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I’m at my wits end !

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Beau1958 Tue 23-Jun-20 20:47:11

Now that the pubs are about to open I have had rows with my OH about him going there with his friends. We are both in our 60’s my OH is very overweight I have a lot of stomach problems and have lost a lot of weight I can’t afford to catch it. I really don’t want him mixing with lots of different people there will be no social distancing all his group of friends can’t wait again for the pubs to open. I’m helping my 40 yr old daughter with her two boys under age of two, if I get it she could too I couldn’t bear to think of the consequences. My OH says he doesn’t care about getting it. I’m just at my wits end with it all. What would you do ?

MellowYellow Wed 01-Jul-20 22:13:47

Do you love him? In any case a quiet chat with a solicitor regarding finances if you had to leave may help if you need to make a tough decision in the future. But at least wait and see how the pub thing goes. I bet it won't be half as much fun as it was. I wish you well, these situations are so hard.

welbeck Wed 01-Jul-20 22:55:27

they're not married.
she is not entitled to anything.
that in itself puts her at a disadvantage.
the details of pub management are irrelevant.
this is about so much more.
straw. camel.
go now.
do not collect £100.
but go.

Pythagorus Fri 03-Jul-20 11:39:59

Don’t take advice. Everyone has a different view due to where they are in life. Ask yourself what your choices are. There are usually only 3.
Accept the status quo, negotiate change or leave. If you can’t negotiate change there are only two choices. Take the one you feel you can cope with.