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Covid escaped from lab - US report finds

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Daisymae Mon 27-Feb-23 10:28:16
With a low confidence level, but that's the findings of the report. No surprise.

Farzanah Mon 27-Feb-23 10:29:35

Behind a paywall.

maddyone Mon 27-Feb-23 10:32:00

I saw this yesterday. Not at all surprised. I always suspected as much.

kittylester Mon 27-Feb-23 10:43:09

But, we always knew that.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 27-Feb-23 10:47:58


But, we always knew that.


Witzend Mon 27-Feb-23 11:01:29

I can still hear my old geography teacher, Mrs Jarrett, saying very emphatically, ‘China is - public - enemy - number - one!’

OK, it was in the days of Mao, but she’s still got a point. The sheer amount of human misery, not to mention vast financial costs, they unleashed upon the world….

If they must create deadly viruses, FGS take a bit more care to keep them within the lab.

MaizieD Mon 27-Feb-23 11:11:25

It's too late to do anything about that escape now and I think it would be futile to further dislike China on the strength of it.

But China is not entirely to blame for the human misery caused. It was compounded by international medical ignorance (particularly in the western 1st world ), vainglory and poverty among other things. Not to mention the proliferation of conspiracy theory and anti science discourse flying around social media.

MawtheMerrier Mon 27-Feb-23 11:14:11

We always knew (or suspected it) but remember the US is hardly unbiased when it comes to pronouncements on China.

Galaxy Mon 27-Feb-23 11:14:53

Actually one of the things that was called a conspiracy theory was the lab theory. Mainly because it was said by someone people hated. It's a funny world.

maddyone Mon 27-Feb-23 11:15:43

Maizie there was bound to be medical ignorance, it was a novel virus!

25Avalon Mon 27-Feb-23 11:21:18


Actually one of the things that was called a conspiracy theory was the lab theory. Mainly because it was said by someone people hated. It's a funny world.

Quite so Galaxy. I can remember myself and a couple of other gnetters being degenerated on here for suggesting it escaped from the lab. Does make you wonder what we read in the papers though, how they push certain agendas.

Witzend Mon 27-Feb-23 11:25:18

I wouldn’t be making excuses for China, MaizieD. They must have suspected, yet refused to acknowledge the problem, even when one of their own doctors was emphatic about a virulent new virus - and the poor man died.

Then they continued to allow planeloads of workers from Wuhan, to fly back to northern Italy to work in leather factories - and Italy was the European country hit first and hardest, if you remember.

Galaxy Mon 27-Feb-23 11:26:55

It means it's a good idea to try not to be tribal, if trump pointed out the world was round I would agree, this doesnt mean I think he is right about other issues.

MaizieD Mon 27-Feb-23 11:27:22


Maizie there was bound to be medical ignorance, it was a novel virus!

The far eastern countries managed very well because they had experience of similar diseases, SARS and MERS, and were accustomed to things like mask wearing. That's where the vainglory comes in, I think. We in the west tended to ignore them.

I don't think that the 'novel' excuse works. We're not entirely ignorant about airborne respiratory diseases...

Sparklefizz Mon 27-Feb-23 11:29:13

The western world is not as compliant towards authority.

BlueBelle Mon 27-Feb-23 11:31:00

Don’t forget to drink the disinfectant Galaxy 😂

That’s not an excuse for any country but it’s really just more of an old story
I can’t read the link so don’t know if there’s new information or any kind of proof but I would doubt it

Fleurpepper Mon 27-Feb-23 11:57:05

Is anyone able to copy the link as behind paywall, please.

Glorianny Mon 27-Feb-23 12:02:58
Nothing is certain except death and taxes.

Daisymae Mon 27-Feb-23 12:03:24

The report is by the US Department of Energy. It's essential that the origins o the outbreak are found for all sorts of reasons, not least to prevent a repeat. Hundreds of death certificates a week mention Covid and thousands are incapacitated, possibly indefinitely. It's still an issue, whether we like it or not.

Namsnanny Mon 27-Feb-23 12:05:03

Matt Ridley's book is a good read.
Plenty of people were called conspiracy theorist through out covid.
But even more were cancelled.

Ask those who had the audacity to talk about ivermectin.

Grantanow Mon 27-Feb-23 12:54:36

The US Energy Dept. is not the only US agency to pass an opinion. Most have said it was probably naturally occurring. Energy is in a small minority. I doubt we shall ever know and we need to be careful not to be manipulated by politicians like Trump with an axe to grind against China or any other country with bio labs.

Hetty58 Mon 27-Feb-23 12:56:51

It's still speculation, though. I want some evidence - but not much chance of that.

MerylStreep Mon 27-Feb-23 13:01:26

Maybe if the WHO hadn’t been so far up Chinas backside the whole episode could have been handled differently.

Namsnanny Mon 27-Feb-23 13:08:07


Namsnanny Mon 27-Feb-23 13:11:24

Although the West is culpable of working with the labs in Wuhan.