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Favourite Works of Art

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Butternut Fri 20-Jul-12 14:12:42

The Tracey Emin thread got me thinking about what I feel for art, and which paintings I enjoy the most.
What would you hang on your wall?

soop Fri 20-Jul-12 15:27:48

Butter I could live happily with an oil by Dorothy Johnstone ...^Cecile Walton^
Early Spring, Cupar, Fife...*Robert Henderson Blyth*
Lady in Black...Cadell
the North End, Iona...*Cadell*^Cottage, near Lago^...*G.L Hunter*
Christmas time in the South of France...*J. D. Fergusson*
Wandering Shadows...*Peter Graham*
And there is one of children in an orchard painted by one of the Glasgow Boys. Cannot find any reference to it at the mo'. I'll add to my list in due course smile

whenim64 Fri 20-Jul-12 15:49:29

My all time favourite is Renoir's 'Bal du Moulin de la Galette'

jeni Fri 20-Jul-12 16:16:26

De Vinci virgin of the rocks.

Elegran Fri 20-Jul-12 16:19:04

soop Are the children in the orchard by Hornell?

Grannylin Fri 20-Jul-12 16:24:48

Love anything by Stanley Spencer-weird!

Frankel Fri 20-Jul-12 16:34:09

'A Girl at a Window' by Rembrandt. It's in the Dulwich Gallery in South East London. I look at it every time I go there so I guess it must be my favourite.

soop Fri 20-Jul-12 16:36:31

OH dear Elegran...I've been searching the web for ages. I'm certain that you have the answer. Is it titled The Music of the Woods? Or is that another of Hornell's works? THANK you. Yes! I love the Glasgow Boys art...
Others that I'm drawn to -
Ayshire...*George H. Barr*
The Tennis Party ...*John Lavery*
Brig O' Turk...*Arthur Melville*
Ant the list will grow. smile

vampirequeen Fri 20-Jul-12 16:50:06

Definately The Scream.

bear Fri 20-Jul-12 17:08:19

The Shrimp Girl by Hogarth for her lovely bright face, The ancient of Days by William Blake, all Monet's Waterlilies in the Orangerie in Paris, Constable's Chain Pier in Brighton, Picasso's Guernica. How many more can I have?

soop Fri 20-Jul-12 17:19:20 many as you like. smile

crimson Fri 20-Jul-12 17:36:27

Not something I would have on the wall at home but to sit in a gallery and stare at Whistlejacket by Stubbs.

glammanana Fri 20-Jul-12 17:37:29

Anything by Monet,and an unknown Russian artist called Urman who painted a watercolour for me when I meet him at an Art exhibition in Spain in 2006,it is on my wall in the spare room and brings back lovely memories it may be worth a few £s in years to

Elegran Fri 20-Jul-12 18:57:26

soop There is a Hornell in the Gallery in Edinburgh called "In the Orchard" That is probably the one. Next time I am there I shall look for a postcard with it on to send to you.

Greatnan Fri 20-Jul-12 18:58:40

Any Monet for me, too! And perhaps one of Turner's misty seascapes.
I loathe those huge, violently coloured religious paintings of people being tormented by demons.

Mamie Fri 20-Jul-12 19:29:13

Manet's Peonies.

absentgrana Fri 20-Jul-12 19:35:22

Monet and Turner, definitely, but also Pissarro – the Father of the Impressionists – a sweet man and a great painter. I have a few water colours and the odd oil or two that I bought because I like them – nothing more than £400. Some bought at auction, some bought from the artists themselves. The give me infinite pleasure but are unlikely to give me a great fortune. smile

johanna Fri 20-Jul-12 19:41:59

The Kiss. Gustav Klimt.

absentgrana Fri 20-Jul-12 19:44:28

I wouldn't mind a Vermeer, either and, on a completely different tack, I have a real affection for Paul Klee.

Butternut Fri 20-Jul-12 19:49:16

Matisse - any of his work with lemons.
I have a print of this one - The Egyptian Curtain - in the kitchen. Always catches my eye. smile

Bags Fri 20-Jul-12 19:50:16

I think my favourite painting is Vermeer's Girl in a Turban. I also like Pieter do Hooch's Woman peeling apples.

I agree that the Glasgow Boys are fun.

FlicketyB Fri 20-Jul-12 20:03:16

I have yet to see anything by Paul Nash or Ravilious that i did not like.

I would also happily frame any book cover Brian Cook designed for the Batsford Counties series published in the 1930s and 40s

Grannylin Fri 20-Jul-12 20:47:08

Oh yes, to Matisse. also like Salvador Dali.Went to his exhibition at County Hall, next to the Thames and then on the London Eye. Felt quite peculiar afterwards confused

numberplease Fri 20-Jul-12 21:20:34

Anything by Constable, but does it have to be a painting? If sculptures are allowed, for some reason I`ve always been fond of Michaelangelo`s David!

goldengirl Sat 21-Jul-12 22:09:04

A Hopeless Dawn by Frank Bramley. It led me to the PreRaphaelites and boosted my love of poetry. It's a painting in the Tate and I've sat in front of it for ages just absorbing it. It's so very poignant and beautifully executed. The detail picked out in the light on the floor is stunning. I just love it.