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4th Covid Vaccine Refusal?

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Welshy Mon 02-Jan-23 19:30:19

Is there anyone who has refused to have the 4th Covid Vaccine? I am due to have mine soon, but so undecided this time. I always get swollen lymph nodes near my collar bone.

kevincharley Mon 02-Jan-23 19:32:46

Swollen lymph glands after a vaccination proves your immune system is doing it's job.

Sago Mon 02-Jan-23 19:59:42

I had 3 just so I could attend my sons wedding in France.
I will not have another.

Oldbat1 Mon 02-Jan-23 20:13:33

I’ve had every injection possible. Covid plus flu on the same day. Luckily no side effects apart from two sore arms.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 02-Jan-23 21:42:42

Me too, Oldbat1. No complacency here - the virus is still around, and I am very grateful for the chance to have had both vaccines when they were due.

Shinamae Mon 02-Jan-23 21:50:23

Had three will not have the fourth also have had the flu vaccine

BlueBelle Mon 02-Jan-23 21:54:18

I ve had five CoviD plus flu all good

NotAGran55 Mon 02-Jan-23 22:04:25

I’ve had all the jabs with no side effects at all apart from one slightly sore arm.
Not had covid or the flu and will take every future vaccine offered without hesitation.

aggie Mon 02-Jan-23 22:07:40

I take every preventative offered, big numbers in hospital, I don’t want to end up there

grannydarkhair Mon 02-Jan-23 22:23:55

I had my 4th COVID plus flu vaccinations on the same day, different arms. Usual soreness and stiffness around the sites for a few days. Had a horrendous viral infection last November, tested for Covid several times, all negative. I’m happy to keep having whatever I’m offered, the alternative of a stay in hospital does not appeal.

MawtheMerrier Mon 02-Jan-23 22:43:25

According to the News tonight Covid admissions to hospital are double those in November. Flu figures of course just about match Covid but I think we would be mad to ignore all the protection we can get, assuming it is medically advisable.

biglouis Mon 02-Jan-23 22:46:22

Ive had all my covid vaccinations and only minimal reactions to boosters. I have all mine as home visits to quite happy to take anything on offer.

Missedout Mon 02-Jan-23 23:11:19

I don't want to engage in 'one-upmanship' but I've had 6 covid vaccinations plus flu vaccine.

If you have a healthy immune system, I guess you can afford to choose whether or not to have any more vaccinations. I know, with a broken immune system, I can't afford to take chances. I am getting out more but don't think I would have the confidence to mix as I am now without all the vaccinations to help to protect me. I know I can't rely on others to have all their recommended vaccinations to reduce my exposure.

The only vaccination that has given me a few days of discomfort has been the 2 part non-live shingles vaccine.

henetha Mon 02-Jan-23 23:49:12

I've had all covid vaccines offered and the annual flu jab every year.. I absolutely believe it is the best thing to do.

GrannyRose15 Tue 03-Jan-23 00:05:20

Had my first two vaccines earlier than I would have chosen for non-medical reasons. Consequently, needed a third jab before I went on holiday. This wouldn't have been needed had I waited to have my initial jab. Six weeks later tested positive for covid for the first time. Don't have an awful lot of faith in the vaccines so won't be having another unless I am forced to do so in order to go abroad.

Redhead56 Tue 03-Jan-23 00:15:12

I will not be having another booster what is the point really it’s going around in circles. If the Covid variant symptoms are supposed to be so mild it begs the question why are there so many admissions with it. Our niece works in a hospital she says the wards are full of people with flu but only have symptoms of a cold.

Wyllow3 Tue 03-Jan-23 01:11:48

Well it must be serious Redhead, or they wouldn't be in hospital, and the numbers are high atm. goodness know its hard to get a hospital bed.

If its medically advised I think we would be wise to take it, unless reactions were really bad. We aren't just protecting ourselves, but others too.

I'm not clear who is being offered the 4th booster, except those with very poor immune systems, who are they?

maddyone Tue 03-Jan-23 01:35:46

I’ve had all four of mine and will go for more boosters if offered. Some people can’t have the vaccines for medical reasons ie they had a very bad reaction to their previous jab (I know of at least one other Gransnetter who had this problem) and therefore I regard it as incumbent upon those of us who can have the vaccines to do so to protect both ourselves and those who can’t have the jab.

Grandma2213 Tue 03-Jan-23 02:24:55

Had three, the second and third being Pfizer which left me with an increasingly aching arm and a stiff sore neck. The arm at the site of the injection still throbs after over a year and now I can barely lift my arm over my head and my neck still hurts. GP recommended not taking the next booster and my research currently shows the risk/benefit has changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Unless things change I am avoiding the fourth booster. I have never tested positive for Covid unlike almost everyone I know, vaccinated or not. I am not anti vaccination but I am concerned that information is not being shared readily by the pharmaceutical companies.

nanna8 Tue 03-Jan-23 03:11:46

I’ve had 4 and wondering whether to ask about a 5th because we are going on a cruise in Feb and I don’t fancy being confined to a small cabin with Covid.I’m not sure whether a 5 th is on offer though.

Ailidh Tue 03-Jan-23 07:28:35

I've had three Pfizers and a Moderna. All produced an achy arm and a week of feeling under the weather, nothing worse. Happy to take a fifth, if offered.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 03-Jan-23 07:34:39

If I’m offered another one I will grab it with both hands.

Anything to keep out of hospital.

Calendargirl Tue 03-Jan-23 07:45:02

How many in hospital with Covid and flu haven’t had all their vaccinations?

No idea, but would be useful to know.

Marydoll Tue 03-Jan-23 07:49:31

I have had six and a 'flu vaccination.
It would be foolish for me to have refused.
I had a heart attack during Lockdown, my hospital experience was traumatic and I never want to experience something like that again.

ParlorGames Tue 03-Jan-23 08:04:08


If I’m offered another one I will grab it with both hands.

Anything to keep out of hospital.

I agree! Surely, the responsible attitude to take is to get as much protection as possible to minimise the effects if we were to contract any infection?
We are both fully vaccinated and both caught Covid last spring; we were quite poorly with it too although not hospitalised, it really did knock us both for six.
Get all the protection you can I say.