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Eggy bread - how come I’ve never made it before?

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Witzend Sun 24-Sep-23 15:33:37

I’d read about it more than once - usually in novels - but only thought to try some this morning, for a very late breakfast.
Super quick and tasty - I’ll certainly be having it again.

grandMattie Sun 24-Sep-23 15:37:02

Also called French toast

BlueBelle Sun 24-Sep-23 15:39:27

How have you missed it ? used to be my kids and grandkids favourite (mine too)

Hetty58 Sun 24-Sep-23 15:42:33

It was staple food (along with porridge) for breakfast, dessert or snacks in this house - with a hoard of hungry children to feed. We had the savoury, cheesy version and the sweet (jam or maple syrup) one. My Indian friend calls it sweetbreads, something quite different here. She puts sugar in with the eggs, whereas I made it plain.

SusieB50 Sun 24-Sep-23 15:46:41

I was introduced to this by a French friend when we were on holiday many years ago . Our young children loved it. The French “boule” bread makes delicious eggy bread .

Aveline Sun 24-Sep-23 15:51:16

My mum used to make it. French toast. Never ever sweet! Very tasty savoury plateful.

Marydoll Sun 24-Sep-23 15:55:57

I have been having it since I was a child. I often have it for lunch, when my appetite is poor. Definitely never the sweet version.

SachaMac Sun 24-Sep-23 16:03:55

I love it but it’s one of those things I just rarely think to do, this thread has set me off though.

pascal30 Sun 24-Sep-23 16:06:28

great for using up older bread, I also use cheese and mustard

Callistemon21 Sun 24-Sep-23 16:11:34

I used to make it for the DC (and me) but haven't made any for years.

Time to try it again

Oreo Sun 24-Sep-23 16:32:48

I make eggy bread regularly, DP likes it with fried tomatoes.

AreWeThereYet Sun 24-Sep-23 16:37:26

Love eggy bread with bacon and maple syrup - but only now and again.

Kalu Sun 24-Sep-23 16:53:53

French toast has been a favourite here for years. Sometimes with gruyère and a touch of mustard mixed through cut to make a sandwich. GD2 likes it with….tomato sauce, yuck.

Squiffy Sun 24-Sep-23 17:18:11

Eggy bread was my DS's piece de resistance after he learned how to cook it at Scout camp! Every now and again I make it for lunch and reminisce!

midgey Sun 24-Sep-23 17:22:07

We used to have French toast with syrup as a pudding, really delicious!

MayBee70 Sun 24-Sep-23 18:20:47

I never get the amount of egg to bread right and end up cutting an extra slice in half to use up the last of the egg mixture.

Oldbat1 Sun 24-Sep-23 19:38:16

We called it French Toast in Scotland. Husband is English and it is eggy bread.

MrsKen33 Sun 24-Sep-23 19:46:26

We call it Batman toast. Only way we could gerDS to eat it.

kittylester Sun 24-Sep-23 19:54:23

Love it with caster sugar.

Fleurpepper Sun 24-Sep-23 20:01:15

cinnamon caster sugar smile

Mogsmaw Sun 24-Sep-23 20:05:31


We called it French Toast in Scotland. Husband is English and it is eggy bread.

Agree on the french toast in Scotland. For dipped slices of bread only. If I made jam pieces and dipped and fried them for the children we called them “poor knights of St George” or just poor knights. I don’t know why!

Poppyred Sun 24-Sep-23 20:06:57

Love French toast, they add cinnamon on the continent….yuck!

Callistemon21 Sun 24-Sep-23 20:09:33

Eggy bread is savoury
French toast is (usually) sweet

I love cinnamon but not in savoury dishes.

Aveline Sun 24-Sep-23 21:47:16

Up here French toast is always savoury. None of your southern softy sweet eggy nonsense for us!

Fleurpepper Sun 24-Sep-23 22:02:55

Welsh rarebit savoury, eggy bread sweet, with cinnamon- for us.