any Banksy-esque masterpieces appear on walls in your neck of the woods, we'll know who's responsible!!

Take care everyone.

Scentia Fri 09-Oct-20 07:06:07

Beauregard Did you go to the Lost Gardens of Helligan? It is lovely.

Beauregard Fri 09-Oct-20 07:11:51

Scentia afraid not. It's an organised tour, so I have to go where I'm taken. Perhaps another time.

Marydoll Fri 09-Oct-20 07:13:06

Grandmattie, I used to be wakened so early with pain in the past, that along with NanKate, I had to sit on my hands and wait for Mick to start us off. 😁 So nothing new for me to be second poster.
You can tell the days I will post early, they are DH's golf days. ⛳🏌️
He finds it impossible to blunder about quietly!😂

Scentia, thank you for your kind words. True friends, support each other, regardless of what is happening. Where would we be without them?
We may never have met each other in real life (well some of us have), but there is a bond here, regardless.
Oh I'm getting very sentimental here! 😚Time to get up!!

NanKate Fri 09-Oct-20 07:14:34

Morning Mick and All.

Lovely blue clouds on a pink sky today in South Bucks.

I’m with you Bella watching the great Tennis from Paris. Two great sportsmen playing sublime tennis. Enjoy your cycling Mick. Aren’t we lucky that all of us sports’ fans can watch tournaments/races from all over the world from the comfort of our armchairs ?

Our cleaner comes today so it is an early start for us as we leave her to it and go off for a coffee and maybe an apricot croissant 😀

Ashcombe Fri 09-Oct-20 07:15:32

Beauregard I hope you have a safe journey home. You’ve certainly had a busy time and made the most of your break, giving you some memories to treasure over the Winter.

It is hard to go into pubs alone but Wetherspoons is family orientated, in the daytime at least, so I feel comfortable going in there. They have an App you can download to your phone, allowing you to order everything from your table, which helps.

Enjoy Rosemoor! Dry weather until lunchtime...... they say!!

kittylester Fri 09-Oct-20 07:29:57

Good morning all from a dry - currently - North Leicestershire.

We are going shopping for lights today - again!!

brook2704 Fri 09-Oct-20 07:30:49

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s just getting light and looks like a clear sky with just a few clouds. Yesterday started out dry and sunny so I went for a walk along the river Ness through the islands and then along the canal. Just made it to the cafe at the end when the heavens opened! I had planned to walk back but because of the weather phoned DH for a lift back - he didn’t mind! I’m not sure what I’m doing yet today but will see ...
Hope all goes well today annsixty and everyone else with health worries and struggles or worries in their families.
Safe journey home beauregard
Marydoll - thank you for the update on maw, I don’t know the details but hope all missing posters return soon.
Hope everyone has the best day they can today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Nortsat Fri 09-Oct-20 07:34:50

Good morning Mick and the GM team from a reasonably bright east London.

Well grandMattie, you’ve done it and unmasked Banksy ... you read it here first folks ... Banksy is a Glasgae Granny.
Banksy-doll I have often wondered if you had a secret identity behind the fascade of tablet making.

I have an afternoon of working at home today. I am considering the purchase of a new lap top. My partner suggests I buy a Mac but I am looking for something more basic and at a lower budget.

Thinking of Bluesapphire and gilly, good morning to MawB and any other missing ‘Goodmorningers’.
💐to those facing challenges today. Let’s stay warm and safe team.😎

dragonfly46 Fri 09-Oct-20 07:36:23

Good morning from a sunny Leicestershire.

Sitting up in bed looking out at the orange and red leaved trees up the hill. This is a beautiful time of year.

Meeting friends for coffee this morning before Sainsbury delivery.

Thinking of Ann today and gilly and all who are troubled.

aggie Fri 09-Oct-20 07:48:28

Good Morning all, lovely milky blue sky here and completely still
Just popped in to wish Ann all the best xxx
And haste ye back to the missing members 💕

Gingster Fri 09-Oct-20 07:58:11

Good morning to all. It looks quite bright out there with no rain forecast til later. It lashed down yesterday, just as I arrived at my art class. People later than me had to wait In Their cars until it eased off.

I went to Bowls in the morning which was fun . We are allowed 6 on each mat and as there was 12 of us, it worked out well. Art club was well organised in a large hall with small tables well spaced out but still able to chat . We painted poppies for one of our group to make a window display for Armesist day. It should look very pretty. I’m going to try to crochet some poppies, if I can find out how? Any ideas?

One of the twin grandsons has another Orthodontist appointment today, so I think I’ll ask DH to take him. (Mum is working) . When I took him and his brother on Wednesday, we had to wait outside for 40 mins and they were in there for 10 mins. Grandad can do the honours today. 👍.

Kindly thoughts to all. What happened to Maw I missed it again. When I read other threads, I never see any nastiness. Debate and opinions , yes , but that’s about it.

Wishing you all a relaxed and pleasant day.🙏


Sar53 Fri 09-Oct-20 07:58:16

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea.
I've just lost a long post, where did it go.......
DGD4 is 5 today, she had two friends home for tea yesterday and Elsa from Frozen dropped in. I have a lovely video of them singing 'Let it go'. My daughter made her a lovely Unicorn birthday cake, picture attached.
Bed changing this morning then probably out for coffee. DH is out with 3 friends this afternoon so I shall be wrapping his presents ready for his birthday next week.
Best of luck for Annsixty today.
Have the best Friday you can and stay safe xx