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Duvet covers

89 SparklyGrandma

Vinyl kitchen cuboards

3 Callistemon

Window Cleaners

29 Menopaws

Anyone recommend a topper for mattress

19 annep1

How can he stay in own home?

18 Razzy

Painting kitchen cuboards

12 Katyj

Rugs that don`t damage laminate floors

21 phoenix

Noisy new neighbours

79 Charlie888

Household products you recommend

54 fizzers

Spring cleaning.

47 NanaandGrampy

Funny but frustrating conversations ....

3 crazyH

Which is the Best Energy Comparison Site

27 Charleygirl5

Packing to move. Downsizing. Yes right!

80 craftyone

new kitchen, not enough worktop space

44 craftyone

A terrible shock

6 Doodle


5 varian

I cannot believe it has happened again.

17 Bathsheba

small bathroom, new build soon, no storage at all

44 craftyone

what's it like to live there?

45 Oldfossil

Hotpoint Aquarius Combined Washer/Tumble Dryer

3 FlexibleFriend

Addicted to the phone

28 SynchroSwimmer


107 MadeInYorkshire


50 craftyone

Too much grey ?

63 JackyB

Scarcity of Soap

116 allassinsane

Larder pullout. How to use one efficiently

25 craftyone

"One job makes three"!

7 mcem

Carpet cleaners - bad experience with Vax so which one do I buy now?

15 jjlower

Odour in fridge freezer

11 Alexa


77 quasidodo

Induction Hobs

26 BlueSapphire

Cooling machines.

7 Auntieflo

New mixer and food processor

11 grannysyb

Home Insurance and rip-off averted!

36 Lilyflower

Silly, but I'm excited!

17 BradfordLass72

Cleaning saucepan

34 BradfordLass72

Electric shower

8 Grammaretto

ecoball for laundry

4 tanith

So we are biting the bullet...

5 Nonnie

Micro fibre bedding

4 paddyann

Persil liquid smells different!

12 EllanVannin

how to store bins

18 Lazigirl

Rubber oven gloves....anyone use them

26 shysal

Summer Spruce Up

21 BrandyButter

Beware of Bosch

31 M0nica

Just when it was all going so well..........

18 KatyK


12 HildaW

Septic Tank Legislation - heads up!

10 M0nica


15 Badenkate


3 crazyH