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Do you have any questions around guided travel tours? Ask the experts at Collette - £150 voucher to be won - NOW CLOSED

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EllieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 03-Jun-19 09:55:36

This activity is now closed for questions

If you’ve travelled across the globe, just starting to see the world, or even if you’re just starting to plan your first ever travel experience, Collette wants to help educate you on the ins and outs of escorted touring (travelling in a group to various destinations via a guided tour). Tour designer and travel expert Diana Ditto will be here to answer all your travel related questions.

Here’s some information about Diana: “Diana, the Director of Product Design for Collette, often spends more than 100 days a year travelling. Her job is to seek new and incredible travel experiences to build into Collette’s escorted tours, offering unique travel moments you can’t find on your own. To do this, Diana speaks with industry experts, local travel guides, and tour guests, researching and handcrafting bespoke travel experiences for Collette guided tours with her team.”

Perhaps you have a Collette trip coming up and would like a bit more information on how it will all work? Maybe you’ve been thinking about going on an escorted tour for a while and want to know where to start? Or maybe you’d like to know where the best destinations are for touring?

Ask Diana your questions about touring on the thread below and we’ll select 10-15 questions for her to answer and post her responses as soon as possible. All who leave a question below (regardless of whether it’s chosen or not) will be entered into a prize draw where one Gransnetter will win a £150 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw

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Nonnie Mon 03-Jun-19 10:44:53

Is it possible to have an escorted trip to machu picchu, lake Titicaca and other interesting areas in the region when older? I believe low blood pressure could be a problem at heights and DH would struggle if there was too much walking.

I would love to go on a good trip with whatever add-ons are possible because, at our age, we probably won't go again!

Many thanks

glammanana Mon 03-Jun-19 17:53:41

My daughter and I go on holiday once a year together,is it possible for us to experience different tours if we wanted to go to separate areas of interest when we arrive at our initial destination.?

Daddima Tue 04-Jun-19 14:06:17

Does anyone provide tours specifically for people with mild cognitive impairment, where staff could be on hand in case of something happening to the ‘ unimpaired’ party?

Grannyknot Tue 04-Jun-19 16:30:57

I sometimes consider 'escorted tours' because of all the times we travel and feel afterwards that we may have missed out because we lack 'local knowledge'. But then I think having your whole day (or even week) organised by a tour guide and/or having to experience places of interest in a group is not the best either. So my question is, do escorted tours offer much flexibility in that one can pick and choose how much escorting and guiding to have?

BrandyButter Tue 04-Jun-19 16:57:41

Is it possible to get contact details of people who have booked the same trip before the holiday to maybe get to 'know' a few people and maybe able to select who you would like to share a room with if your going solo but wish to share?

travelsafar Wed 05-Jun-19 12:55:41

Are there any travel agents that provide a room for three as my sister and sister in law want to go to India in 2020 on a guided trip which incorporates Shimla and the Golden triangle. My sister and i have done the GT before but my sister in law hasn't. None of us want to be in a room alone at night.!! smile

Flossieflyby Wed 05-Jun-19 16:58:43

Which are the best guided tours around Italy ?

live7 Wed 05-Jun-19 17:48:54

I'm interested in doing guided tours to some of the places that I've never been and don't feel confident doing on my own. But I'm concerned about waiting for people all the time as we get on and off the transport or who want to spend ages in the gift shops, which I don't. How does that work?

Nicky7of7 Wed 05-Jun-19 18:40:38

I lost my husband last year. He had been ill for four years and I was his carer. I lost contact with friends due to the fact I could not go out. Do you have any guided tours for singles? I have lost my confidence and feel socially inept but would really like go on holiday, just can’t face it on my own.

Harris27 Wed 05-Jun-19 19:19:12

Would be interested in guided tours but would like taster sessions even by mail to read about before I make up my mind.

kpdchudleigh Wed 05-Jun-19 21:18:53

I went on my first escorted tour two years ago to Italy. It wasn't my choice and I had thought I'd hate it but was totally converted as you get to see so much in a short space of time and the company of like minded travellers was fantastic. I made great friends but travelled with my daughter who has now flown the nest. Are there any tours specifically for single people over 50, especially which don't incur supplements or give you the worst rooms?

Ara Thu 06-Jun-19 06:49:06

how much of the guided tours are spent on the coach as I get travel sick

compy99 Thu 06-Jun-19 07:15:31

Are there tours suitable for people in wheelchairs?

maryandbuzz1 Thu 06-Jun-19 07:17:23

Do you spend all the time with the other holidaymakers.....meals etc?

glenka Thu 06-Jun-19 07:17:30

Where are the best places to go if you are going on your own?

sophie56 Thu 06-Jun-19 07:42:03

Are there any trips that a family group across all generations (collectively celebrating a Birthday) can book exclusive guided tours just for the family which can be tailored for all ages and interests?

valbuk Thu 06-Jun-19 07:46:42

I would love to go to India but not confident about travelling independently. A guided tour sounds ideal. What are the best places to visit?

danikagrace Thu 06-Jun-19 07:48:48

Who makes the schedule and how flexible is it?

libra10 Thu 06-Jun-19 08:04:52

I've been looking at the exciting range of Collette destinations offered at your website, there seems to be choice for easier classic style holidays, to the wildly adventurous, such as travelling to Antarctica.

Would you advise easier, relaxing types of holidays for those like me who, although curious about some of the exotic, off-the-beaten-track holidays, are a little nervous wondering whether the more adventurous holidays would be a little bit much to take on?

smoran37 Thu 06-Jun-19 08:14:33

What puts me off from booking a tour is the level of activity involved in the walks. I walk at a leisurely pace & I'd worry I was going too slow for group. Do operators rank/rate level of exercise or mobility involved?

bevmcomp48 Thu 06-Jun-19 08:20:26

Hi, it's something hubby and I have wanted to do, but there's been mixed reports about these trips, some love it, others say they've had a bad experience. I know it's upto the individual as how they like it, but i was just wondering what could we expect while on these tours and how many wonderful country's would there be to choose from, plus do they come with food?

sscrase Thu 06-Jun-19 08:30:18

I'd be interested in a tour but at the same time there are parts I'd like to miss and do my own thing. Is that usually possible ?.

happysouls Thu 06-Jun-19 08:42:06

My concern about guided tours is that there might be someone completely irritating that you're stuck with for your entire holiday. Does this ever happen?

falconer Thu 06-Jun-19 08:56:27

My query about guided tours is that, if there's a coach involved, is there any way of speeding up the unloading? If people didn't stand in the gangway to get their coats and allow others out into the gangway ahead of them, things would be so much quicker (and I know some people cannot hurry).