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Old hymns that you still love

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nanna8 Wed 07-Sep-22 13:10:09

I love many of the old hymns but particular ones stay in my mind. We went to Rarotonga just before Covid hit and in the church there they gave a wonderful rendition of ‘How Great Thou Art’ which brought tears to my eyes. I also love ‘The old wooden Cross’ and ‘It is Well with My Soul’.

lemsip Wed 07-Sep-22 13:32:11

me too, favourites are..
I am only an occasional church goer these days though.

How Great Thou Art

Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

Smileless2012 Wed 07-Sep-22 13:34:28

Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art.

biglouis Wed 07-Sep-22 13:38:32

I am not religious but Ive always enjoyed a good sing song and had a very good voice when I was younger.

Fight the good fight
Onward Christian soldiers

nanna8 Wed 07-Sep-22 13:54:41

Oh - haven’t heard Onward Christian Soldiers in a while. Good stirring hymn!

MrsKen33 Wed 07-Sep-22 14:19:00

My favourite has always been. ‘ Immortal Invisible.’

welbeck Wed 07-Sep-22 14:49:37

the english hymnal and its use during assembly was key to my learning to read at first year of junior school, age 7.
my fondness and warm gratitude remains.
as well as enduring familiarity with the hymns.
the swell of sound behind me, and gazing intently at the headmaster before me, the words almost sang themselves out of the book.

Juno56 Wed 07-Sep-22 15:23:50

So many but these come immediately to mind:

Be Thou My Vision,
How Great Thou Art,
And Can It Be,
Guide Me Oh Thou Great Redeemer,
Here I Am Lord (I The Lord Of Sea And Sky).

The last is not really old (late 20th century) but a wonderful hymn.

merlotgran Wed 07-Sep-22 15:53:42

I love the hymns I sang at school.

Lord Behold Us With Thy Blessing was always sung on the first day of term and Lord Dismiss Us on the last.

Oh Jesus I Have Promised, Dear Lord and Father of Mankind and Hills of the North Rejoice also bring back memories.

vampirequeen Wed 07-Sep-22 15:55:17

The Old Rugged Cross and When A Knight Won His Spurs

grandMattie Wed 07-Sep-22 16:06:45

The king of love my shepherd is
I heard the voice of Jesus say
Be thou my vision

Grannyboots1 Wed 07-Sep-22 16:44:45

There is a Green Hill Far Away. It makes me cry!

MrsKen33 Wed 07-Sep-22 17:32:16

I spent a lot of my childhood wondering why the green hill didn’t have a city wall!

PollyDolly Wed 07-Sep-22 17:35:20

For All The Saints
The Lord's My Sheperd

Madgran77 Wed 07-Sep-22 17:37:16

Thine be the Glory

Mine Wed 07-Sep-22 17:39:21

Make me channel of your peace

How great thou art....My favourites

sodapop Wed 07-Sep-22 17:39:59

grin MrsKen33

As a lapsed Methodist I love all the old hymns, such a shame not to hear them so much now

welbeck Wed 07-Sep-22 17:43:47

and at xmas, we three kings of oreey and tar.
which i presumed were some far off places beyond persia.
as a child my dear late partner used to sing,
do y'know silvia blackshirt...
well he didn't, whoever she was, and thought no more about it until years later on taking up church, discovered a hymn to the same tune which began,
do no sinful action...

BridgetPark Wed 07-Sep-22 17:47:17

Lord for tomorrow, Just for today, wonderful hymn.

Greenfinch Wed 07-Sep-22 17:54:46

A friend’s husband wanted to have Onward Christian Soldiers at his wedding because it reminded him of his days at boarding school. The vicar persuaded him against it as not being particularly appropriate for a marriage! I like:
Make me a channel of thy peace.
I don’t think these are particularly old .
I like Jerusalem as well .

Greyduster Wed 07-Sep-22 17:56:48

Guide me oh thou great Jehovah;
He who would valiant be;
Eternal Father strong to save;
Guide me oh thou great redeemer;
For all the Saints who from their labours rest;
I heard the voice of Jesus say (to the tune of Vaughan Williams Variations on Dives and Lazarus (though I don’t know which came first!)).

Greyduster Wed 07-Sep-22 17:59:25

Sorry bit of a repetition there - can’t tell my redeemers from my Jehovah’s??

Greyduster Wed 07-Sep-22 18:00:04

? don’t know where he came from !!!

midgey Wed 07-Sep-22 18:09:37

I often find I’m humming a hymn when I walk my dog, I haven’t been to church for many years but still enjoy so many hymns.

Elrel Wed 07-Sep-22 18:10:25

I worked in a small care home. After a resident died we all sang ‘All things Bright and Beautiful’. The years rolled back and many, staff as well as residents, were smiling through tears.

At at 11 in secondary school we each given a little hardback ‘Songs of Praise’. I still have mine 70 years later. So many memories. I especially liked ‘Lord of all Hopefulness’, ‘I Bind Unto Myself Today’ and many Christmas carols.
When I began teaching in 1960 the children enjoyed ‘When a Knight Won his Spurs in the stories of old’ and ‘When lamps are lighted in the town, The boats sail out to sea’.