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Gold Digger

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Chestnut Tue 12-Nov-19 23:09:30

This drama series promises to be an interesting watch with a topical subject. Here a much younger man targets a wealthy 60 year old woman. She throws all caution to the wind and goes along with it. How her grown up children react and the consequences of this relationship will make fascinating viewing.

Lilypops Tue 12-Nov-19 23:12:50

Yes I am loving Golddigger, can't wait for next week to see what happens, Loved the way Benjamin told Patrick(her son) go and fetch some more champagne will you !! It's going to be very interesting ,

Coolgran65 Wed 13-Nov-19 00:01:44

Dh and I thought Benjamin reminded us of Jamie Dornan in The Fall. Not his looks so much but the mannerisms and the measured tones.

Loving Golddigger

Pantglas2 Wed 13-Nov-19 06:12:50

Yes ladies very interesting to see where this one will take us!

Beechnut Wed 13-Nov-19 06:59:57

I stayed awake ! It must be good 😂

tanith Wed 13-Nov-19 07:28:24

I enjoyed it too but I wish they wouldn’t tempt us to binge watch it on iPlayer I have to resist 😂

BlueBelle Wed 13-Nov-19 08:08:58

I didn’t think it was particularly interesting I was looking forward to it but thought it a bit slow anyway I m hoping it’ll Rev up and get a bit more umph in it

Chestnut Wed 13-Nov-19 09:38:20

I'm loving the Jekyll and Hyde aspect of Benjamin's character, sweet and charming at first but then you see the darker side every now and then.

Teetime Wed 13-Nov-19 11:27:42

ooo this is going to get even better I think.

fizzers Wed 13-Nov-19 11:30:23

Oooh I loved the first episode, I may or may not decide to binge watch it!

I didn't think she looked anywhere near 60 though!

sodapop Wed 13-Nov-19 11:57:44

I thought it was a bit predictable but good to have an older woman in the main role for a change. I will continue to watch as I am not very selective with my viewing.

Chestnut Wed 13-Nov-19 12:09:19

I didn't think she looked anywhere near 60 though!
Probably because she's only 54 in real life, but then the movies have always been good at creating an illusion.

ninathenana Wed 13-Nov-19 12:17:31

Has he "targeted" her though, do we know that for sure.
Of course I suspect him but wouldn't it be a good twist to find her children are wrong about him. If so why then did she run.
Looking forward to next week.

glammanana Wed 13-Nov-19 14:09:38

I got myself all ready to watch it snuggled on the sofa and went to sleep throughout it so will have to catch up during one afternoon when wide awake.

gulligranny Wed 13-Nov-19 14:38:36

I thought it was really good, very well acted by all concerned and all too believable. Ben Barnes is gorgeous and just my idea of a perfect toyboy. In which case, although neither glamorous, wealthy and no longer anywhere near 60, I'm considering hanging around the British Museum in hope ....

Brunette10 Wed 13-Nov-19 14:55:32

Yes I enjoyed it too, so much more to come. I liked the way the son got sent for more champagne, I bet he felt like punching him in the face wink

Brunette10 Wed 13-Nov-19 14:57:04

Oh gulligranny - keep us postedsmile wink

Chestnut Wed 13-Nov-19 15:04:21

I really don't like the 'forward flash' given at the start of many series. You see a dramatic scene about which you know nothing, and then we go back a year and see the full story.
I hate it! Just give me the story from start to finish with no spoilers! I always cut out the 'coming next week' bit at the end too.

Grannyknot Wed 13-Nov-19 15:09:16

I'm in! smile

In my head I keep seeing Julia Ormond in Legends of The Fall with Brad Pitt, she was/is gorgeous, well they both were (are)! grin

Chestnut I also get cross when the "Next time" clip at the end gives away half the flipping story, so I quickly switch off. I'm not binge watching Gold Digger so no spoilers please or otherwise alert us more measured viewers please smile

Sar53 Wed 13-Nov-19 15:38:56

I've just watched the first episode and really enjoyed it. I will probably end up binge watching as it's all on iPlayer. Looking good.

Namsnanny Wed 13-Nov-19 15:58:28

I thought it was a bit predictable too.
I think (hope) it will have a bit of a twist to it so I stick with it for the foreseeable.
Another story about a toy boy (girl) fleecing a gullible lover (male or female) and the selfish children fighting to keep their inheritance, I can live without.

Liz46 Wed 13-Nov-19 16:01:32

We are binge watching and have just one more to watch. I hope it has a good twist at the end.

Chestnut Wed 13-Nov-19 16:03:47

This thread is for people watching it weekly! No spoilers please.

Namsnanny Wed 13-Nov-19 17:23:27

Good point chestnut !!!

Coolgran65 Wed 13-Nov-19 17:29:12

Liz46 if you have binge watched it with just one episode to go and see hoping for a twist at the end, then you have just told us that there hasn't been a twist so far. sad