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Low cost heater.

6 Hetty58

New mattress

4 jeanie99

Replacing beds

21 jeanie99

Three viewings today

21 Whiff

Grade Two Listing

21 watermeadow

On line estate agents

2 MissAdventure

Furniture leather cleaner.

4 jura2

Recommendations for steam mop for 2019

7 LadyGracie

Signing a Tenancy Agreement. Should I?

55 HazelG

Removal companies charges

30 Whiff



Buying a new mattress. Your opinions, please.


New mattress


Roll-up garage doors

7 Fennel

Cleaning the oven.

109 anbsservice

Moving closer to family for independence

9 Luckygirl

Big senior moment

57 annep1

Tilting Kettles

19 Anniebach

Solar Panels

42 Fusionsol

We finally did it - downsizing - no regrets at all

53 TwiceAsNice

Odour from Water Hyacinth storage box solution please

4 RosieLeah

Oil based satinwood paint

2 phoenix

How did you decide where to retire?

89 Nonnie

Moving to a rented retirement home

13 quizqueen

Wedding China, what have you done with yours?

104 BradfordLass72


28 Pantglas1

Ikea kitchen

27 Madmaggie

Home Insurance and rip-off averted!

42 Luckygirl

Raised toilets for disabled

28 HeyTheree

Pretty tins ideas?

12 varian

Do you bath or shower?

63 Greyduster

Foot scrubbers for the shower

16 stella1949

Defrosting your fridge when you go away?

36 M0nica

Any tips on cleaning glass vases?

20 Bathsheba

Induction hobs

23 BlueSapphire

Cat mess

100 Maggie74

Walk in shower n colours. Small bathroom

41 dragonfly46

My reupholstered chair

20 Glammy57

Walk in baths

7 dragonfly46

New Cooker

13 NotSpaghetti

Strange neighbour

55 Patsy70

keeping tabs on items during removals

25 Teacheranne

Naff or not?

87 shysal

Where do the holes in front of my tee shirts come from

78 Patsy70

Bathroom condensation

19 Farmor15

OMG - I've done it.

15 Day6

new kitchen, not enough worktop space

47 grandtanteJE65

Retirement of cleaning lady

10 Alexa

Parking nightmare.

78 bluetrigger1

White skirt and trousers turned yellow

20 Hetty58