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John Cleese and Andrew Graham Dixon

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Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 11-Nov-21 18:58:47

Andrew Graham Dixon got into trouble at Cambridge University for impersonating Hitler during a talk he gave on art etc. The head of the Student Union said he would let other unions know that they shouldn’t let Graham Dixon speak at their unis. Then, John Cleese, who was also due to speak at Cambridge decided to withdraw before they did it for him. He has also impersonated Hitler. Don’t students like confrontation these days? I didn’t think students were delicate flowers who don’t like their equilibrium unsettled.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 11-Nov-21 19:01:59

Just a phase, it will be something else soon. It is what students do, it’s part of the growing up process.

JeanneLeFol Sun 14-Nov-21 08:57:54

Andrew Graham-Dixon is a wonderful writer and broadcaster. I have several of his books and think he is first rate in his field. The idea that he should be no platformed because of a minor jest is ridiculous. The intolerance of other people’s opinions by certain groups is staggering and bodes ill for the future. The so called liberal left are more akin to Stalinism. Students are supposed to go to University to get an education, not to rewrite history or refuse to read or listen to anyone they don’t agree with.
We’ll have mass book burnings next. First they put the books on the bonfire, then the authors whose opinions/actions they don’t agree with follow them. They do it now before a book is even published by threatening boycotts if something they don’t agree with is published. Society is being shaped and manipulated by the ignorant.
Heaven help us all.