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child taken abroad bu son's x partner

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whogoesthere Mon 21-Aug-23 22:00:39

Any advice welcome, my son's x has taken my grandson abroad without notfying him, we only found out from `grandson that he wasgoing on holiday when we last saw him.My son wants to report her for child abduction-is this the right thing to do?He has a FaceTime call with the child every week but last weekend it did not happen and also i wanted to send some things for the child and she replied to my message saying she was away for the next 2 weeks but again not informing the childs father.

Debbi58 Wed 23-Aug-23 17:20:11

I googled it a couple of years ago for a member of my family. If the child lives with its mother and the couple weren't married. The mother csn take the child out of the country for 4 weeks without permission from the Father.

BlueBelle Wed 23-Aug-23 17:31:10

Well as whogoesthere hasn’t come back we ll probably never know the answers

Iam64 Thu 24-Aug-23 10:00:21

Thanks SpanielNanny
I’m too long retired to be up to date but this was my understanding, that ‘reasonable’ behaviour is supported by the children act

ExDancer Thu 24-Aug-23 10:13:18

Bluebell is right.
Why people post questions and then fail to respond to the replies beats me!

lyleLyle Thu 24-Aug-23 16:08:14

Legalities aside, do you really feel like your grandson is at risk for abduction? Because if neither of you do, and you are seriously considering reporting the mum, I don’t think either of you can truly love your grandson. If you really don’t believe your grandson is at risk, then the very thought of destabilizing his home life is shameful and evil.

Given the history, your son is at best a part time father. Should the mother have informed with detail about the holiday? Absolutely! Should she have made time for the facetime? Of course! But you both knew she was taking the child on holiday. You could have asked questions like adults. She wasn’t trying to hide it.

If I am wrong and this child is at risk for abduction, let me apologize in advance. But if you are pondering this spiteful pettiness because your son’s ego was bruised and you couldn’t “send the grandson something”, please do some soul searching before you attempt to make contact with this child again. He isn’t pawn for revenge. Please do not treat his life as a vehicle for payback.

Mamasperspective Sun 17-Sep-23 20:30:51

Depends on the arrangement in place. Legally, if you are UK based and there is a child arrangement order to say the child must live with her then she doesn't have to inform him unless she's taking the child out of the country for more than 28 days.

Ali08 Mon 18-Sep-23 13:42:36

So have the mother and child returned, and did they have a good time?
I'd assume they would have returned by now.

Nannashirlz Wed 20-Sep-23 12:10:57

My x huband x wife. I was his first wife of 23yrs he remarried and she was 2nd she had two kids with him and she took them to Australia he thinks with her new husband without telling him he had court custody too but he’s heard nothing since that was 8yrs ago. Go to speak to your lawyer but it’s not cheap he’s spent quite a bit and he’s no further forward.