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The Gransnet 2020 Christmas playlist

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 14-Dec-20 12:42:59

Whether you're a seasoned Gransnet Virtual Christmas Party guest every year or it's your first time joining in the fun, everyone is welcome to our annual knees-up. Thanks to our sponsors ]], there's even a chance to win a £100 voucher this year!

Head over to our Virtual Christmas Party thread here to get involved and find out how to win.

And what does every Christmas party need? A cracking playlist to get you into the festive mood. Add your song choices on this thread, and we'll use your requests to make the ultimate Gransnet Christmas playlist (coming soon!) tchgrin

EDIT: The [[ Gransnet Christmas Playlist] is now live! Let us know us on the thread if your favourite is missing and we'll see what we can do to get it added.

fevertree Mon 14-Dec-20 14:03:42

I've really been enjoying the country group Delta Rae recently. Here they are singing Silent Night:

BBbevan Mon 14-Dec-20 14:35:52

East 17 !

BigBertha1 Mon 14-Dec-20 15:06:24

I always nee a blast of Wizard 'I wish it could be Christmas everyday' and Jingle Bell Rock and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree for dancing.

yggdrasil Mon 14-Dec-20 15:55:52

Got to be Fairy Tale of New York

Artaylar Mon 14-Dec-20 16:05:04

Fairy Tale of New York is the just best yggdrasil

I also like Greg Lake's A Spaceman Came Travelling

lemongrove Mon 14-Dec-20 16:52:57

Stop The Cavalry

lemongrove Mon 14-Dec-20 16:55:16

Sorry, should have said Stop The Cavalry by Jona Lewie

tanith Mon 14-Dec-20 17:54:48

‘Walking in the Air’ please.

Doodledog Mon 14-Dec-20 18:23:02

Gaudete by Steeleye Span, and In Dulci Jubilo by Mike Oldfield, as well as all the others people have mentioned.

tanith Mon 14-Dec-20 18:29:13

Ooh I love Dulcimer Jubilo Doodledog.

Situpstraight2 Mon 14-Dec-20 18:43:29

Silver Bells by Toby Keith

tanith Mon 14-Dec-20 19:15:58

I think my iPad did that 🤣 should be Dulchi Jubilo

Doodledog Mon 14-Dec-20 19:19:41


I think my iPad did that 🤣 should be Dulchi Jubilo

Whatever it is, it is very Christmassy, isn't it? I have an ancient copy on white vinyl grin

Lucretzia Mon 14-Dec-20 20:23:31

Anything but Fairy Tale in New York!

mancgirl Mon 14-Dec-20 20:45:48

Driving Home for Christmas and I Believe in Father Christmas, Greg Lakesmile

Grannynannywanny Mon 14-Dec-20 21:39:26

This is a heartwarming clip of a family arriving into Belfast City Airport from Ohio to be reunited with their family for Christmas.

They were greeted by by a Community Gospel Choir singing Joy to the World. Flash mob style.

honeyrose Tue 15-Dec-20 00:41:17

Maria Carey “All I want for Christmas is you”. Wonderful!

Calendargirl Tue 15-Dec-20 07:08:37

Sorry lemongrove but have always hated Stop The Cavalry.

Spinnaker Tue 15-Dec-20 08:01:52

Mary's Boy Child by Boney M - it's got some proper bounce to it tchgrin

Spinnaker Tue 15-Dec-20 08:04:18

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas by Michael Bublé. IMO this is the best version ever tchgrin

Lexisgranny Tue 15-Dec-20 08:12:45

“O Holy Night” by Mariah Carey. “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole

honeyrose Tue 15-Dec-20 08:16:14

I also love Fairy Tale of New York but haven’t heard it on the radio this year. I did hear that the BBC objected to a couple of words in the song. Never mind, I can always listen to it by playing one of my Christmas CDs.

baubles Tue 15-Dec-20 09:24:40

Judy Garland singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

shysal Tue 15-Dec-20 09:43:16

For me it has to be Wham's Last Christmas.