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Coronation Street- continued.

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Calendargirl Wed 09-Nov-22 10:28:52

Yes, we all know it’s rubbish, but Corrie is an institution.

We need to have an active thread at all times.


Oopsadaisy1 Wed 09-Nov-22 10:31:27

Goodness , I haven’t watched it since Elsie Tanner died.

I’ve probably missed some interesting bits.

Calendargirl Wed 09-Nov-22 10:39:19

And some not so interesting Oops.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 09-Nov-22 13:24:21


lemsip Wed 09-Nov-22 20:21:12

as if fizz and tyrone can afford £20,000.

hope bernie finds fern

Grannynannywanny Wed 09-Nov-22 20:41:11

Thanks for starting the new thread Calendargirl. We need somewhere to come for a good moan 😆

NotTooOld Wed 09-Nov-22 21:51:57


as if fizz and tyrone can afford £20,000.

hope bernie finds fern

Lemsip, it was £200,000.
SPOILER ALERT I read somewhere that Hope is going to kill two people.

Anyone else think Amy's boyfriend fancies Summer? Or is he just being brotherly?

Doodledog Wed 09-Nov-22 21:59:13

Hope is a little monster. I'm not sure I like her storyline, as it suggests that homocidal mania is inherited.

Yes, I thought that about Amy's boyfriend, too. Good for Max on his questioning of Lauren about her treatment of the new boy. I hope he sees through the racists sooner rather than later. His hormones will get the better of him at first, but once he gets that out of the way, I hope he converts Lauren to The Good Side, or drops her unceremoniously.

NotTooOld Wed 09-Nov-22 22:03:30

Just remembered I think I also read that Leo, as well as dear little Hope, kills two more people. How confusing - or perhaps I'm losing the plot, literally.

I don't like Max even though he seems to have turned over a new leaf. He smiles all the time. Doesn't seem natural as teenagers more often scowl than smile (I've known a few).

Doodledog Wed 09-Nov-22 22:05:17

He's in lurve grin.

NotTooOld Wed 09-Nov-22 22:09:19

He's weird. grin

BlueBelle Wed 09-Nov-22 22:25:35

Leo’s dead isn’t he ? or are you implying he’s not actually
dead NotTooOld???

lemsip Wed 09-Nov-22 23:24:21

max is played by actor paddy bever who is 19yrs old.

nanna8 Wed 09-Nov-22 23:30:04

I don’t think I have ever seen it but the name Ena Sharples rings a bell so maybe I did in the dim and distant past.

vegansrock Thu 10-Nov-22 06:51:54

We know Hope is being depicted as some sort of evil child, wasn’t she supposed to be getting some sort of psychological help? Or is Fizz in denial of her destructive tendencies? Let’s hope her targets include the dreary Summer, Aaron, Paul, Todd and Billy, amongst other annoying characters.

Calendargirl Thu 10-Nov-22 07:00:37

The court costs were originally about 20k until Adam dropped the bombshell that the new libel barrister’s fees would be 100k, which could double if they lost, paying the other sides legal costs also.

Tyrone is plain stupid, promising Hope that he would get it all sorted. Does he never learn?

Has Tracy got a key to Amy’s flat? She seems to swan in no problem.

NotTooOld Thu 10-Nov-22 14:35:38


Leo’s dead isn’t he ? or are you implying he’s not actually
dead NotTooOld???

If I did imply that, Bluebelle, I did not mean to. He certainly is dead. We saw him in the bin, I think, and later I believe he was transferred to the car boot of wicked 'son of Audrey' - can't remember his name. I'm sure I read somewhere that the wicked son kills two more people. That could be the upcoming Christmas story, perhaps?

NotTooOld Thu 10-Nov-22 14:39:48

He-he, Doodledog. 'His hormones will get the better of him at first, but once he gets that out of the way,....' You are a true romantic! grin

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 10-Nov-22 14:43:15

I have never watched it, but younger son who was at Manchester University, watched it because he said it was the law!

Aveline Thu 10-Nov-22 14:56:34

It's a good storyline re grooming a disaffected lad like Max and trying to draw him in to a racist gang. A bit different from the usual.
Hope's always been a trainee psychopath. Poor Fizz and Tyrone. They always tried their best to be good parents no matter what was going on. There may be trouble ahead... 🎶

NotTooOld Thu 10-Nov-22 16:41:04

Ladyleftfieldlover - I bet it is the law in Manchester!

Lucca Thu 10-Nov-22 17:23:01

Bored to smithereens with Summer
What’s happened to Gary Windass?

Calendargirl Thu 10-Nov-22 17:56:00

Not just Gary Windass Lucca.

Where are Abi, Jack, Sarah, Lily, Steve, Izzy, Craigy, Faye?

And Wendy Crozier hasn’t been in lately either.

Aveline Thu 10-Nov-22 19:31:04

They can't all be in all the time or try the sets would be packed out. Their storylines will come back round again. Of course there'll have to be a big drama for Christmas.

Clawdy Fri 11-Nov-22 08:37:12

Wish they'd given Max a happy storyline for a change. Great if he sees the horrible group for what they really are- but probably won't happen.

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