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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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Garden tap. Are we the only ones?

21 Iam64


24 Jaxjacky

Lupins and aphids

23 Esspee

Artificial Grass Deodoriser

121 Jane71

World Bee Day

2 H1954

terracotta flowers pots

25 Callistemon21

Kunquat tree

4 glammagran


4 Scentia

Any Bonsai enthusiasts out there?

5 giulia

Tree identification please

15 Lark123

Buying plants online!

39 Redhead56

Next doors gravel garden borders

8 rosie1959

My lemon tree🍋

27 MissAdventure

Fruit and veg growing, how’s it going this year?

59 Mamardoit

Lightweight wheelbarrow

8 Mazgg

What is it and what is wrong with it - any ideas please?

12 Madgran77

Weird rose problem

10 tanith

No-Mow May

23 Germanshepherdsmum

Garden furniture

11 Joseanne

How do you clean plant labels?

20 Grantanow

Cats! Scraping up my seedlings. Help!

21 Blinko

Lapillo - does anyone else use this?

14 NanTheWiser

African violets really do love a cuppa!

30 Esmay

Maple tree

4 25Avalon

Gardener's World

19 Dickens

Has anyone bought a greenhouse recently?

21 Parsley3

Judas Tree

9 Allsorts

To take the offer or not….

27 Ali23

Purple Loosestrife

9 J52

My hose is too heavy and I hate rewinding it - can't leave the bright orange thing lying about so...

22 MayBee70

Are your Lily of the Valley in bloom yet?

16 tanith

Rose propagation

8 Esmay

Anyone going to bother with growing veg this year?

122 weeducky

The new hedge

15 Esmay

Vine weevils - where DO they come from?

15 Coastpath

Geraniums when on holiday

11 BlueBelle

shasta marguerites: what eats the petals?

4 BlueBalou

Gerbera in pot - advice needed

4 marshmarigold132

Daffodil after care .


Supermarket fruit trees

12 Esmay

Can anyone I’d this?

15 Tizliz

Dipladenia/Mandevill a

16 Esmay

Plant ideas for useless gardener

47 LtEve

Aren’t Magnolias looking wonderful this year!

41 Esmay

Do you tell the truth ?

35 jeanie99

Advice needed about begonia

6 jeanie99

Memorial tree ideas please

38 grannyactivist

Watering seedlings

31 Coastpath

Grass box for ride-on mower

7 ExDancer

Can I bring my lawn back to life?

15 Lipstick