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Best Child Horoscope Reading astrology website?

48 Anagram

Scottish Theatre

2 Butternut

David Hockney

9 FlicketyB

Matilda the Musical

7 MaggieP

Well, it was in the culture section of the DT

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Help – Any Dutch speakers?

18 absentgrana

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - for the elderly and beautiful

23 greenmossgiel

I love this

11 bagitha

Can anyone tune a ukelele?

17 Ariadne

Virtual happenings

54 Annika

Amazing Chinese Ballet

17 jeni

Cinderella - The Gransnet Panto!

221 Annobel

The Gransnet Panto

184 Oxon70

Has anyone been to the Turner Centre in Margate?

4 fluffy

Grandson 's concert on webcam video tonight (and rehearsals this afternoon).

8 Elegran

The Leprechaun's Pal Chough

8 absentgrana

The Leprechaun Tree

24 grannyactivist

An alphabet game

45 FlicketyB


21 biggran


55 Sbagran

"Tramp stamp"

40 Joan

The Boat that Rocked

7 susiecb

Do you read a daily newspaper ?

41 Sbagran

National Memorial Arboretum

17 GillieB

Who's a pacifist?

18 helshea


7 em

Z has defeated me!

3 absentgrana

Keeping up with new music

45 crimson

Diversity in the UK

11 grannyactivist

Not-so cultured culture

8 AmberGold