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Vaccinations from next week

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Alegrias2 Wed 02-Dec-20 08:32:08

If you're thinking of coming on this thread to say "it's not over yet", don't bother. This is good news and this is the beginning of the end.

ania123 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:02:53

Hurray! I have my sleeve rolled up and ready.

EllanVannin Wed 02-Dec-20 09:08:19

I'll wait and see what happens when we hear/see others who have been vaccinated first.

MrsThreadgoode Wed 02-Dec-20 09:12:04

I hope they tell us we need to prove that we’ve had the vaccination before we can go travelling, I’ve spoken to several people who will refuse it , they give false names and addresses in cafes, refuse to wear masks and think it’s all a Government plot to keep us in our place.

Idiots, definitely off my Christmas card list.

Lucca Wed 02-Dec-20 09:12:47

As is your right Ellan of course but I’m curious as to why ?

Lucca Wed 02-Dec-20 09:14:05

“ they give false names and addresses in cafes, refuse to wear masks and think it’s all a Government plot to keep us in our place.”
How utterly irresponsible.

Lucca Wed 02-Dec-20 09:15:45

A friend whose daughter works in the care sector says only those carers who work in care homes are on the vaccine priority list. Crazy.

MrsThreadgoode Wed 02-Dec-20 09:17:17

lucca I agree, but no amount of arguing will get them to change their minds,
They don’t live near us so we won’t be visiting them anytime soon. I told him I would get him a new roll of tin foil for his hat, then I would beat him with it.
Sadly there are many who think like them but are keeping quiet about it, otherwise we might have come through it all by now.

travelsafar Wed 02-Dec-20 09:17:33

EllanVannin opinion is as follows, there will be so many people thinking along those lines i am sure. It is a good job that years ago before social media and scaremongering happened, that people did not decline Polio, TB, Smallpox Diptheria and several other vaccines. Most of these have been eradicated from the world today because people joined the queue and were vaccinated. I will be having it done as soon as i am asked too.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:18:17

Lucca not sure about that, I have a family member who is a carer going into folks homes, they have been told to be ready to be called for vaccination.

growstuff Wed 02-Dec-20 09:19:57

Care workers in other settings are second on the updated list as well as those over 80 not in care homes.

Are any stats about whether care workers in homes are more at risk than those in other settings?

GrannyGravy13 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:21:01

I am desperate for this vaccine and for it to work, I honestly do not think I can cope with 2021 being the same as 2020........

Daisymae Wed 02-Dec-20 09:22:24

Well let's all keep our fingers crossed for a more normal spring. It's definitely good news at long last.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:22:55

growstuff I guess if those going from home to home are less than scrupulously vigilant with hygiene procedures there could be cross contamination?

Casdon Wed 02-Dec-20 09:23:14

All front line Health and Social Care staff, including those who look after people in their own homes are on the priority list for vaccines Lucca, my guess is that within that priority list there is a ‘highest’ priority for the very first in the queue, eg staff on ICUs and on Covid wards in the NHS and staff in care homes who come into contact with the highest number of vulnerable people getting it first, as well as the residents - which is reasonable I think, as long as it’s rolled out quickly to the rest, proportionate to their risk.

Grannynannywanny Wed 02-Dec-20 09:24:43

Wonderful news. Tears streamed down my face while I was reading it earlier.

This news has really lifted my spirits. Usually when I wake my thoughts are on my AC and GC and I worry constantly about what the future holds for them all. Today it doesn’t feel so bleak.

We all need to continue being careful and keep each other safe. I feel there’s now a bright shining light at the end of the tunnel.

Casdon Wed 02-Dec-20 09:25:14

There are stats growstuff, it’s about the numbers the staff come into contact with. There is a hugely disproportionate number of Care home residents who have died sadly.

25Avalon Wed 02-Dec-20 09:31:14

Yes really good news. The only but I have is that I don’t fancy going to a mass vaccination centre. Will us oldies be able to go to GP’s surgery?

growstuff Wed 02-Dec-20 09:31:42


growstuff I guess if those going from home to home are less than scrupulously vigilant with hygiene procedures there could be cross contamination?

According to the government:

"The committee therefore consider health and social care workers a high priority for vaccination. There is evidence that infection rates are higher in residential care home staff (see references 9 to 13), than in those providing domiciliary care or in healthcare workers. Care home workers are therefore considered a very high priority for vaccination."

growstuff Wed 02-Dec-20 09:32:23

Policies might be different in Scotland, Wales and NI.

EllanVannin Wed 02-Dec-20 09:35:24

Lucca, I've had many vaccinations in the past against various diseases both home and abroad. I have my 'flu vaccination religiously every year with no ill-effects , including a shingles one in September.
Because this is a new vaccine I remain wary about adverse effects on account of my age for starters and also the fact that my body doesn't always cope well with unknown entities. ( foreign bodies )

In the past I had been " tried " with various medications for high blood pressure and some of them acted like poison in the system making the condition worse. A simple med. such as the very popular Simvastatin had a shocking side-effect.

Yes, I'll be concerned until someone else in their 80's comes forward to say all is well. Age makes a heck of a difference with many medications etc.

Alegrias2 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:37:14

25Avalon my elderly mum and dad went to a mass vaccination centre for their flu jab this year and thought it was better managed than their local surgery had been in previous years.

Not suggesting you are elderly, of course wink

GrannyGravy13 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:39:10

Thank you growstuff , lets hope all care staff get the opportunity to get vaccinated ASAP.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:41:54

On the news this morning they said that some pharmacies were going to be vaccinating folks, I really hope that my local Boots is one of them as the pharmacist is so dishy and gentle with needles (not that I am shallow but looking at a handsome young man does detract from being jabbed)

grannyrebel7 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:42:02

I was so happy and excited to hear this news this morning that I had a little tear! It's absolutely great and I can't wait to get vaccinated. These scientists are just amazing and I'm so grateful to them for all their hard work.