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Hello GNHQ!

3 lemongrove

Advice to new? posters

12 NatashaGransnet

GN advertising - Dodgy Company

7 NatashaGransnet

An awful lot of nastiness these days, don’t you think?

117 GrannyLaine

No email content

16 LaraGransnet

Why cant I send pm's?

3 farview

Calling grans on Teeside

1 CariGransnet

Contacting gransnet

4 ninathenana

Spam post for Buy Real or Fake Id

3 NatashaGransnet

Illegal Fake Posts

40 NatashaGransnet

Trust the Ad's?

10 Doodledog

Is there a problem?

4 Auntieflo

Answering your questions about Mumsnet premium and how this affects Gransnet

64 CariGransnet


23 SarahCGransnet

Search function

11 Oopsadaisy3

PM deletion messages

14 Marydoll

This forum, numbers, statistics and a bit of logic?

147 fatgran57

Unexpected message in Inbox!

10 rafichagran

Similar threads grouped together

2 silverlining48

More help please HQ

11 Greymar

An important message for all posters

45 Smileless2012

Please remove my thread about comuters, thanks

2 Eglantine21

Bring along your friends, family, neighbours (virtually, of course)

1 CariGransnet

Why has my forum page changed?

1 Lizbethann55

And now, can we please talk about something else?

44 rafichagran

Thanks to GNHQ

7 Greymar

the " say how you're feeling thread"

5 Greymar

It's lurkers' week! Join in to win!

236 NatashaGransnet

Lurkers' week tip of the day: Posting photos - add yours to win!

60 grandmac


10 NatashaGransnet

*WARNING* The media trawling GN for people to interview about the effects of Coronavirus.

20 JenniferEccles

Lurkers and Other Threads

51 Calendargirl

Deletion of threads - explanation to be visible for 24 hours

12 NanaandGrampy

It works both ways

44 rafichagran

Lurkers' week: what do you like best about Gransnet?

32 Marydoll

Lurkers’ week: Quick quiz - enter to win!

47 Tillymint21

Lurkers' week tip of the day - how to find the best discounts for over 60s

1 NatashaGransnet

Lurkers' Week Tip of the Day - Usernames

1 LaraGransnet

Is it really impossible to leave Gransnet offcially?

232 lemongrove

Lurkers' week tip of the day: Receive the Gransnet newsletter

1 NatashaGransnet

We have a new 'classics' section!

1 CariGransnet

Lurkers' week tip of the day - acronyms

3 Harris27


8 CariGransnet

Lurkers' week tip of the day - watching threads

2 ninathenana

Are you receiving the Gransnet newsletter?

15 fourormore

Deleting forums?

51 SadafGransnet

Please may I ask WHY?

25 Doodle

How did you choose your username?

19 Tangerine

Helpful ideas to support MH

4 SpringyChicken

GN, you've done it again!

2 SadafGransnet