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Volunteers needed! Lowestoft 24-26 October

1 FlipSideLowestoft

Things to do in Lowestoft half term

1 FlipSideLowestoft

HODS weekend-what did you do?

16 annodomini

Christmas films

72 Lynnebo

Hotel California

16 rubysong

London West End shows in August

10 Pittcity

Holidays alone

82 meandashy

Multi cultural festival

1 PaulineBeer12345

Porgy and Bess

19 Anniebach

National Trust Membership reduction for loyal members

20 NfkDumpling

Stardust- Hoagy Carmichael and Bob Dylan

4 TriciaF

Fairport's Cropredy Convention

5 Izabella


2 Grannybug

La La Land

11 Chewbacca

Lost poem

4 janeainsworth

Handel Opera

6 SallyDapp

Theatre in London

9 mumofmadboys

Manchester by the Sea

16 Bbnan

I shall say zees only once, Rene - Goodbye goodbye.

10 Christinefrance

Edinburgh Fringe

34 Anya

Sheet music

8 Greyduster

RIP Peter Sarstedt

24 Elrel

Debbie Reynolds has died.

26 Luckylegs9

Going it alone.

118 GrandmaMoira

Bob Dylan

32 mrsjones

Bob Dylan

28 petra

Aladdin and his Ugly Sisters, aided and abetted by cows, dragons, and many other dodgy characters. Oh yes and a sprinkling of fairy dust"

81 wot

your favourite musical

100 BlueBelle

BBC Proms

17 merlotgran

Mixtape cd.

2 NanKate

Brilliant pianist

4 gettingonabit

learning a musical instrument

29 UkeCan61

RIP Caroline Aherne

34 HannahLoisLuke


2 M0nica

but is it art?

65 Granny2016

Download Festival.

54 Tegan

John Whittingdale and the BBC

17 varian

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

20 Jalima


2 tanith

Frog superstitions

11 Alea

have you heard of Seamus Heaney?

15 TriciaF

Response to Trump's comments on women who have had an abortion

14 Iam64

Buckingham Palace March

3 Teetime

Dispreferred words and offence escalation

6 janeainsworth

A thought for both republicans and monarchists...

34 durhamjen

The patronising questions we ask women who write

17 Eloethan

Romeo and Juliet

5 Nonnie

The Lady in the Van

12 rubylady

New face of Vuitton womenswear

3 Riverwalk

48 things women hear

1 thatbags