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So, our Honourable friends the Brexiteers ...

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jura2 Wed 14-Nov-18 13:34:59

Are you happy now?

lemongrove Wed 14-Nov-18 13:41:57

Nothing is decided as yet....unless you have prior knowledge
Of course jura hmm

GrannyGravy13 Wed 14-Nov-18 13:51:18

Do you know the UK's exit plan Jura? Because I have only heard snippets, there is still a long way to go.

janeainsworth Wed 14-Nov-18 13:54:28

Oh give it a rest jura.
By all means start a thread to discuss the latest developments, but keep your sneering and sarcasm out of the thread title, please.

Day6 Wed 14-Nov-18 13:55:18

Jura, you seem to be crowing.

What do you know about our exit from the EU that we or Parliament are unaware of?

janeainsworth Wed 14-Nov-18 14:05:47

Applegran has already started this thread on the same subject so I suggest that everyone puts their comments on her thread instead.

gmelon Wed 14-Nov-18 14:14:13

I'm quite happy. Thanks for asking. grin

MaizieD Wed 14-Nov-18 16:34:11

Applegran's thread isn't the same subject as this one at all. It's just another 'how would you vote ifwe had another referendum?' thread and it's been done to death on here already.

I think what jura is wondering about is the reaction of Leavers to the likelihood that 'brexit' will be Brexit In Name Only. Which has been very much on the cards all along.

kittylester Wed 14-Nov-18 16:36:36

Surely rhat would be good result for you jura|

toscalily Wed 14-Nov-18 16:48:19

Some presume to know so much more than others.

MissAdventure Wed 14-Nov-18 16:51:40

I hope your doctor doesn't see this thread, jura

oldbatty Wed 14-Nov-18 16:53:35

that seems a bit mean?

PamelaJ1 Wed 14-Nov-18 16:56:08

MissAd, 😂

MawBroon Wed 14-Nov-18 16:58:28

I didn’t realise that any of Jura’s friends were Brexiteers confused

oldbatty Wed 14-Nov-18 17:02:39

I don't know what anybody is talking about any more. I can't trust anyone here.
I'm not pro Corbyn or anti Charles. I'm not that interested in politics. What is all this about. Please somebody enlighten me.

crystaltipps Wed 14-Nov-18 17:03:33

Most Brexiteers on here will agree with anything Theresa May says.

MawBroon Wed 14-Nov-18 17:04:02

It IS on the Politics thread confused

oldbatty Wed 14-Nov-18 17:07:02

η πολιτική είναι ζωή

oldbatty Wed 14-Nov-18 17:08:14

Why do you dislike me so much Maw....from the off my first comment? Why?

Jalima1108 Wed 14-Nov-18 17:11:43

So, our Honourable friends the Brexiteers
I didn't know that Gove, Johnson, Fox et al were on Gransnet

They're Honourable, aren't they?
or are they Right Honourable?

I get confused

Jalima1108 Wed 14-Nov-18 17:14:00

What is all this about. Please somebody enlighten me.
Mushrooms, oldbatty, mushrooms.

Kept in the dark and fed on s**t

Jalima1108 Wed 14-Nov-18 17:15:12

η πολιτική είναι ζωή

To some, yes, but there is more to life

oldbatty Wed 14-Nov-18 17:17:22

Why are you so horrible?

MawBroon Wed 14-Nov-18 17:20:51

OldBatty you say
I'm not that interested in politics

I pointed out this is the Politics thread.

MawBroon Wed 14-Nov-18 17:26:56

Why do you dislike me so much Maw....from the off my first comment? Why ?

I have no idea what your first comment was.
Perhaps you could remind me?