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Competition for book

6 callgirl1

Strike through still not working

54 BlueBelle

That £50 voucher offer from GNHQ!

18 Auntieflo


28 Daisymae

Tool bar

54 jackfowler


27 Mitramonday

Beware the 'Martin Lewis' ad!

6 EllanVannin


5 Cherrytree59


12 Bathsheba

Personal message

22 SarahGransnet

Username changes

74 Buffybee

Daily newsletter

5 kittylester


5 Charleygirl5

Come on GNHQ

95 EllanVannin

Puffin Competition - faulty link.

5 Auntieflo

Only my opinion

35 notentirelyallhere

Daughter problems

7 Sara65

Do I leave one son out of my will.

106 Oswin

Keep getting logged out of the site

6 blondenana

Just a ^little^ 'thumbs up'.

24 kittylester

Error 521

4 EllanVannin

"I agree" thumbs up

44 Lazigirl

PMs going into spam

3 kittylester

GNHQ reporting design fault.

114 Rufus2

Advertising bespoke essays?

9 M0nica

Next Tory leader

4 boat

Editing a post

7 Humbertbear

New members- acronyms/abbreviatio ns question

3 Squiffy

No Gransnet letter

4 Auntieflo


2 Moocow

Blocking topics

12 maryeliza54

PMs being deleted

6 Lisagran

Log - in

7 fizzers


2 chelseababy

Estrangement survey

17 Fennel

Don't want cookies

4 Elegran

Changing your Gransnet username

29 janeainsworth

Polite request, even though I think I may have asked before........

26 Elegran

Gransnet ads

9 Anniebach


2 Beechnut


7 ninathenana

Our daily newsletter - important

1 CariGransnet

Help games are taking over again

17 MamaCaz


2 crazyH

Cannot Reply to Private Messages. Why?

3 LaraGransnet

Private messages

7 BlueBelle

Nothing from Gransnet today

5 ninathenana

Anybody else having connection problems to Gransnet today?

16 M0nica


4 Bopeep14

Your privacy us important to us...?

11 GabriellaG54