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Intergenerational Foundation webchat with Co-founder Angus Hanton on 9 April

96 FlicketyB

Jack Monroe Q&A

13 JessM

Q&A about online security with National Fraud Authority and Dr Sue Black

21 SueBlack

Jules Hudson webchat 20 March 1:30-2:30pm

55 JulesHudson

Zac Goldsmith Q&A

36 ZacGoldsmith

World Book Day Q&A with Jill Murphy

30 JillMurphy

Sherrie Hewson webchat 27 February 1-2pm

50 KatGransnet

Raymond and Oli Blanc webchat 3 February

60 KatGransnet

"This book will make you..." Q&A

80 Tegan

Ken Hom webchat Thursday 30 January 2-3pm

78 Galen

Fast Exercise with Michael Mosley webchat

80 nancy22

Paul McKenna - webchat Wed 15th Jan 12-1pm

64 whenim64

Fay Weldon webchat - Weds 27 Nov, 4-5pm

59 notgrandma

Khaled Hosseini Q&A

49 Deedaa

Crime writing...Val McDermid Q&A

32 MiceElf

Sir David Jason webchat - Thurs 17 Oct 1-2pm

63 suliza

Michael Palin - live webchat Tues 8 Oct at 11am

86 Deedaa

James Morton (GBBO) bread webchat - Fri 27 Sept 1-2pm

67 Mauaflower

Live webchat with Richard Madeley

55 pamelaJEAN

Live webchat with Mary Berry - Tues 21 May 10-11am

89 shysal

Live webchat with Judy Finnigan - Weds 20 March 1-2pm

99 glassortwo

Live webchat with Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, Tuesday 12 Feb 10.45-11.45am

105 NfkDumpling