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Djokovic speaks out

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Sarnia Tue 15-Feb-22 09:01:04

Novak Djokovic has finally spoken out about whether or not he is vaccinated against the virus. He hasn't had the jab nor does he intend to get one in the future. As a world class athlete he says he needs to know what he is putting into his body and researches into everything he takes, even water. So strongly does he feel about this that if the French Open and Wimbledon are closed to him he would accept that even if that means his illustrious career comes to a halt. He said he wasn't one of the anti-vaxxers which I was pleased he said, otherwise he could become their poster boy. He has the right to make the decisions he has. What he doesn't have is the right to spread it.

icanhandthemback Wed 16-Feb-22 13:23:39

I don't much like the man but thought he came across well and I understand why he doesn't want to have the vaccine which is his right. However, you make these decisions knowing you face the consequences of that decision so as long as he's not complaining or trying to bend the rules, that is reasonable.

Boz Wed 16-Feb-22 13:25:03

Interesting article

Doglessfornow Wed 16-Feb-22 13:27:40

I admire him for his stance, but it’s such a shame that we may be deprived of seeing him play. He’s such a wonderful, disciplined athlete, he does so much good in his own country, obviously a very intelligent man, I will be sorry to to see him play again.

arum Wed 16-Feb-22 13:28:34

So glad he’s standing up for freedom of choice and bodily autonomy. Nobody should be told they have to have a medical procedure or else there will be consequences like losing their job or not entering sporting events.

It is definitely not normal for young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or to die while playing their
sport, but this past year it has been happening . . . 294 Athlete Cardiac Arrests and Serious Issues, 168 Dead, after having the COVID Shot.

I respect Djokovic for his decision.

Markoni40 Wed 16-Feb-22 13:32:33

Hello Callistemon21! No I am not - who is Marko Djokovic? I have nothing to do with Djokovic family nor am I from this part of the world.. to me this is just a common sense that should apply where ever you are and who ever you are..

4allweknow Wed 16-Feb-22 13:50:28

Hecertainly does have the right to make decisions about his own body. He does not have the right to be deceitful to enter a top level competition or possibly possibly put others at risk due to his deceit. He lied. The French Open and Wimbledon should be off limits to him for his actions alone never mind if a vaccination is required.

Dianehillbilly1957 Wed 16-Feb-22 13:51:50

Over rated and overpaid!

rowyn Wed 16-Feb-22 13:54:29

"His PR team have been working hard to repair the damage.

I guess it’s taken a couple of weeks to coach his media performance."

As a confirmed cynic, I'm with Peasblossom.

PS Don't know how to show the top 2 lines are a copy of Peasblossom's message other than with quotation marks!

cookiemonster66 Wed 16-Feb-22 13:54:40

If everybody had his "I'm alright Jack" mentality the whole world would still be in lockdown, I abhor selfish behaviour. Worse epidemic nowadays is "over entitlement" we should go back to thinking about the common good, doing the right thing, sense of community and looking out for the most vulnerable of society, not just selfishly thinking about oneself!

Callistemon21 Wed 16-Feb-22 13:56:04


Hello Callistemon21! No I am not - who is Marko Djokovic? I have nothing to do with Djokovic family nor am I from this part of the world.. to me this is just a common sense that should apply where ever you are and who ever you are..

Hello Marko!
Novak has a brother called Marko, I thought from your spirited defence of him you might be connected

Markoni40 Wed 16-Feb-22 13:58:08

4allweknow how is he putting others at risk more than anyone else - vaccinated or not vaccinated? and when did he lie? he was not extradited from Australia because there was anything wrong with his documentation or anything he said... he was sent out on the bases that he will wrongly influence people of Australia!!!! please do read the facts before stating something like this..

Callistemon21 Wed 16-Feb-22 14:00:23

Australia did make a complete tennis balls-up of this (excuse the excruciating pun).

4allweknow Wed 16-Feb-22 14:14:18

Markoni40 my understanding of the Australian debacle was he/entourage knew vaccination was required, he must have known he hadn't been vaccinated but thought as he had allegedly had Covid twice qualified as being vaccinated. Amazed he wants to mixed with people at all given how he protects his body with his food and liquids from his organic restaurant in Monaco. That's obviously where the rest of us are going wrong, organic foods created by Djokovic, that's what we should have instead of vaccine.

Baggs Wed 16-Feb-22 14:26:44

I read the BBC bit about what he said - he's not ruling it out in the future, which to me sounds like he's happy for the rest of us to be Guinea pigs.

I think that is a cynical view which is not implied by what he has said. He wants to wait until he feels sure the vaccine is safe. It does not follow from that that he is happy for others to be guinea pigs.

He may think that the vaccine programme is using people like guinea pigs but, again, not wanting the vaccine yet himself is not saying that he's happy about that, only that he chooses not to join in.

Naninka Wed 16-Feb-22 15:19:10


Why on earth has the BBC given him so much prominence today? It is madness.

Exactly what I said to Mr N.

katy1950 Wed 16-Feb-22 15:41:34

It's his decision whether to have the jab or not but he shouldn't expect countries to allow him in if it's there policy to only allow vaccinated people in he has become a poster boy for the anti vax mob

posset Wed 16-Feb-22 15:44:45

NoVax Jabovic!

Daisend1 Wed 16-Feb-22 15:54:06

What makes him so special ?,maybe his view not mine.
Clearly no thought given and takes little if we are to see the eradication of this virus for generations yet to come
I salute Australia.

Lin663 Wed 16-Feb-22 16:34:02

He faked his positive Covid test so he could play in Australia…I remember seeing his certificate on telly and it was completely out of sequence. He’s an entitled idiot and I am glad the Aussies gave him short shrift. I don’t believe he is remotely principled…he was just trying to save face yesterday…he didn’t pull the wool over my eyes…

Pedwards Wed 16-Feb-22 17:07:18


He should have spoken out sooner because his comments came across really well. He's sticking up for his principles even at risk of his tennis career. Good for him!

I agree, he should have said all this earlier, it was good to hear that he accepts that his actions have consequences.

Tanjamaltija Wed 16-Feb-22 17:18:19

He forgot to say this: ( Djokovic has 80% stake in biotech firm developing Covid treatment )
And, also, he had said that he had Covid-19 already....

Jjebe Wed 16-Feb-22 17:18:31

It’s your autoimmune system which determines how you fare against Covid not your level of fitness

Mollygo Wed 16-Feb-22 17:41:48

I think he’s entitled to his own views. I don’t think he’s entitled to choose which rules he abides by and which he flouts. I think his parents couldn’t have known how appropriate his name would prove to be.

Callistemon21 Wed 16-Feb-22 17:49:55


It’s your autoimmune system which determines how you fare against Covid not your level of fitness

Immune system, not autoimmune system.

This is a new virus so the body has built up no antibodies against it so we have no natural immunity to it.
It is curious how some people have no symptoms and others can become very sick or die from Covid.

Those who have had Covid and recovered with have immunity but it hasn't stopped some people catching it again as it mutates.

Callistemon21 Wed 16-Feb-22 17:50:32

will have