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Shelflife Thu 21-Oct-21 17:49:30

Will be six months on Sunday since I had my second Covid vaccination. I have not been invited for the booster. I recognize there will be lots of people in the same situation but wondered if any GN s have any advise as to how a booster can be speeded up. I have been on NHS website and was informed I was not eligible at this time for the booster - I am 72 and feeling anxious now.

lemongrove Thu 21-Oct-21 17:51:53

My surgery let me know after the six months were up, and I was given a time slot.You could be proactive and ring your surgery to ask about this, if you are sure about the six months?

B9exchange Thu 21-Oct-21 17:52:13

Over six months now, and still the website says I am not eligible. No wonder there is poor take up!!

GrannyGravy13 Thu 21-Oct-21 17:57:56

It was on the news this morning regarding this, it’s all to do with how/where you received your first vaccinations apparently.

If it was through your GP they should contact you, if through a NHS centre then you should be able to access booster through NHS website, if you are encountering problems the advice was to ring 119.

Baggs Thu 21-Oct-21 18:19:05

I think key workers are being targeted first. Which makes sense.

Baggs Thu 21-Oct-21 18:20:41

My GP surgery is not giving boosters, which I think was a decision by our health authority (Highland). Perhaps other health authorities have made this decision as well?

Wheniwasyourage Thu 21-Oct-21 18:27:05

Our health board (Grampian) has been doing the covid vaccinations instead of the GPs as well as yours, Baggs. We haven't heard yet, but are not at 6 months from the second dose until the end of the month.

grannyqueenie Thu 21-Oct-21 18:28:14
This is the link I was sent this week. I didn’t actually need to use it as I’d already been phoned to attend a drop in clinic at our GP surgery this afternoon

Kate1949 Thu 21-Oct-21 18:30:19

My 93 year old neighbour is only getting hers tomorrow as are some other neighbours who are 79. My husband got the text yesterday and is going tomorrow. He is 75. I didn't have a text, I am 72, but as we had our other two on the same day, I went on the site, put my details in and they allowed me to book.
I would never usually do that as it feels like queue jumping but it said I could was eligible. The clinic we booked at had loads of appointments. It seems a shame if people are waiting and the appointments are there going begging. Our GP surgery has never given them.

Marydoll Thu 21-Oct-21 18:40:02

Our health board, Greater Glasgow is using hubs. I had my two vaccinations at my GP surgery, as I was sheilding,, but they are not doing boosters nor flu vaccinations. I need a third vaccination, rather than a booster, but no-one can tell me where or when! Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

welbeck Thu 21-Oct-21 18:41:18

there is some confusion, even among GPs.
neighbour who is bed-bound and ECV had letter from nhs about getting third part of original vaccination.
it specifically said this is not the booster jab. told to contact GP.
she needs to wait for someone to bring it to her.
on ringing GPs, they say she is confused, that there is only the booster, no third jab...
heard same thing on radio from other people.
you've got to be quite fit and persistent to wade through all this.

Shelflife Thu 21-Oct-21 18:44:18

Thank you all for your comments. The six months since my second vaccination will be up on this coming Sunday. I rang the surgery most of today and did not even receive a recorded message - just an engaged sound !!! No wonder A and E departments are bursting at the Seams with people who can't even access their GPs surgery. There is a notice outside the surgery asking people not to enter the building unless they have an appointment!!. Thank goodness I am in good health. If I don't hear about my vaccination in the next 3 days I will be on the phone on Monday until I get a response - or hopefully by Monday the website will NOT tell me I am not eligible for the booster!!! I am an easy going person but this is a stressful situation.

Shelflife Thu 21-Oct-21 18:46:30

My neighbour was invited for her booster and had that done , a week later she received a second invitation for the same vaccination!

SueDonim Thu 21-Oct-21 18:53:03

What’s the difference between a third jab and a booster? Different names for the same thing or are they separate things.

My Dh has an appt for a flu jab where a booster CV ‘may be available’. I’ve heard nothing, though I had mine only one week after his.

Marydoll Thu 21-Oct-21 18:57:56

Those who are immunosuppressed, apparently need a stronger dose and it must the same vaccine as the previous two. That's all I know.
It's because being immunosuppressed, means the vaccine is less efficacious for those people.

silverlining48 Thu 21-Oct-21 19:00:26

They are separate things Sue.

Marydoll Thu 21-Oct-21 19:01:20

Sue my husband has received the same letter. Those whom I know, having received that letter, if eligible, have been offered the booster along with the flu vaccination.

Visgir1 Thu 21-Oct-21 19:03:50

My surgery has been given them out for several weeks now. I got my notification end of Sept.
In fact in my friendship group I'm one of the last ones, but I'm getting both my Flu and Covid tomorrow.
Sounds like it depends on the area.

Kate1949 Thu 21-Oct-21 19:12:56

If you have no luck with your GP Shelflife keep trying the website. I read somewhere that it as to be at least 182 days since your last one.

GreyKnitter Thu 21-Oct-21 19:16:06

Exactly 6 months after my second vaccine I received a text message from the nhs inviting me to book my booster. That was yesterday. I’m waiting til tomorrow to book it as then my husband will be due and we can go together as we need to travel to a nearby town to the nearest centre. I was impressed.

Liz46 Thu 21-Oct-21 19:21:36

It said on the news that it is six months and one week after your second jab.

I am CEV but have not been invited for a booster but my much younger, fit husband has had an email inviting him!

Shelflife Thu 21-Oct-21 19:22:01

Thankyou Kate and Greyknitter. Hope for a text message on Sunday.

Baggs Thu 21-Oct-21 19:23:42


Our health board, Greater Glasgow is using hubs. I had my two vaccinations at my GP surgery, as I was sheilding,, but they are not doing boosters nor flu vaccinations. I need a third vaccination, rather than a booster, but no-one can tell me where or when! Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

My immunosuppressed DD has been given a third covid vax, mdoll, so it is happening in Scotland. I hope yours gets sorted asap.

Witzend Thu 21-Oct-21 19:26:12

My 6 months was only up yesterday - I straightaway booked it myself and had the jab today.

I wasn’t going to wait for a summons from the GP, since they forgot me when it came to the 2nd initial jab, so again I booked that myself.

Once your 6 months is up, you can just google ‘book COVID booster’ and do it. All very straightforward. I had a choice of a few dates/times/centres, and picked the soonest.

I don’t do regular childcare but am needed now and then, and dd was worried, since COVID is apparently going round Gdcs’ school. Hence a certain amount of urgency.

Marydoll Thu 21-Oct-21 19:29:27

Thanks Baggs. Glad to hear your daughter got hers. I did receive a letter some time ago, saying I had been coded as immunosuppressed on the system. My surgery and consultant knew nothing. I'm trying to be patient, but Im not a patient patient!! ?