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Being logged out of GN.

4 Bathsheba

why can't we continue an existing thread - when it makes much more sense than starting a new one?

10 Rufus2

Not getting daily updates

22 tanith

Queens Christmas Speech

29 lemongrove

When I try to send a PM....

5 Gonegirl

Can anyone tell me where to find...

7 Gonegirl

Editing Posts

5 Bussy

OPs highlighted on green throughout the post - why do some people have this and not others?

38 EthelJ

Gransnet ads

11 Purpledaffodil

Foul language and crude posts.

82 fizzers

How to use the 'Search' function

11 SirChenjin

Hello new posters

18 grannyactivist

PM notifications not happening

9 tanith

Where has this come from ?

9 ZoeGransnet

Where is it???? GrandmaNorm's Christmas cake recipe.

9 Gonegirl

England Emoji

11 NfkDumpling

Bloody whinging Gransnetters

105 Rufus2

HQ please

41 Callistemon

gransnet in my email

2 phoenix

Privacy pop up

134 Squiffy

Keep an eye out for PM's!

18 phoenix

Hello GNHQ

44 trisher

Daft question?

10 ZoeGransnet

Unwelcome pm

21 Bopeep14

Churchill Awards 2019 - help us choose a winner

38 CariGransnet


18 quizqueen

Does anyone else start at the bottom?

19 Maybelle

Site has changed to desktop version

7 MissAdventure

I'm on

3 Judy54

Problem with site

8 ZoeGransnet

Webchats - who would you like the chance to talk to?

45 seasider

Email notifications

7 BBbevan

incorrect password message

6 Beechnut

Getting Gransnet under a different format

6 Dawn22

Still getting server error on all forum threads HTTP 500

6 Gonegirl

Server error - apologies

15 Blinko

What on earth has happened?

3 trisher

GNHQ: Forum error message is HTTPStatus 500-Servlet execution threw an exception.

1 Marydoll

Please check server error on all forums

1 Alima


26 Gonegirl

Advice to new? posters

8 Elegran


91 Gonegirl

Highlighting posts

15 ZoeGransnet

PM and notifying you.

14 SarahGransnet

You’ve done it again HQ

33 Gonegirl

dodgy banner suggesting problems for Martin Lewis

6 humptydumpty

Dear GNHQ, I am so sorry to bother you but can you please sort out the total mess I made of the title of this new thread

8 Gonegirl

I've not had today's gn email......

12 SarahGransnet

The Decline and Fall of GN?

110 Callistemon


6 Blinko