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children's books

17 Deedaa

Artfully arranged trash

12 Bags

The Sapphires - film

14 jO5

Ansel Adams

3 crimson

First World Problems

8 Deedaa

Swan Lake

21 AlisonMA

Need Your Help

40 nanaej


41 JoKyJo

Favourite Works of Art

55 crimson

Calling all choristers

24 Grandmanorm

Enjoy art? Have you been to a NADFAS lecture?

12 gracesmum

Joe Walsh of the Eagles

4 grannyinmypocket

Pink Floyd

8 grannyinmypocket

Roch 'n Poche

5 glassortwo

Julius Caesar

6 artygran

Reading with your grandchildren you value it?

32 Chris1603

Happy birthday Sir Paul McCartney!

19 merlotgran

Poetry it or hate it?

161 nanaej

Come on, India! Modernise!

28 nanaej

Suitable action to help a child's memory.

42 nanachrissy

Bees in a birdbox?

20 jeni

Best Child Horoscope Reading astrology website?

48 Anagram

Scottish Theatre

2 Butternut

David Hockney

9 FlicketyB

Matilda the Musical

7 MaggieP

Well, it was in the culture section of the DT

4 Butternut

Help – Any Dutch speakers?

18 absentgrana

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - for the elderly and beautiful

23 greenmossgiel

I love this

11 bagitha

Can anyone tune a ukelele?

17 Ariadne

Virtual happenings

54 Annika

Amazing Chinese Ballet

17 jeni

Cinderella - The Gransnet Panto!

221 Annobel

The Gransnet Panto

184 Oxon70

Has anyone been to the Turner Centre in Margate?

4 fluffy

Grandson 's concert on webcam video tonight (and rehearsals this afternoon).

8 Elegran

The Leprechaun's Pal Chough

8 absentgrana

The Leprechaun Tree

24 grannyactivist

An alphabet game

45 FlicketyB


21 biggran


55 Sbagran

"Tramp stamp"

40 Joan

The Boat that Rocked

7 susiecb

Do you read a daily newspaper ?

41 Sbagran

National Memorial Arboretum

17 GillieB

Who's a pacifist?

18 helshea


7 em

Z has defeated me!

3 absentgrana

Keeping up with new music

45 crimson

Diversity in the UK

11 grannyactivist